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2019’s Best Adrenaline Junky Mobile Games

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Thrill seekers are living in the perfect age. Adrenaline sports, high tech gadgets and state-of-the-art sports cars are all getting more and more crazier with each new model. It’s also a great time for smart phones with iPhone and Samsung designers being pushed by up-coming Chinese developers around every corner. Gone are the days of a phone being used to phone people.

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The Top Adrenaline-fulled Mobile Games


Kicking off our list is this mastery-of-the-simple game. Tap the screen to make your ball change lanes as it travels down a retro 80’s like rollercoaster, avoiding the obstacles as you go. It sounds so simple, how could it possibly get your heart pumping? Well it does! A great soundtrack adds to the techno theme, as does the bright neon colours. This is a game that you won’t be able to put down, until you finally throw your phone. Perfect for those of us that love a challenge.

Asphalt 9 – Legends

The Asphalt series has been going since the late 2000’s but number 9 is definitely the pick of the bunch. This is the car racing game for those of us wanting to feel the high-octane thrill in their palm. Flip, drift and boost your way to the finish line, taking down your opponents as you go. Amazing graphics and scenery from around the world with perfect, intuitive game controls. Customise your favourite cars, upgrading your ride as you go.


A more comical-type, graphics game but still challenging enough to keep us coming back for more. Playing as the last archer in a world of evil magic, progression through the levels will have you with bigger and better weapons with harder and smarter foes. Fought in a medieval castle, you crawl your way through the levels of monsters and demons.

Cover Fire

One of the best offline shooting games for years. A soldier in the army taking out different types of assaults at each level, with sniper and zombie sections also available. The visuals are first class with HD graphics that are like a movie. Gameplay too is great, upgrading weapons and characters as you go to keep the intensity up. As the game evolves, choosing characters with specific skill, such as snipers, will ensure that boredom never has a chance to creep in.

Dream League Soccer

With stunningly realistic gameplay, this is the soccer game for lovers of soccer. The AI is extremely tactical so you will always be provided with a tough game. Joining a dream league will have you competing online in various tournaments to up-the-ante! Players are slowly developed, learning to be more accurate and raise their intensity. One of the best sports games around at the moment.

Last Day On Earth

Think zombie apocalypse meets Sims and you’re half way there. Playing one of the few survivors of the end of the world, you need to build your own digs, hunt for food and plant vegetable gardens to survive. Mine iron and cut down trees to refine weapons and loot your fellow man’s houses to find supplies. Oh, and kill a few zombies as you go or they will eat you. Like Sims, an addictive game with your pending death always on the cards to keep things a touch more spicy.

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