Cannon Launched Drone: Meet the SQUID

This new creation takes a drone to the next level. It can launch with the use of a cannon.

When drones take off, they need either a launch pad or a long runway. Not anymore.

Cannon Propelled Flight

Being launched from cannons has been a staple for circus acts. The idea is simple enough; the energy stored in the device propels the cargo into the air. It is fast, it is loud, and by golly, it looks awesome.

This launch aspect sparked some interest in the drone world. With a cannon, one can shoot a drone straight up. This creates a very fast takeoff while also eliminating the need for landing pads or runways.


The drone behind the cannon is the SQUID (Streamlined Quick Unfolding Investigation Drone). To maximize its distance on a cannon, it has to have a bullet’s shape. The SQUID is draws inspiration from missile and rocket designs. It is compact, easy to carry, and can go the distance. Only when it is airborne will it spread its wings and rotors. The SQUID opens up like an umbrella when it reaches its maximum height. After its initial launch, it goes to work with an almost split-second transition.

Potential Uses

A cannon-fired drone can have a ton of potential uses. Its greatest selling point is its ability to launch without needing much space. Woodland areas, disaster zones, or moving platforms would be places to use the cannon. The speed of takeoff is another cool thing about this idea.

The speed makes it possible to launch a drone into the air at a fraction of the time. Vertical Takeoff drones still require a slow upwards ascent. Drones that require ramps need a long time to gain momentum. A cannon can get a drone at its target elevation in seconds.




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