A Guide to Disposable Phone Numbers

Many telecommunication services have moved from the analog sphere to the digital one. The most popular are telephone data that are not directly connected to a traditional landline or mobile phone but exist on the server — so-called virtual phone numbers. Such a disposable phone number can be connected via a virtual PBX to any device that has access to the Internet.

Principle of Operation

To create such a communication tool, you need to contact a special service provider and get a combination by choosing from those offered.

The service works like this:

1. Your subscriber dials a number.

2. The call comes to the provider’s server (that is, to the cloud PBX).

3. The software redirects the call to the device connected to the PBX. It can be a smartphone, a fixed office phone, or a computer equipped with a headset for talking.

4. You receive a call and communicate with the subscriber via IP telephony.

Important Benefits of Cloud Numbers for Business and Personal Use

Here are the main advantages of the technology:

  • When you suspect that your personal information is at risk. If you’re unsure about giving your phone info to someone, it’s always a good idea to provide a disposable number.
  • To avoid spam and advertising. It is much better to provide disposable data when registering a discount card in a store or making a purchase and get rid of spam on a personal smartphone.
  • Forwarding. The call is automatically forwarded to a free operator. An additional plus for the company’s reputation is that the client does not have to wait a long time for an answer and listen to beeps.
  • Lack of geo-referencing. The technology runs anywhere in the world. To do this, after moving, you only need to log in to your account.
  • Affordable cost. It is no longer necessary to buy bulky equipment and keep staff to maintain it.

How to Buy a Disposable Number

It is very easy to buy a cloud number using the HotTelecom communication service.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Register on the service to make the purchase.
  2. Top up the balance (money is credited to the account almost instantly).
  3. Select a country and a mobile operator.
  4. Find the desired service from the list.

Service Supports More than a Hundred Sites

You must choose any social network and click the “Get” button.

After entering the number, all that remains is to wait for the SMS to arrive in your account. Then, you can complete the registration.

The website has 24/7 technical support. The feedback staff is ready to answer your questions. The service allows each user to quickly buy this useful communication tool and then use it without inconvenience, depending on personal needs.




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