Astronaut Light to enlighten your life

Ignite your day with this astronaut lamp! You would have come across multiple lamps, but this one is so unique and captivating to look. The design is simply outstanding which resembles an astronaut walking over the moon connected by a rod. You get to illuminate your study table, bedside table, etc. through an astronaut hanging by your side. This would be the best way to illuminate your room at the highest level of creativity.

It is capable of capturing everyone’s eyes due to its stunning design and creative structure. If you wish to be an astronaut or work in NASA, then you can start by having this lamp by your side. It is perfectly appropriate for space enthusiasts. But one difference is that in a dark space, this lamp would brighten your dreams of becoming an astronaut.

It is 10 inches tall and it is powered up by batteries or USB cable. It requires 3AAA batteries which will not be included with the product package. It is made of 60% HIPS plastic and 40% PP plastic. It is an imported lamp and it would be a medium scale of brightness in terms of light. The lamp is made of plastic but it looks like metal and gives a realistic and captivating appearance.

Having a gigantic astronaut on your table would not only lighten your desk but it would also decorate your desk in the best way possible. This astronaut lamp would be a perfect gift for children to adults who love good design. But if your kid is willing to become an astronaut in the future, then start encouraging them by gifting an adorable lamp like this. Just plug in a USB cable and let it dazzle. You can have an astronaut by your side.




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