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In the corporate world, remote access has long made business sense. However, with an average of 5 connected devices in each household, personal and home users are also increasingly demanding a sound solution for accessing information remotely. Whether it’s a question of locating a work document from home or viewing a movie you downloaded on a different device, having control over your PC from afar is becoming ever more important to the user experience. Read More →

Star Wars Spaceship Poster Set

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Whether you’re a fan of the “dark side” or the “light side”, you’re sure going to love these Star Wars spaceship posters, available at

The Star Wars spaceship poster set consists of three canvases that measure 11” x 17” and are digitally printed on 250g textured cardstock. The posters come with white borders, giving them an expensive feel. The ships featured on the posters are fan favorite X-Wing fighters piloted by the rebel forces, the Millenium Falcon piloted by Chewbacca and Han Solo, and the third poster has the Imperial Star Destroyer surrounded by Tie fighters. Read More →

bingo artwork

Playing in a casino or bingo hall continues to be valued as a wonderful occasion by millions of people across the world that enjoys their favorite games in the hope of winning considerable prizes. Land-based gambling houses remain the traditional option for punters who not only enjoy the sensation of dressing up and being social with friends, work colleagues and other players, but also play in a luxurious setting that is primed for Read More →

tanda zap

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have had to deal with pimples at some point in our life. Some have it really bad while others get a few annoying zits in times of stress. I am somewhere in the middle. My face would get a few breakouts every few months in my late teens and early 20′s but my back was the area of concern for me. For some reason, that’s where the breakouts would appear. Thankfully those days are over but even now, I may get an occasional zit or two every 8 weeks or so and the timing always seems to be off. Just when I have an important meeting or an event to attend, those annoying zits decide to make a surprise visit. But the Tanda Zap acne clearing device is here to help show those pimples where the exit door is. Read More →

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I remember the first TV commercial that I listened to and it has ever since been with me, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. There is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

Here is a whole new concept of waking up to that refreshing smell of coffee. It is not one of those programmable coffee makers that you keep on the kitchen counter. The Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee maker right at your bedside table. The alarm sound is produced by the gentle rumbling of stainless steel ball bearings that boil water using induction heating. Read More →

New Cars And Futuristic Technologies

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The automobile has been around for over a hundred years; and no we’re not driving around in flying cars as we were promised so long ago. Although progress has been steadily made in the auto industry, it has only been the last 10 or so years that we’ve seen major innovation come to the auto industry.

Innovations such as reliable all-electric cars, small and very fuel efficient turbocharged gasoline/diesel engines, and even fully automated self-driving cars. Although cars that drive themselves won’t be in your driveway in the next few years, other technologies are already making life easier for drivers. Technologies like Ford’s MyFord Touch system, that let you talk to your car without the need for taking your eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel. Read More →

Smart AirDesk Laptop Table

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There are times that I feel like throwing away my laptop because it gets so hot that it burns my thighs. I use a cushion sometimes but it is not well-ventilated and there are chances of overheating.

This ingenious design Smart Airdesk is a simple and inexpensive solution to all those laptop heating problems. The Airdesk is a thin plywood angled surface that dissipates the heat generated by your laptop. The design provides a portable and well-ventilated work surface that’s convenient for viewing and typing. Read More →

Top 3 Ultra Geeky Cars

McLaren P1 hybrid

People always call the Jeep Wrangler and the Volkswagen Beetle a “chick’s car”. Since there is no such thing as a vehicle which is intended for either a male or a female, I’m going to come up with my own list of vehicles intended for the geeks out there. Of course there is no such thing as a “geeky car” but a large number of vehicles these days have some pretty geeky tech in them. Or it may even have a design flair that may be considered geeky like the first example on my Top 5 Ultra Geeky Cars. Read More →