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The Technology Behind Pay by Phone Casinos

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The first pay by phone casinos launched as soon as the first gambling sites become available on smartphones. This isn’t surprising though, as this payment technology has been there even before that.

Many websites praise phone billing as an exceptional method of depositing cash at casino sites. However, although it’s often deemed more practical in some ways than other brand-new payment methods, it isn’t new.

In fact, pay by phone has been used for many years now and for many more reasons than just mobile gambling.

Below, we’ll explain all you’ve ever wondered about pay by phone technology and how casinos use it.

How Pay by Phone Depositing Works?

This service is offered by intermediary companies such as Boku, Siru Mobile and PayForIt, as an example. There are many different service providers like that. What they do is work between you and your mobile network provider.

Whenever you pay by phone, the intermediary acts on your behalf by asking your mobile provider to pay for your requested services. The network operator then takes funds from your mobile account to cover your payment and send the funds to your casino account.

Depending on your contract with the operator, these expenses are either:

  • Added to your monthly phone bill
  • Or withdrawn immediately from your phone balance

Many people don’t know this, but the same kind of service is used for more than just online casinos. You may use it to pay at e-shops or order some services online. In some locations, parking tickets can also be paid for this way.

Different Pay by Phone Technologies

The technology we explained above doesn’t apply to all phone billing services, however. This is the most common type of what people call ‘pay by phone’ in the UK, but there are alternatives.

In Germany, for example, there’s a different kind of mobile payments you can make. Gambling sites that use these technologies are called ‘online casino per telefonrechnung bezahlen’ over there.

The main difference compared to UK casinos is that the payments on these sites are operated by different companies. Instead of mobile intermediaries that keep in touch with your mobile provider, more traditional services are used.

German casinos use PayPal to make these mobile payments. PayPal then charges the user’s bank card or their bank account directly. This way, payments can be made via mobile without having to access the bank.

Why Is This Technology So Popular?

With an additional service involved in your transactions, an extra safety layer is added to it. So, it’s much safer to pay by phone, whether it’s PayPal or a different service like Boku that does it.

The payment process is encrypted on PayPal. Alternatively, it takes places offline if your mobile provider is charged instead. This is done by premium SMS messages, so you confirm simply by sending a text message.

What’s more, it takes just a few steps to complete your requests. The intermediary then does all your job for you. As a result, it’s a fast and trustworthy payment option at casino sites.

All these technological advantages boost the popularity of this casino payment solution.

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