Edinburgh – The UK’s New Tech Capital?

The last ten years have seen a shift in the way we do business. Advancements in technology have changed the way businesses communicate as well as how they store their information. In the past, proximity to affluent capital cities such as London was essential for an enterprise’s success, as networking required people to meet up physically. Phone calls where just not enough, only a limited amount of information could be passed through a call. This has changed dramatically, being replaced by video conferencing and file sharing. Not only have the methods changed, but the efficiency at which we do things has evolved.

Our communications, as well as the passing of information is now pretty much instant. With those changes in mind, a lot of tech companies, start-ups and established ones, are shifting towards moving their offices to locations where the economic and culture suits them best. This is why a lot of enterprises are moving to Scotland’s new tech capital: Edinburgh.

A skilled workforce

Setting up a company anywhere, one needs to have access to a pool of skilled employees, and Edinburgh is no short of skilled, qualified people. Being one of the world’s top 20 universities, the University of Edinburgh creates very talented graduates, from web developers to engineers and astronomers, there is no shortage of skilled technicians.

A great tech culture

Edinburgh’s relation with technology can be seen every year in the ‘Edinburgh Turing Festival of technology’, an international event which sees prominent technology figures giving conferences which touch the most modern edge of today’s technology. This takes place as part of the Edinburgh International festival, a multi-cultural event comprising of Theatre, dance, music, opera and live music.

Superb facilities

A great example of Edinburgh’s enthusiasm towards tech and science can be found at the Pentlands Science Triangle, which contains the science & technology parks. This place accommodates some of Edinburgh’s most tech savvy companies and provides with a beautiful working environment, beautifully landscaped around 200 hectares of parkland.

Great companies

Edinburgh has some of the best tech companies, including IBM, Adobe and Amazon. In fact, the city counts more than 250 media production houses, more than 800 computer software companies and more than 500 I.T companies. So there is no shortage of companies to work with. Even the more complex aspects of maintaining a business are present, including services which can really be of great help when dealing with the loss of any business data. This is to name but a few of the businesses facilities which really help placing Edinburgh as a great city for tech businesses.

Setting up a tech start-up in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a perfect place to set up a tech business. All the services and amenities are there, along with a great culture. Setting up a tech business requires a certain infrastructure which is all covered in Edinburgh. From the location to the tech help, everything is there to accommodate new tech businesses. The Scottish culture just adds a great plus to all of this, it is ideal for those who are a bit tired of the stressful lifestyle that big capital cities impose upon them.

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