Play Warcraft 3 on Linux

In addition to the ability to play Warcraft III, Linux gamers will welcome other WineX 2.1 enhancements including support for blockbuster games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Civilization III, and Black and White among others; faster copy protection; better full screen mode support; sound improvements and DirectX compatibility refinements. Linux gaming enthusiasts can play their favorite PC games by subscribing to TransGaming at and downloading WineX 2.1 which currently runs more than 150 PC games on Linux.

TransGaming has demonstrated the tremendous power of its technology with previous smash hit titles. In September 2001, TransGaming licensed the world’s top selling game, Electronic Arts’ The Sims, and shipped an optimized Linux version just eight weeks later in the MandrakeSoft “Gaming Edition”, featuring The Sims on Linux and MandrakeLinux 8.1. The release of WineX 2.0 in February 2002 introduced DirectX 8 capabilities allowing Max Payne and other real-time, graphically-rich games to run on Linux. In Los Angeles at E3, TransGaming announced that its technology allowed Windows-based x86 games to be simultaneously released onto multiple platforms including the Sony PlayStation 2, Apple Mac OS X, set-top boxes, PDAs and wireless devices.

About TransGaming Technologies:
The company was founded in May 2000. TransGaming’s R&D centre is in Ottawa, Canada, and business, strategy, and operational activities are conducted through the Toronto office. TransGaming Technologies allows software publishers to exponentially increase sales by porting their content for simultaneous cross-platform release. This dramatically lowers costs and time to release (to as little as one month), while leveraging the publishers’ content, marketing and penetration in the global gaming market. The bottom line is that TransGaming’s technology provides explosive market penetration.




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