portable car jumper battery pack

All those that have vehicles have at some point in time had to deal with a dead battery. If you haven’t so far, you are definitely in the minority. Sometimes, the battery is simply old and can’t keep a charge any longer or other times we make a silly mistake and leave the lights on when we exit the vehicle. Either way, a dead battery is inconvenient. The JunoJumpr by Juno Power on the other hand can be your hero when you need it most! Read More →

SwatchMatch Cube

When you’re working on creating a digital design for a client or just practicing on improving your own skills, sometimes getting that perfect shade of green that you’ve seen in the real world is just not quite the same as on the computer. The SwatchMate Cube is able to capture real world colors and lets you use them in the digital world of design. Read More →

Post image for Smartphone Psychology 101: What Your Cell Says About You

In the modern professional world, your image speaks volumes. What you wear, what you eat and what you buy add up to a composite of who you are. And this includes your smartphone. Particularly in the business world, your smartphone can speak volumes about your personality to your employers and co-workers. So, what does your smartphone say about you? Demographic research on three of the most popular mobile phone choices among young people suggests that it could say quite a bit. Read More →

Woax Wearable Artificial Intelligence

Post image for Woax Wearable Artificial Intelligence

Computing power continues to increase at an ever growing rate, and with that expanding “horsepower,” we’re seeing major advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Read More →

'Till Watch

With the popularity of the mobile phone, seems like many men stopped wearing watches and rely on their phones to tell them the time. There is nothing wrong with that but a watch is so much more classy. Just like women have their various jewelry pieces, a man has his watch. The ‘Till Watch is a fun take on the traditional wristwatch which uses words in place of numbers. Read More →

Post image for Becoming an SEO is a Great Job for Geeks…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving activity that requires a wide range of skills, talents, and a knack for engaging in highly disciplined activities in order to be successful. It’s challenging, but can be extremely rewarding for the right type of person. Read More →

Pinch! An Awesome Titanium Multi-Tool

Post image for Pinch! An Awesome Titanium Multi-Tool

I’m a real sucker for every day carry, or EDC for short. I’ve got a few little gadgets that I like to carry around to make my life easier. That’s the main thing I’m looking for, utility. Read More →

Post image for IT Outsourcing Offers a Myriad of Benefits for Startup Development

IT outsourcing services such as Yii development or iOS development have become extremely popular in recent years. According to latest statistics data, over 95% of world companies cooperate with the offshore IT specialists. Implementation of outsourcing services allows saving money on different projects development. IT offshore services are especially beneficial for startups, as they involve minimal investments in comparison to expenses necessary for keeping an in-house staff of developers and network engineers. In other words, it is a real catch for startup projects with tight budgets. Read More →