Social Audit Pro: The Best Alternative and Solution to Fameaudit Shutdown

The popular Fake Instagram Followers Checker, aka Fameaudit, has permanently shut down. This popular online tool measured our Instagram account profile, found our followers were fake or not, and weed out fake followers.

While this great tool is gone, what to do now? Are there other solutions for marketing agency out there?

Well, rest assured! There are plenty of great alternatives out there, but not all of these tools are extraordinary.

Luckily, Social Audit Pro is a great tool that can help you track your social media performance and measure your success. It’s a great tool to improve influencer marketing and find out fake followers from your accounts. It’s a substantial alternative, with much of the functionality Fameaudit offered and some extra boot features.

Keep reading if you were using Fameaudit and now want to learn more about how Social Audio Pro works and what benefits this tool will bring you.

What is Social Audit Pro

Instagram influencer marketing continues to grow year after year. With the rise of Instagram marketing, many people use bot software to gain massive fake followers to boost their profiles. But ultimately, these fake followers don’t really bring any good business to marketers.

Pointing out these problems, Social Audio Pro provides an all-rounder solution to find out who your real followers are and how much active these followers are.

Social Audit Pro is an easy-to-use, effective, and powerful social media audit tool that can help you improve your branding and marketing, as well as deal with fake follower problems. Plus, this tool provides you with an in-depth audit power to analyze any public Instagram account.

With Social Audio Pro’s unique data, accuracy, and in-depth audit report, you can quickly weed out fake or inactive followers and boost your business. Leading software developers have created Social Audit Pro, and the company relies on years of experience in the IT industry to deliver an unbeatable solution for businesses.

It’s an excellent alternative to Fameaudit, and many marketers today depend on Social Audit Pro to find out their real followers’ data. This tool is affordable, convenient, and valuable too.

The Social Audit Pro system runs multiple tests on your account profile using intelligent algorithms that allow you to keep track of numerous things like followers’ locations, possible fake followers, active stories, private profiles, and tons of other data.

By now, you got an excellent grasp of what Social Audio Pro actually is. So you might be wondering what benefits this tool will bring for you. Alright, let’s check the benefits of Social Audio Pro then.

The benefits of using Social Audit Pro

Basically, Social Audit Pro uses multiple tests to determine who your real followers are and how active these followers are on Instagram. 

The main benefit of using Social Audio Pro comes from the Audit Report of every public Instagram profile. As a result, let’s check out what the audit report of this tool actually contains so that you will actually be benefited or not.

  • Good followers

The essential thing in Audit Pro is data about your real followers. For example, you can find out if the profile that follows your business is fake or not? The duplicated shape might hurt your brand and social media reputation, but you need to know who they really follow, so they will be able to follow you back. What’s more, you can find out who are relevant to your business account and who are just inactive users. 

  • Possible fake followers

You can also find out whether any of your followers are fake accounts or not. Social Audit Pro can help you determine fake or real followers on Instagram, so you will be able to eliminate the following profiles that cannot help your business. If a profile is fake and continues to follow you, 30% of these inactive accounts are often bots with many inactives. It can hurt your reputation so much, so avoid it.

  • Somewhat suspicious

Audit Pro allows you to find out suspicious followers on Instagram. These are profiles that follow your business but have no interest in what you’re doing. One or two of these accounts mightn’t hurt you, but the problem is that there are too many of them, and they make your Instagram account look like spam. 

With this tool, you can find out who these potential junk followers are with just a few clicks. You can filter the results by users’ numbers so that all useless users will be out at a time.

  • Highly suspicious

The most dangerous followers on your Instagram business account are highly suspicious accounts. This type of follower spams your business’ profile with irrelevant content or their own posts. 

Audit Pro finds out these users and their bios pretty quickly. You can easily see whether they post related content or not and find out the frequency of their posting, the number of potential fans, and engagement rate. 

This tool makes it easy to get information about highly suspicious followers so you can assess them correctly.

  • Suspicious following activity

Audit Pro not only detects suspicious followers on Instagram but also spammers who follow your account and profiles that follow your business but have no interest in it. It’s a massive problem for e-commerce companies, and Audit Pro will help you determine which followers are these. It’s not about their numbers, of course, but their activity. 

Additionally, you can filter the results by the number of users. With some clicks, you can also get a detailed report about every profile engaged in suspicious activity.

  • Follower/following ratio

It’s a significant part of your Instagram account. Your follower/following ratio is a clear sign that reveals how trustworthy your account is.

If you have too many followers compared to your following activity, it will look suspicious. On the other hand, if you have a lot of following activity but too few followers, it makes you look too self-promoting at first glance.

In order to stay authentic and build a strong bond with your followers on Instagram, your follower/following ratio should be approximately equal. 

Audit Pro helps you adjust this ratio in one click. You can get it quickly on their web software and adapt it yourself. 

  • Countries

You can also filter your Instagram followers by the countries and cities they live in. It’s a fast and efficient way to get more information about users who are active followers on your account regularly. 

This feature is available in Audit Pro’s software. It will help you get more details about your followers, get rid of highly suspicious users, and discover new valuable content sources for your business. 

  • Ghost followers

Ghost followers are a massive problem because the followers who purchase your product but never leave ratings from their account are still active users of your Instagram account. Let’s say that they are a potential customer with 100 followers but no reviews on their performance – it’s an empty feedback box as far as these users are concerned.

If you have ghost followers and don’t know who they are, Audit Pro will help you identify them with one click. That will eliminate most of them from your list of potential customers who want to buy your products or services.  

Get Your Social Audio Pro Plan Today

To sum up, not all of your followers are real.

Audit Pro provides a detailed report about each user, which will help you learn more about them and their activity on Instagram. It’s a great alternative tool of FameAudit, isn’t it?

Your fans can create fake accounts to gain more popularity and attention on Instagram. Audit Pro is the best way to ensure that everything is fine and that there’s no social stealth artist behind them.

Overall, Audit Pro is a perfect tool for e-commerce businesses and bloggers who want to check their following activities. It’s an affordable tool that helps you get all the information about your followers, engagement rate, and suspicious activities. 

If you want to check out Social Audit Pro today, here’s the link –

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is social audit pro legit?

Ans – Yes, Social Audio Pro is fully legit and works pretty well to find out fake followers from your Instagram account. It’s a paid audit tool that gives in-depth information about your followers’ public accounts.

  • Why is social audit important?

Ans – Today, the online market is booming, and social audit has become a vital part of it. A social audit uses various techniques to measure accurately, prepare a report, and do necessary works to improve businesses’ social presence.

  • How do you know if an account has fake followers?

Ans – There are various ways to find out Instagram’s fake followers. Unusual activities, empty profiles, spam comments, etc., is a sign of fake followers. Social Audio Pro is a popular tool to find out fake followers.




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