Post image for Are Car Tech Advances Changing The Way We Learn To Drive?

Advances in car technology are abundant, as evidenced by the changes that we have already seen in cars over recent years. If you compare the cars from 10 or 20 years ago to the cars that you see now, you will notice that there are big differences, especially when it comes to special features and technological advancements. Read More →

Post image for Why Should You Choose Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Mobile applications development is on the rise nowadays. When building mobile apps it is necessary to remember that different users give preference to different mobile devices. Thus, to make an app popular with a greater number of users, it is crucial to make it compatible with different mobile platforms, so that more users could install it. Read More →

Bargain Hunting On E-Bay – Simple Tips

Ebay deals

These days, the virtual marketplace is cut-throat with 100’s of websites selling the same items and usually with a very similar pricing structure. Even though there are so many online stores available, E-Bay still manages to be the undisputed king of online shopping. And believe it or not, there are still bargains to be found despite the competition. Read More →

Post image for PowerUp 3.0: Phone Controlled Paper Plane

For all those paper plane enthusiasts, now you can put some spice into flying by attaching a small electric motor to your paper plane and controlling it by your smart phone. The package contains several templates for you to practice building your own paper planes. Mind you that it’s not success at first attempt. You may have to build several different planes until you become an expert flyer. Read More →

Exhaust Power Car Jack

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The one thing that can ruin your fun drive is having a flat tire in middle of nowhere. We do have jacks in our trunks but they require some pumping effort by hands or feet. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could do the job for us. Here is a new idea of using your car’s exhaust fumes to lift your car (it would be even nicer if it could lift the spare for me as well). Read More →

Post image for 5 Common Ways People Break Their Smartphones

Smashed screens, crackly speakers and dodgy headphone ports are just some of the things that pretty much every smartphone user has had to battle with at some point. Sometimes it’s age or just poor quality builds, but quite often we can have ourselves to blame, too. Read More →

Urban Armor Gear Case

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I remember one instance that I’ll never forget. We were working on a project in a remote area and my co-worker had this brand new smartphone that he adored so much and bragged about it all the time. He was using its apps for almost everything that we needed in the field; from compass, inclinometer to calculator. One morning he tripped and dropped it on a pile of rock and broke its screen that rendered it completely useless. Today when I read about this Urban Armor Gear Case, I thought he would have loved to protect his prized possession by investing another $39. Read More →

Vertical Paper Shredder

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The US Federal Trade Commission estimates that 9 million cases of identity theft take place per year in the USA alone and recommends that individuals defend themselves against identity theft by shredding financial bills, tax documents, credit card, bank account statements, and other items which could be used by thieves to commit fraud or identity theft. Read More →