Fun and Geeky Ways to Procrastinate

Are you bored at work? Sitting around with nothing to do or with too much to do? Procrastination has a pretty bad name but it can be the time where you can get so much other stuff done or do come up with some of the best ideas you’ve ever had. Procrastination can even be inspiring and motivating, so here are some awesome ways to procrastinate and get amazing things done at the same time.

Watch the Funniest Ted Talks

Funniest Ted Talks

Ted Talks can be informative, educational, inspirational… Or side-splittingly funny. Watch the funniest Ted Talks while you procrastinate: you’ve got Sarah Jones’ lively One Woman Village, Maysoon Zayid’s talk about her cerebral palsy and Emily Levine’s Theory of Everything. Watching Ze Frank’s Nerdcore Comedy is an especially geeky way to procrastinate.

Learn a Language with Duolingo


English speakers have a choice of 15 languages to learn, including Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese, with more to come. Duolingo is available in app form and on the web, it’s really addictive and it’s completely free. Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. I had no French understanding before Duolingo, but now I can follow along with simple conversations and read easy books.

Volunteer Your Time at Skills for Change

Skills for Change

At Skills for Change, you can volunteer your time doing design, marketing, research, fundraising, web development, copywriting, critiquing, blogging and more. Procrastinate and make the world a better place at the same time! You can also sharpen your own skills through this site.

Take a Free Course


If you don’t feel ready to volunteer your services because you think you need to hone them a bit, try out Coursera. Coursera’s tagline is that they “provide universal access to the world’s best education.” There are lots of institutions connected with Coursera and courses are related to Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Personal Development, Physical Science and tons more.

Learn to Code for Free at Code Academy

Code Academy

These guys have some pretty amazing case studies from around the world, from Tommy knowing nothing about coding to building one of Time’s “50 Best Websites,” Liz starting a new career at the age of 55 and William going from being a lawyer to an iOS developer. It’s pretty inspiring and inside of each unit are lessons and quizzes. You can learn HTML, CSS, SQL, Ruby, Java, Python, Git and other programming languages.

Play Some Games

There’s nothing more enjoyable than gaming, at least for a gaming nut like me. Even if you’re not into competitive games like DOTA or Call of Duty, you can kick back and do some online slots and casino games. You can learn more at

You don’t need to waste time bumming around Facebook when you procrastinate. You can actually use this time wisely, learn a lot and help others.

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