Elistair Orion Review: The Drone Worth $89,999

Here is something that may interest drone collectors out there. As it stands, there are two common types of drone buyers – those with a budget, and those with a purpose. Those with a budget have desires for their drones. However, their desires and what they end up purchasing may completely be different from each other. Those with limited funding have to settle. This is where they take the closest to their original target, if the budget is not enough.

The Price of Quality

Those with a purpose however, may be a little more flexible with the budget. For one, a professional photographer would not think twice about spending on a higher-end drone. This act ensures they receive (and will use) a superior drone, which will help with their jobs immensely. Cutting corners and purchasing cheaper drones may end up hurting their tasks in the long run.

And that is where it boils down to, isn’t it? A drone is only as good as the price range it comes with. Budget is everything when it comes to drones, same as with all things in life. A higher price range usually means better quality cameras, higher quality materials used, and an overall better experience.

Orion Drone Review

In the drone world where drones can range from $20 Nano drones to $1500 DJI Mavics, a single name stands out from the rest. The Elistair Orion Commercial Drone can be yours for only $89,999. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, one may ask, what in heaven’s name can the drone offer to demand such a price tag?

For one, the Orion comes from the French company Elistair. They make tethered drones for governments and large firms for nearly 50 years. It adds a bit of weight to the price, but is it enough? What about its functions? Let us take a closer look.

The Orion earns its paycheck with its work on telecommunications. Meaning, it can be used by big networks to broadcast their live events. These include sporting events, parades, and everything else in between. With such big venues and larger-than-life companies behind them, the $89,999 price tag starts to make sense. Why risk your telecommunications issues on something that is not the best?

Orion’s Specs

And indeed, with specs like these, Orion is indeed a contender. It can fly for 10 hours straight without requiring a charge. This is excellent for covering long events such as big sporting telecasts, which sometimes totals to close that number. It can hover 80 meters off the ground to get to its preferred level. It can also travel 10 kilometers from its starting point. It also offers 200 mb/sec connectivity to its source, which is a great asset in telecommunications. It can be tethered or untethered, depending on the need. Of course, an untethered Orion offers more reach and flexibility, while a tethered one has better stability.

Summing Up

At the end of the day, the Orion drone comes down to specialization. In fact, it is too specialized for the casual drone user. Flying one in your backyard is the equivalent of driving a Ferrari on your way to a 9-5 job. The Orion offers supreme capabilities, which, on the right hands, can be a great asset. For everyone else however, they would never purchase a ridiculously expensive drone.

But hey, if you have an extra $89,999 lying around the house, why not consider getting it for the sheer ridiculousness of it? Life is full of stresses. Why not splurge a bit? If nothing else, the 10-hour drone flight capabilities can keep you entertained while the bank takes away the house.




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