Content Management Systems: 5 Reasons Why Webmasters Love Wordpress so Much

There are a number of reasons that WordPress is one of the most popular website hosting platforms in the world. For example, Internet professionals spent a combined 127 years developing WordPress at a cost of more than $7 million. 

The platform is quite good, as outlined below. Furthermore, there are some ways you can easily make it even better. A number of hosting companies feature good support and performance, low prices, attractive formats, ease of use, and more.


WordPress is an open-source code that’s quite easy to download and use. There are a number of available plugins which make it even more flexible. Some WordPress site possibilities include:

  • eCommerce Site (Alibaba and eBay): A number of different themes are available, so you can give your site a unique look. WordPress also has a number of eCommerce plugins that make the functions especially robust and user-friendly.
  • Membership Site (Udemy): The Subscriberly theme is a great way to create a membership site. Owners can then sell subscriptions to almost any product or service. As an added bonus, WordPress themes usually offer layers of access, like administrator, editor, author, and subscriber.
  • Video Site (YouTube): Most people do not associate WordPress with anything other than text and simple images. But the platform also allows users to stream video. That’s another great way to connect with more viewers and potential viewers.

Other site themes include classified listings (Craigslist), blog sites (Mashable), and directories (Yelp).


In addition to the plugins which enhance visibility, WordPress fulfils 99 percent of Google’s search parameters. Some of these parameters include:

  • Fast loading speed,
  • Seamless social media integration,
  • Off-content SEO (images and metas),
  • XML sitemap,
  • User-friendly experience, and
  • Robust coding standard.

WordPress is fully optimized for computers, tablets, and smartphones. That’s a significant advantage. The number of mobile searchers is increasing almost exponentially.

Large Support Community

If you have questions or comments, there are so many other WordPress users that it is easy to get feedback. There’s even a dedicated WordPress support forum. Additionally, there are a number of informal and ad hoc support forums. So, whatever question or comment you have, you can expect 100 percent accurate feedback.


The widespread use of WordPress makes it a very enticing target for nefarious hackers. But not to worry. The company provides a number of periodic updates which are sufficient to keep your site safe. Some basic safeguards improve security even more. For example, only download plugins from trusted sources which have high ratings and spend a little extra on premium themes.

Easy Integration

The WordPress repository contains over 40,000 plugins, making it easy to create a deep website that impresses searchers. Some plugins include the all-important contact form as well as an email marketing apparatus. A quick note here. The basic contact form is somewhat limited. For example, it doesn’t have a payment portal. So, the upgraded contact plugins may be worth the investment.

Honorable mention goes to multimedia source and its nature as an open source platform.




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