Boost Your Business Skills (for Free) With These Video-Based Online Resources

Running a business successfully requires possessing a range of skills. This is true regardless of your industry.

It’s also a reason some decide not to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. They know that they lack some of the skills necessary to succeed in business, and they worry that they can’t afford to go to business school to develop them.

This is understandable. However, it’s important to be aware that the internet has made learning how to run a business easier and more accessible than ever. Plenty of free online videos can help you learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur without having studied business at a university. The following are few such resources worth being aware of.

(Tip: You may not always have an internet connection when you want to rewatch a video that proved useful. Thus, you should strongly consider downloading helpful videos directly to your device. A video downloader tool can help you save videos from numerous platforms.)

Google Small Business

Google offers numerous tools to small business owners (such as advertising campaigns) to help them grow young operations into thriving enterprises. To promote these services and products, Google also publishes videos aimed at small business owners through a YouTube channel.

Yes, the main purpose of this channel is to help Google attract more customers who need help growing their businesses. However, many have found that the channel’s content offers useful information pertaining to various business topics. In other words, it’s not solely about what Google can offer to entrepreneurs.

TED Talks

In general, TED Talks cover a wide range of subjects. They consist of experts (or those who’ve had very unique experiences) delivering speeches that address topics ranging from spirituality to the value of a strong sense of humor.

Many TED Talks are available for free as streaming videos on TED’s website and YouTube channel. Luckily, the website allows users to specify which topics most interest them. Visit TED’s page of business-related talks to find if any appeal to you.

Robin Sharma

Succeeding as a business owner doesn’t necessarily merely require possessing practical skills and abilities. Yes, those are important. It’s tough to grow a business when you don’t know how to handle essential accounting tasks.

However, it can also be difficult to grow a business when you are struggling to stay motivated. Is this challenge preventing you from achieving all your goals? Check out Robin Sharma’s YouTube channel, if so.

Sharma is an author of numerous self-help books. He’s also worked with high-profile clients like GE and Microsoft. His main focus is on providing business owners and professionals with guidance on how they can develop and maintain a passion for their work. Along with helping his clients succeed, he shares videos related to these topics for free on YouTube. They can certainly be helpful when you don’t have the budget to hire him for personal consulting services.

Just keep in mind, this is far from an exhaustive list. There is no shortage of online content you can use to help you become a more confident business owner. Best of all, much of it is free.




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