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Things You Need To Have For Night Hunting

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Hunting, in general, is fun.While the world may have transited from medieval times when hunting and fruit gathering were the only sources of food, fuel, and functional clothing for man, the pleasure of the sport is undeniable.

Today, hunting is still an active part of man’s life and it is considered a sport for today’s man who we can boldly affirm that he is better prepared to chase, kill and carry home his choice prize.

Just like every other activity, hunting requires a certain mindset, but most importantly, hunting requires specific tools or implements for it to be ceaseless and flawless in execution, especially in a night expedition.

Night hunting is way different from hunting during the day. Conditions are different; therefore, the required tools are different.

Here is a list of essential tools that every night hunter needs.

A good quality firearm

Except you are shaped like the Roman god Zeus and you can spit fire out of your mouth like a dragon, you won’t survive the woods or forest without a functional firearm.

Considering the challenges of poor visibility as well as the inappropriateness of other weapons like bows, cudgels or spears, only a good quality firearm which has been properly serviced and stocked with adequate bullets will suffice.

When selecting a firearm,do ensure that it comes with a scope and firm grip. Moreover, it’s always better if it has a rope for attachment.

The choice of a firearm could be anything from an AR15 to a .223 bolt action rifle.

Adequate hunting lights

One of the most essential and visible difference between hunting at night and hunting during the day is the light factor.

The darkness could be to your advantage or detriment, depending on the setting and your level of experience.

With too much light, you may expose yourself and scare away potential prey, and with too little light, you may place yourself in harm’s way.

The best bet, however, is to use thermal lighting because of its effectiveness and camouflage ability.

Another option is to use a combination of moderate lighting combined with camouflage clothing.

The most up to date thermal equipment

You have your rifle and sidearm ready, you have put on the perfect camouflage that shields you from animals and protects you from bug bites and other creeping and flying insects, but you are yet to start hunting because a major equipment is missing.

Tracking sensitive animals sometimes require much more than a rifle with a scope. More so, some animals might even be spooked by light. Therefore, to avoid alerting your prey or surrounding predators, you might need to get yourself a thermal camera.

Thermal cameras or thermal imaging binoculars come in different forms depending on the price and brand.

An excellent thermal imaging camera is usually waterproof, compact, lightweight and easy to handle. The good ones can capture images that are either close or near using specialized technological features.

Remember that with thermal imaging cameras, you can choose how you want to view images, in black, white or greyscale.

Camouflage clothing

Most animals are equipped with an keen sense of sight that is way better thanhuman vision. Consequently, all forms of bright clothing should be avoided during a nightly hunting expedition.

Camouflage clothing aims to blend in and reduce the possibility of been spotted by potential prey.

On the other hand, camouflage clothing without a good plan is as terrible as going to hunt screaming and scampering.Despite a functional camouflage clothing, you still needto decide what time is right, what distance is perfect, and what weather is most suitable to go for the kill.

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