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Love Skiing and Snowboarding? You Need the MessyWeekend Goggles

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Quality and price – these two things always seem to go hand in hand when it comes to the topic of purchase. For a quality product, you have to be willing to pay up for it. That has been the way of the market – the world in fact – since the dawn of time. Over the course of this long process, suppliers also discovered something: if you have a quality product, people will pay for it. People will give their hard-earned money to you willingly – no matter how high the price. 

This led to the surge of price increases when their manufacturers see that they have a famous product on their hands. Newer products started arriving, and with that came items that were not so much groundbreaking, but carried its company’s brand. Moreover, that brand, in the eyes of the people in charge, gave the item superiority over its competition. With that brand, they can charge an inordinate sum.

A New Challenger Appears

In today’s modern world of brand-centric markets, there is a silver lining. With modern technology came easier access to internet. The internet connected more people globally than ever before – and it became the perfect platform for smaller companies to launch their products. These smaller companies offer cheaper alternative to these big brands – without sacrificing any of the quality. Here, all that matters is the item’s quality and not the brand it is associated with. This type of platform reverts the market back to its roots, where quality comes first before any sort of branding or trademarks.

MessyWeekend Goggles

In the frosty world of skis, snowboards, sleds, and skates, a new contender emerges to challenge the very expensive staples in protective gear. The online startup MessyWeekend offers high quality snow goggles that offer competitive quality with the big brands without their unreachable price ranges.

Their main attraction, the XE-ONE offers a great blend between competitive quality, modern style, and affordable price. Currently having over $175,000 backing on Kickstarter, it promises a very professional pair of goggles – both in looks and in function.

When you are hiking way above the mountains, vision is your key for survival. You need an unobstructed view, free from glare, dirt, and other distractions. It also needs to protect you from any danger that you may face. The XE-ONE offers visibility in any weather condition, while also being impact-resistant and easy on the eyes. You can wear this to see better under bright sunlight, heavy fog, and especially extreme snow conditions.

For interested users, there is still a month left to submit your pledges for this amazing product. With these pledges come a ton of bonuses and freebies, including extra lenses, sunglasses, stickers, and many more! Best of all, you will be supporting a startup that focuses on your needs, instead of boasting about the brand it belongs to.

Another bonus if you give out your support is that they also donate in the cleanup of waste in the Pacific with every purchase. Check it out today!

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