Kickstarter Gadgets We’re Excited About

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So we admit it. Kickstarter projects can often be hit or miss. We’ve seen some pretty amazing gadgets see the light of day because of Kickstarter. For one, how about the Elevation Dock?. But on the other hand, we’ve also been saddled with some pretty terrible gadgets. Ladies and gentlemen, how about the Ouya? Remember that? Read More →

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When it comes to keeping your home safe you probably think about the usual hardware; locks, padlocks, alarms and maybe even safes. However, safes are not just large metal cabinets with complicated dial locks that sit behind paintings in big houses, like in the movies. They provide a real security solution for many homes across the country and they come in all shapes and sizes. Read More →

What Makes a Great Gaming TV?

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For those who love gaming, the experience isn’t only the system, the games, or the adventures that lie within the stories, it also hinges on the total sensory quality. The best gaming experience requires a TV that will make all your gaming friends envious. The picture quality, resolution, sound, and little extras can take an average game and make it a life-altering experience. Before you buy your next television, keep these features in mind. Read More →

The Best Ways to Sell Your Geeky Gadgets

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Are you up to your ears in old laptops and tablets? Or maybe you just have a laser that you’d love to sell to someone who will appreciate it as much as you do. Whatever your reason for putting your geeky gadgets on the market, here are just a few places where you’re sure to find buyers. Read More →

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ExCel London will once again host the Wearable Technology Show in 2016. The wearable and Internet of Things conference will run from March 15-16. During the two-day event, media professionals and other attendees can expect incredible announcements. 2015’s event saw the reveal of groundbreaking hardware and software in the industry. Attendees can expect more of the same for 2016. Plus, 2016 could be the year that wearables and IoT devices truly make their way into consumers’ hearts. Read More →

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We all want a nice looking front and backyard for our homes but sometimes time is limited and we can’t maintain it to the standards we want. When I drive around town, I actually enjoy looking at homes and the unique yards. I live in an condominium on the 1st floor so I don’t have much of a yard but I do have a tiny bit of backyard space with a nice patio, a small grass area, and a bunch of bushes and flowers. One way to make my little backyard space stand out in the neighborhood is to install the Playbulb Garden lights. Read More →

7 Accessories to Keep Your Tech Dry

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If you are headed to the pool or plan to spend some time beachside this summer, you’d better plan ahead. Most high-tech gadgets don’t play well with water. Luckily, there is a variety of accessories that will keep your tech dry and safe no matter what sort of adventures you have. Read More →

HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet

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The only thing I like about winters is that you have a lot of pockets to store stuff. There are some essentials, e.g. phone, credit card and cash, without which you cannot leave home. A slim wallet is ideal for credit cards and cash but you cannot stuff your phone into it. Read More →