Drone Crash Results in Arrest for Civilian Shooter

The news keeps spouting incidents of drones and their owners receiving fines for flying where they should not be. However, there are also happenings on the opposite end of the spectrum. Damaging drones can also land someone in hot waters, just like when your wife catches you at 3:00 AM playing on Rivernile casino.

Drones do more good than bad, and as it happens, they are very much needed in situations such as search and rescue. When something or someone is missing, it can be a very good thing to have an eye in the sky.

The Search for the Missing

In Long Island, New York, a man was arrested for shooting down a drone. He should have stuck with sports betting online to keep himself busy. The drone itself had the task of searching for a missing dog. Volunteers at the scene helped in finding the lost dog. One of the volunteers, Teddy, owned a drone and suggested to use it for aerial surveillance. This would mean they could search a wider area for a shorter amount of time. In the case of missing pets, the longer it takes, the farther away and less likely it is to find them again.

The drone was a great asset to have at the scene. Aside from the rural suburban landscape, the neighborhood also had a fairly woodland area. The vantage point the drone provided added a lot of information on where to search for the missing dog.

Crash vs Shooter

During the search, three loud shots broke through the sky. After which, the drone came crashing down, as if it ran out of fuel. People in the scene thought it collided with a bird. However, upon closer inspection, the drone seemed to have received shots from a firearm, resulting in the crash. The owner of the gun, a 26-year-old who lived in the area, was at fault. Charged with criminal mischief as well as several weapons charges, the man ended up at a police station.

All’s well that ends well however, as the dog found his way home soon afterwards.




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