Exciting Casino Games Geeks Are Crazy About in 2021

Are you bored of sitting at home doing nothing? Let’s start playing your favorite online casino games for fun. Things around here have shifted since the pandemic has taken its course. Isolation has become your new best friend, and rooms of your house are now your new go-to places. But with internet facilities in your hands, you can never really be alone. Do whatever you want and play whatever game with bonus rounds you like with amazing online casino websites. Online casinos have genuinely been a lifesaver for geeky gaming enthusiasts like us. If you’re also a computer geek like me who doesn’t like going out playing 24/7, here is the list of the real money pokies available that are the best to test your luck and dilute boring pastimes with a bit of risk and exciting experience.

Top 6 Best Geekiest Free Online Games: Slot Machines vs TV Version

1. Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty are considered one of the most famous TV shows. However, its popularity turned out in favor of making it an online pokie game with bonuses. The overall layout involves a 6-reel slot and a multi-row grid. Due to its high volatility and innovative features, it further adds up a stunning yet colorful theme. You’ll not only come across features like mystery symbols, cascading reels, free bonus rounds, pokie spins, and real money bonuses, but you’ll see your favorite pokie characters involving Ricky, Morty, the vindicators, and pickle Rick. Now you know how fun it is that helps you keep an eye on it. Winning Rick and Morty slot machines lead to free spins and cash prizes.

ricky and morty slots 1

2. Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show ever by the version of TVParty. The Australia online pokie game is immensely based on its original theme and, of course, its famous tune. We all agree on that right! GOT slot has five reels and 15 pay lines in total depending upon how you want to play, free or for win real money. The uniqueness of the Game of Thrones slot speaks volumes with a unique gamble feature along with scatters and wild symbols. If you opted to play for real money, there would be 243 ways of winning with its unique pokie feature. Just don’t dive out without knowing the standard symbols. This is an important part. Online pokies real money ?traditional symbols consist of King, Queen, Jack, and Ace. Apart from this, stacked symbols increase your chances of winning, if you’ll step by a game of thrones slots tips.

game of thrones slots

3. Superman. Superman slot machine is an addictive character based on a comic book. That is why the theme of this game is wholly attractive, likewise powered by NextGen. Coming toward superman slot game provisions, an overall fifty Paylines surrounding five wheels are essential, including scatters and wilds in it. There is a bonus bet button on the slot for activating the total stake and a maximum number of paylines. It further unlocks a bonus feature named ‘save the world.’ Not to brag about, but five superman wilds can bring up to 10000x bet per line on an active line. Each online pokies real money player craves free spins; therefore, an Autoplay option is lodged for this purpose.

superman slots

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Slot Machine. Being known as a modern warfare slot, the Call of Duty captivates your attention. It is a Pokie game consisting of a 5-reel and 25 payline slots. Moreover, Call of Duty slot machines have the best effects with a pleasing graphic design and whatnot. Besides, music would’ve made it much better if it was added. Do you know what the best thing about Pokie games is? Call of Duty modern warfare loadout slots offer free spins, jackpot, and bonuses which make the entire game worth playing. There are two bonus features; a wild symbol and a scatter icon. A couple of soldiers firing into the distance are more likely to bring up the bonus game. This is how you get to win free spins and not a progressive jackpot as it doesn’t involve one.

call of duty slots

5. Monopoly. You must be kidding if you haven’t heard about the Monopoly game. Monopoly slots are based on a 5-reeled slot and 25 paylines with a highly impressive 15 symbols in total. All the symbols can be seen at the same time. Great features excite you to a whole new level. Therefore, you will see the symbols like a ship, a car, a pot of money, a boot, a bus, a dog, and a cylinder on reels by WMS on the super monopoly money slot. As you know, bonuses and free spins are a favorite part of online pokies real money players. Nevertheless, the monopoly slot machine introduces a red car in the form of a bonus symbol that indicates free parking. Whereas MM wild and MM Bonus symbols direct free spins, you must collect at least three to win combos!

monopoly slots

6. Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman slot machine game is based entirely on an exceptionally astounding series from the 1970s. This game involves 40-payline video slots with bona fide sound effects. If you are an online pokies real money player, you must know how important the graphics are! Remarkably, the entire theme and stunning graphics are taken from the original Wonder Woman. Being a superhero itself, the wonder woman slot online encompasses good features, including free spins, jackpots, and expanding wilds. Hold on! This is not done yet. It also includes three types of jackpots; MINI, MAJOR, and MEGA. On appearing in reels number 1 and 5, you’re more prone to win one of those, surely. Mystery symbols do wonders, so a wild stacked symbol is a mystery that can be replaced by a random symbol resulting in free spins and bonuses.

wonder woman slots

What are the Most Popular Geekiest Casino Game Themes?

Casino free games online are not only popular because you can bet and win money, but some people just like these games because of their amazingly eye-catching themes, free spins, fruit machines, etc. Therefore, we have found exciting casino games real money list voted as “Geekiest” by the players:

1. Casino Games Based on TV shows. Due to the excessive number of players demanding TV show-based themes, developers have explicitly created a whole category of casino slot games based on the characters from different TV shows. These tv casino games can also be played online on most free online casino websites:

? Wheel Of Fortune

? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

? Jeopardy

? Vikings-based Slot

2.Casino Games Based on Series. The rising popularity of the series has also triggered the gaming world, bringing about the transition of themes from old school to new series-based versions. Now you can enjoy playing the casino series with the characters from your favorite TV series in the next online real money slot games:

? Game of Thrones

? Deal or No Deal

? Jurassic Park

3. Casino Game Based On Advanced Futuristic Themes. Interpreted by the scientific theories, ancient prophecies, and valuable inspirational laws determining the future of humanity, many Casino real money themes are created on futuristic predictions giving you an adventurous Sci-Fi experience. Such casino themed games include:

? Sci-Fi Slots

? Star Trek Slots

? Terminator

? Wild-O-Tron 3000.

4.Casino Games Based on Virtual Reality (VR). Leading the world towards the new technology known as VR, many games accommodate this advanced technique. The other world experience that you get playing the VR game is exceptional. You can enjoy the following games to discover the new Casino VR world:

? VR Slots

? VR Blackjack

? VR Roulette.

? Jumbabet 3D Casino slot

5.Casino Games Based On Cartoon and Comic Themed Slots. After successfully transforming from fruit-themed slot games to comic-based themes, the casino gaming world has progressed a lot. With all the different fairy tales and comic book characters from our childhood, you can rekindle your favorite cartoon and comic characters by playing various free online casino real money games based on the following funny themes:

? Justice League

? Superman: Man of Steel

? Dark knight rises

? Cinderella’s Ball

? Peter and the Lost Boys

? Quickspin with Big Bad Wolf

? Netent with Jack and the Beanstalk

Online exciting casino real money games are in high demand now, from free to real money gambling. It has taken a better place in online gaming. The seven most popular games, including Rick and Morty, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Call of Duty, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Monopoly, speak volumes about the trafficking of players in the USA, Canada, and Australia, etc. Once you step into the world of exciting casino games and online gambling, you’ll know why these are so addictive, as most themes are based on players’ favorite TV shows and characters as well.

The Most Popular Casino Games that Geeks Also Love To Play Online

Casino slot games are designed to be addictive and exciting. Most games come with a unique spellbound thrill that you can’t shake off. You may run out of money, but you can never run out of love for casino games if you’re a true fan. But even a true fan can be bored of playing old free online slot casino games. If you’re too tired of playing those old games already; No worries! We have come up with some of the most popular and geekiest online casino real money games that you’d love playing in 2021. You’ll find all about the exciting free online casino games here in this article. So, read on and keep up with the new excitement!

1.Online Casino Game: Baccarat

General info: The oldest yet geekiest free online casino game real money of all time, Baccarat is now available online. Here to rock the online gaming world, players love playing Baccarat slot machines. Despite getting many evil eyes and hate from casinos, Baccarat still stands tall among the crowd of free online casino games. All because of high public demands. With Baccarat casino slot machines being on most player’s radar, online casinos faced the need to incorporate this game on their website. Thus, to engage their audience, a more straightforward, mini version of Baccarat was introduced online, working fast. It contains more like a squeezed version of its old variants, strategizing the gameplay accordingly.

Gameplay: Baccarat is a card-based game played between two parties: the Banker and the Player. There may be one out of three resulting game cases, including a win, lose, or a tie. Victory is considered when the player, i.e., you, succeed to score more than the banker played by computer in the online game. Unlike land-based casinos with space restrictions, Baccarat can be played online in different table variants. You can play Punto Banco, Baccarat chemin de fer, Baccarat Banque, or even play Super 6 table, which is rare. Only some of the most top Casinos real money offer super six Baccarat.

Bets and Victories: Baccarat slot machines offer thrilling opportunities to win big money to people all around the world. Anyone who plays this game has a fair chance of winning according to their bet size. There are multiple ways to play Baccarat in an online no download casino games betting real money. The Casinos take at least 5% commission on all winning bets giving the winner 1-1.95 of his bet. You bet on the numbers and wish to score as close to 9 as possible since it’s the most significant number in the game. Other character cards and number 10 are considered zero.

2. Game of Craps In Online Casinos

General info: One of the riskiest yet intoxicating dice games since the very beginning of the Middle Ages, Craps still hasn’t lost its touch. Nor has it lost its fan following over the years. People are still head over heels crazy for playing Game of Craps, which has pushed online no download exciting casino games to introduce an online version to play Craps slot machines on their respective websites. With the outstanding online version, you can now play crap on the internet.

Gameplay: Since Craps machine vegas is played with the help of dice numbers, the game revolves around luck rather than strategies. If you haven’t tried out your luck, this is your chance to give it a go and play Craps online. Bet real money on a casino website and win impressive sums. Given the opportunity to play Craps online, the dealing or tumbling of dice is programmed to be random. You can say that the Craps slot games are nothing but a risky money gamble. The game rules don’t make it easy either, nor the betting options. For a quick reminder and know-how, here’s how the numbers affect the outcomes of bet played:

? Rolling 4,5,6,8,9,10 counts as a Point (you get an extra turn to roll the number again. If you succeed, you score.)

? If you move a 2 (snake’s eye) or 3, you lose.

? If you roll a 12, it’s a push. You neither win nor lose but get a chance to roll again.

? Rolling a 7 or 11 is considered an ugly play, and you lose instantly.

Bets And Victories: The betting in the craps slot machine is very complicated. There are so many ways to bet and even more rules about how you win the bet. You can bet your money on: Pass line, Don’t pass the bar, Come bets, Don’t come bets, on Specific number 7, on any Crap numbers (2, 3, or 12), on any Deuce (3), on Aces or Boxcars (12), on Horn numbers ( 2, 3, 11, or 12 ), etc. You can place your bets directly or even field your chances. You can also go for bigger bets of 6 and 8. Such bets are only paid with a specific ratio of 1:1.

What is the importance of Online Casino Games in 2021?

Online casino real money games are a source of entertainment these days because of the current pandemic that has taken over the universe. Traffic and demand both are rising with the increased growth of the market. Let’s have a little know-how about its importance:

– Growing Market. The growth of the gambling market is expected to increase from $465.76 billion to $516.03 billion worldwide. The main reason for the augmentation is an ongoing pandemic, due to which people are getting more towards online gaming. This has elevated the worth of online casinos and an online gaming world. Undoubtedly, an increment in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was expected up to 10.8%. Now online casinos are in great demand because player statistics are growing blindly, and people are already going crazy to earn. In the global gambling market, Asia is the largest region accounting for 38%. North America is the 2nd largest, accounting for 29%. The Middle East is the smallest region in the gambling world.

Reasons for Growing Popularity. It is mainly due to casinos that have developed a level of trust by strict truthful policies. There are precisely five reasons behind the growing popularity of online casino slots real money:

  1. Fair and quality gaming
  2. Increment in law-making
  3. Safety and honesty
  4. Fast depositing
  5. Attractive bonuses

– Multiple Offers for New Players. Why in the world would people miss out on this opportunity? Well, new customers are welcomed by such schemes. It not only benefits the online casino real money games business but also gives other players to try their luck. They put offers even on single signup with extra bonuses. These strategies are the best to increase the fan following of such games. When you register, you’ll come by free spins, no deposit bonuses, and risk-free bonuses.

Fast Withdrawal of Winnings. First thing first! Choosing the best brand should be your priority which you think is trustworthy and offers a lot. If you are playing for real money, then make you get your payment asap! The majority of free money casinos online offer fast depositing.




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