Florida County Fire Department Acquires Aquatic Drones

Fire Departments all over the world are now starting to integrate drone technology with their first responders. The addition of a drone in a fire emergency greatly increases the chances of a successful operation.

Drones provide an eye in the sky, giving a line of sight inaccessible to the people below. This helps firefighters scout higher floors in burning buildings, as well as detect trapped people needing rescue. Overall, a drone is a great investment for the fire brigade. You get a flying camera that works great in any environment and situation. It also is a lot more affordable than acquiring full-blown helicopters, especially for smaller towns that do not have the budget.

Florida County Underwater Drones

In a bizarre twist, the Fire Department of Orange County, Florida acquired drones – but they do not fly. In fact, they do the opposite. They dive deep underwater with their waterproof exteriors and powerful engines. Why, one might ask, would a Fire Department get a drone that cannot possibly help in building fires?

The answer is a matter of preparedness. For some emergencies, nearby areas may ask for assistance. This can involve missing people or even cases requiring eyes in the water. Acquiring a couple of aquatic drones can reduce any unpreparedness on their part if ever the need arises.

The County hopes these drones can help in water-related emergencies, which the Fire Department usually is called upon. Cars diving into the water, drowning cases, missing persons, etc. often contact them for a response. While this may seem a very small percentage, it is still a good idea to cover their bases. The County acquired two Trident drones worth $1200 each. They can dive into the waters for 3 hours straight, giving enough time for responders to get data out of them.

The county plans to increase their drone fleet even further in the next few years.





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