Best Android VPN Apps 2020

We love Android phones a lot for the fact that all major VPN providers offer dedicated apps on Android. For those that think they don’t need a VPN, remember that a VPN adds an extra layer of security to your mobile device. This is because you will remain anonymous as you transmit data via encrypted tunnels. That means you will be secured even when you use public wifi sources.

If you are an online casino gamer, it also means that your personal and banking information will remain private over unsecured networks. Even when you play at sites such as meilleur casino en ligne francais, your information is safe.


We really like ExpressVPN because it’s so easy to use. Not only that but it is also very user friendly. This VPN comes with so many great features, which include a location picker, as well as the ability to detect an insecure network. You will also notice that it features a kill switch as well, which is there to improve security and privacy.

Express VPN uses 256-bit encryption and it also comes with great speeds. When you use this VPN, you will have access to high-speed servers. That’s not all, though. You will have access to servers across 94 countries and you will be able to use this VPN across many devices. What’s even better is the fact that this VPN features a total of 12 languages. That means it caters to people from all over the world.

For easy installation, the VPN comes with installation instructions, and customer support is offered 24/7.


This is another quite popular VPN on Android and is good for gambling real money at online casinos. To date, it has been downloaded over 10 million times. The VPN has a “Double VPN” technology. This feature will allow you to pass your connection via 2 VPN servers. This has the effect of adding an extra layer of security. Also, this VPN will never track your online activity.




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