How to Design Your Perfect Man Cave

It’s probably true that the terms interior design and man cave don’t seem like they should go together—but then again, if you really want a space you can enjoy, relax in, and use for all your favorite manly pursuits, it’s important to put some thought into your layout and design.

That begs the question, of course: How exactly can you perfect the design of your man cave? What are some of the guiding principles you should adopt as you structure and organize your space?

There’s No One Way to Design a Man Cave

There’s no one right answer here, no man cave layout that works for everyone. That’s because men like to use their man caves for different purposes—and your goal for the space should ultimately dictate your design choices.

So what are some possibilities for your man cave? Consider some of these choices:

Keep it open. An open plan lends itself well to a multi-purpose man cave. Assuming you have a decent amount of space to work with—say, a finished basement—you can set up various activities and stations throughout the open environment—a wet bar at one end of the room, seating at another end, perhaps a pool table in the middle. If your aim is to have a space where you can invite your buddies over to hang, then the open plan is probably the best one.

Make a theater. Some men are going to be much more specific with their intentions for the space. For instance, some will want to use the man cave effectively as a small movie theater, a place to relax and watch TV or catch up on the latest game. If that’s true, then putting an entertainment center in the center of the room is paramount—as is surrounding it with plush seating, and perhaps also including a small fridge or kitchenette.

Build your own bar. For something a bit more cosmopolitan, you can build a full bar in your man cave—complete with bar stools and perhaps also some separate seating areas. A couple of TVs mounted on your walls—including one behind the bar—and give it more of a sports bar vibe.

Create an arcade. Still another way to go is with the construction of your own personal arcade—a room with pool, foosball, pinball, and perhaps even some classic arcade games, too—or maybe just a nice, big entertainment center where you can play Playstation or Xbox.

The bottom line: There are plenty of ways to build your perfect man cave—so long as you start with some good, thoughtful design principles that help you to reach your goals.




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