4 Great Games for Word Puzzle Lovers

Word games are enjoyable because they are a simple way to pass the time while doing something engaging. These days more games are worthy of your attention than ever before, and with the help of this list, let us guide you towards a few that are sure to delight and fill many hours of your days.


You should try out Wordscapes if you usually finish your weekly crossword and are looking for more of a challenge. Although this word game is designed with crossing columns and rows of blank spaces like a normal crossword, the game doesn’t give you any clues. Instead, you’ll receive three to seven letters in a “wheel” to build words. This game aims to have as many right words on the table as possible but beware that if you create a word that isn’t on the board, it counts as a “bonus word” for you to use later in the game. If you find yourself stuck with any of the puzzles given to you without any clues, you can quickly and quietly use a cloud-based tool for word games to help you figure out what word to use next and move on to the next challenge.


Wordle has caused a massive surge in the popularity of everyday word puzzles, and Wordsmyth follows this idea by providing new Boggle-style word games every day for you to play. The game aims to identify as many words as possible using a new 3×3 letter grid shown to you, and you will receive more points for longer words. This mobile game is a once-off buy from your app store and features nothing more to buy in-game, which is a refreshing take on modern mobile gaming. Even better, there isn’t a clock or timer for you to wait. Wordsmyth is a peaceful word game that you could easily get lost in and play all day long, and worth any time you spend checking it out.

Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is precisely what its title suggests: a mobile app for the nearly one-hundred-year-old board game. You can join a match with random players over the internet or connect with your friends and have a friendly game over Scrabble GO. Like traditional Scrabble, you’ll receive seven tiles out of a set of 100, and you need to form the longest or most complex words using them. Again, similar to Scrabble, words are formed horizontally and vertically, with every letter earning you different points depending on how they are placed on the board. The bonuses and gemstones you earn while playing Scrabble GO distinguish it from other mobile games, with just enough added to the original concept to make it feel perfect for the mobile arena.

Word Yard

Word Yard is a straightforward mashup of a fun crossword puzzle and a word game. In the game, you receive a set of letters, which you then use to complete the puzzle above. The game offers no time restrictions, accessibility for various languages, scores of challenges that become harder as you progress, and more. The fact that many of the earlier puzzles are absurdly simple makes it kid-friendly as well, so this could be something you play with the kids and get the cogs in their brains turning.

A few games above should satisfy your word game cravings and keep you busy for weeks, if not months. Remember that many very interesting games are available on your phone’s marketplace, so don’t be afraid to try new games when they catch your attention. Don’t forget to take it easy, don’t get frustrated, and have fun!




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