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Everyone loves to be able to work with the newest technology, or to work with existing software which can improve our knowledge and skills in different aspects of our lives. Of course, there is a ton of different aspects of software on the market today but not all of them will appeal to us, or will be aspects which we see as necessary for us to use, learn about, and experience. When it comes to software, different programs will appeal to different people. For example Read More →

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It was just recently when we celebrated the release of Apple iPhone 7 which already carried tons of novelties including several unexpected surprises such as the lack of jack and the cordless earbuds but Apple is already showing signs to having much more to offer in its brand new device the Apple iPhone 8 which is to be released this year in September. The release date is planned to be exactly the same as the release of the first iPhone only punctually 10 years after. In this piece we would like to share the latest news and rumors on what we know, what we expect and what we heard about the new iPhone which is much expected all around the world in the circle of Apple fans, technology geeks and those who want to explore the latest robotic projects. So, let’s see the facts, then some further information and let’s also discuss some rumors as well. Read More →

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Bitcoin is a digital asset that uses cryptography to control its creation and management so that people can use it as a medium for exchanging funds. The concept of a digital cryptocurrency had been discussed for a long time, but the first major real-world implementation took place in 2009 when the first open-source client was released and the first bitcoins were issued. Read More →

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In the present technological world, almost everyone owns an electronic or a bunch of the same.  The problem with having so many of such gadgets is not able to control them.  However, with the new Wemo Mini Smart Plug, you can now have control of your fan, audio player or the lights using your tablet or mobile phone.  Provided you have an available Wi-Fi network, and you have a universal wireless control over your gadgets without needing any hub. Wemo Mini Smart Plug works with Amazon Alexa as well. Read More →

Post image for Ultimate Steak Thermometer Uses LED Light To Tell You When Steak Is Done

Consuming either undercooked or overcooked meat has its negative effects. While taking undercooked meat poses health risks, eating overcooked meat, on the other hand, takes away the flavor and joy of eating.  Instead of relying on your instincts to tell whether the meat is properly-cooked, the Ultimate Steak Thermometer that uses a LED Light will let you know when the steak Is ready. The steak thermometer only takes a few seconds to use. However, it can potentially save you from food venom by making sure that food is fit for human consumption.

The Ultimate Steak Thermometer not only gives you the ideal temperature within your meat consistently, but also notifies you through a flashing LED light whether it is at present medium-well, medium, or medium-rare.

To use the Ultimate Steak Thermometer, only pierce it into your steak piece and go ahead and cook the meat using your usual cooking method.  As soon the LED light on the thermometer starts to flash, your steak is ready and safe for consumption. When the light blinks green, then the steak is medium-rare, when it flashes yellow, it is medium, and when the LED light blinks red, your meat is medium-well. The LED light steak thermometer can also be used with a lone thermometer when cooking several steaks, given that all the steaks will be cook evenly, as long as all of them are in even heat stat cooking at the same time.

The Ultimate Steak Thermometer is not only excellent for steaks, but it also works equally well for pork, fish, beef, game, or even lamb. Besides, you can use the thermometer in a frying pan, on the grill, or even in an oven. The thermometer features a superior stainless steel make alongside high internal highest of quality electronics. The thermometer also can withstand heat up to 900 degrees. It is an ideal gift for people who love cooking.

Post image for Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam gives New Benchmark for Video Collaboration

Although a laptop webcam or an external one is helpful when making videos, such can be frustrating since they don’t always offer constant clarity.  A majority of webcams need too much lighting for them to produce a high quality and decent video.  However, with the new Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam, one can now steam mega high definition videos even with inadequate lighting. Read More →

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Gaming is something that everyone loves, even if they are not a huge gamer. That being said, there are few places where you can truly express how much you love gaming, unless you find like-minded people to indulge in it with. Read More →

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In a world full of millennials, selfies are an everyday occurrence. A selfie is a way of self-expression and presentation, an interpersonal statement where an individual expresses them through an image. Selfies not only convey happiness but also enhance beauty as well as improve self-esteem to some people. For one to take the perfect selfie, you need the right gadget for the same. Selfie sticks have been around for a while now and have been of great assistance. You are probably tired of the struggle that comes with using a selfie stick. In that case, your perfect solution is the SelfieFeet. Read More →