Best iPhone Apps For Students

A student can utilize technology for their learning purpose with apps. These apps are changing the education system. Find out here which such apps are.

Best Iphone Apps for Students

2.2 million

That’s how many apps are “available for download on the Apple App Store”, and if you are a student, you probably feel that there aren’t enough study apps for you.

Millions of students just like you read, write, attend classes, worry about assignments, and wonder whether their school life can be more enjoyable and efficient.

Most students spend a considerable amount of time on their iPhones chatting, calling, and texting with friends. But unless they spend their time in the right places on that iPhone, they are never going to boost their grades and achieve academic success.

Successful students know that the fastest way they can improve their performance is by using the best apps for students.

But deciding which app to use is a little tricky, so I have put together this list of apps that are compatible with your iPhone, which can be easily downloaded.

Chegg Books

Textbooks are always in short supply in most schools, but sometimes it is in bad condition like lacking a critical page or chapter. This can be detrimental to a student; you need a textbook to research or write that essay. What do you do?

You can either check some top essay sites or take your iPhone and download the Chegg books app. With Chegg, expect to have a textbook for your history, biology, or psychology coursework. It’s where a student can buy or rent textbooks at a much cheaper price. So, if you want to save and make some money use this app (they will buy textbooks that you are done with).

Also, you can read the online version of the textbook as the hard copy is being shipped to you. Therefore you’ll start immediately working on that assignment or coursework. This educational app for students is guaranteed to help you out and needs to be part of your iPhone.

Dragon Dictation

This app turns your spoken words into text just by saying or dictating what should be written. For example, a student is to write a history paper on Alexander the Great. Most students will start writing, but with this app, you can just dictate your thoughts and ideas which will be in text form.

A student who does this will finish the paper faster since they have a draft or rough copy of their ideas, which will lead to making the final copy. But if they’re under pressure or on a tight deadline, the app won’t be of much help and do my assignment for me service will have to be the hero.

Also, if you lose focus during lectures, you can put Dragon Dictation to good use by recording the teacher or lecturer lessons. You can take that recorded text and utilize it in going through your notes to see what you missed or didn’t understand.

This app is a great tool for students particularly ones with special needs, so learning is available for everyone.

These apps are bound to make student life easier and less stressful. If you’re to write an essay, these apps, together with a site like will be your best allies.

Speedypaper rating and these educational apps all have one thing in common, which is their good reviews and rating. So a student doesn’t have to worry about textbooks with Chegg Books app around and tired of writing everything down, then Dragon Dictation app has got all you covered.

Therefore check out these apps and see for yourself what all the hype and hullabaloo is all about.




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