Cubic Kaleidoscope Kit

If you are a person who loves do things yourself or enjoy fun activities with your kids then this kit is just for you. Unlike any optical kit you’ve probably ever assembled, this cubic kaleidoscope kit uses the properties of reflection and three-point perspective to create a “cubified” matrix of glowing grids, geometric forms and dimensional images. The depth that you will discover deep within the optical grid is sure to amaze one and all. Once assembled, the kit measures 3.54″ x 3.54″ x 3.54″ but the interior depth will appear to the viewer to be far in excess of the constructed cube.

Your kids and you will create the 3D geometric grids that appear before your eyes without the use of a computer. You must provide the following supplies:

Etching needle, box cutter, tape, double-sided tape, ruler, scissors, a fine tip marker, in addition to steady hands and a lot of patience. This activity is for children ages 8 and above but adult supervision is required due the presence of sharp implements.

The kit will cost you US$ 24.95. Currently the vendors have a special offer going on where you get $10 off if you buy two Linear 3D Kaleidoscopes using the coupon code BUY23D.  Buy It.





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  1. It the outside fragile? Can it be covered over and made more decorative or is it configured to let in light through the sides?
    I am an artist and can see lots of beautiful possibilities for the outside.
    Thanks for your help.


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