Post image for Wocket – Cut Down On Cards With This Smart Wallet

I’ve gone through a lot of wallets over the years and no matter how “thin” the wallet may be, I still manage to make it bulky with all of my bloody cards. If you’re tired of carrying around a bulky wallet in your pockets, now is the perfect time to try something advanced as the Wocket. The Wocket is the first smart wallet that will store all of your cards without you having to carry all those cards that make your wallet so bulky. Read More →

Post image for Are DDoS Attacks Being Used to Mask a Much Bigger Threat Online?

When targeting organisations online, cyber criminals will often use DDoS attacks to overwhelm a website’s servers and cause them to shut down. But if this wasn’t worrying enough, a new report has revealed that hackers are using DDoS as a ‘cyber smokescreen’ to mask additional intrusions happening at the same time. Read More →

Cozy Up With The Stadler Form MAX Fan Heater

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Winter is not quite here yet but it sure feels like it in some parts of the country. I moved a few into a new apartment a few months back and although it’s considered an upgrade in terms of style, design, and age but there is one downside to the new place. No more free heating! My electric bill will certainly be feeling the pain soon enough. Each room including the washrooms has an individual thermostat for controlling the heat but I’m thinking of skipping the built-in heating and going for a space heater. Space heaters are very common and pretty boring looking but the Stadler Form MAX Fan Heater at least has the design element down. Read More →

Post image for Fulfilling the Potential of Mobile Health Apps

We use mobile apps to do everything from motivating us at the gym, to monitoring our heart rates and calculating energy burned. Current research shows there are more than 40,000 mobile health apps available from Apple and more than one and a half billion smartphone users have a health app installed.

From the patient’s perspective, the shift towards mobile health apps is bringing health care users into the driver’s seat. Read More →

Enjoying Sports With Technology

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Not everyone can be a professional athlete. In fact, the best the vast majority will ever do is watch professional athletes from a distance. If you play football in high school, you’ve got about a 1 in 1,000 chance of going pro. That is one tenth of one percent. For basketball, your chances shrink by almost a factor of 10. Even good athletes are going to need a plan B for enjoying their favorite sports. Technology to the rescue: Read More →

Post image for Perfect Holiday Gifts for your Fresh College Grad

If you know an accomplished scholar who is about to graduate from college or received their degree recently, peruse these perfect holiday gifts that will help them start the next chapter of their lives and congratulate them on their achievement. Whether they’re foodies, music lovers, or travelers in training, you can find the right gift idea this Christmas. Read More →

Post image for Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer – For Home & Office Use

Winter is upon us and going out for exercise kind of sucks. It’s either too cold for many of us or if you don’t mind the cold but it’s too slippery and dangerous. A gym would be a good recommendation but the gyms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a pretty fantastic and affordable piece of workout equipment that can be used for the home or office.  Read More →

Post image for WELLY Water Bottle – Replace Those Plastic Bottles!

One of the guys at work was taking out the trash the other day and one of the massive garbage bags was that full of nothing but coffee pods. It got me thinking about how terrible we are to the environment and the earth. Now, imagine the plastic bottles that make it to the landfills instead of recycling plants? A lot of cities across North America are starting to take action but there is always something more we can do as a community. Boycotting big companies like Nestle would be ideal but you need large numbers of people to take action. Instead, perhaps start with what you and your family & friends can do. The WELLY Water Bottle is a great example. Read More →