You Don’t Have a Girlfriend, Now What?

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Let me start off by saying that I’m writing this article from the perspective of a straight, nerdy man, because I happen to be one. You’ll hear me throw around the word “girlfriend” a lot, but everything I say is applicable to absolutely anyone, no matter what gender you’re interested in! So with that out of the way… Read More →

Most Innovative Home Poker Tech

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Poker is gaining in popularity at a remarkable rate, with more than 40 million people around the world now choosing to play. This means the market for fresh gadgets related to poker is also growing rapidly, with companies now enjoying a fantastic opportunity to reach a wide customer base with products that are innovative and exciting. This piece will look at some of the best examples of home poker technology out there. Read More →

How Do I Get an EIN for a New LLC?

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When the time comes to get an EIN for a new LLC, you need to make sure that the LLC that you have is all set up and ready to go. This is a big consideration to make when the time comes to file for a tax ID number, since you need to be able to easily file for an ID number when you go to file taxes for the company. You do not want to use your personal social security number for the entire business, even if you own it. So if you need to know how to get an EIN application for a new LLC, then make sure to understand the process that is needed. Read More →

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Opening a virtual office might sound like something from a futuristic film. You picture robots and computers doing all the work that you pay full-time workers to do in your own office. A virtual office is a little less futuristic than that. These offices feature employees who work from home with their own computers and telephones. They can handle many of the tasks that you do daily and may even help you save money on labor costs. If you’re on the fence about creating a virtual office, take a look at some of the more impressive things those offices can do. Read More →

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There is no doubt; drones are the next big thing in the aerospace. In the last decade, numerous innovations have come a long way to revamp the gadgets, previously used for surveillance by the military and other security agencies. Recently, drones have found widespread use in the filming industry, agriculture with some online shopping malls on the verge of using the devices to make deliveries within short distances. With such anticipation, the hype to have available yet portable devices are real.

DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone leans towards achieving the market need for portable yet smaller drones for outdoor enthusiasts. During the launch, the firm stressed on the ease with which the drone slips into the standard back packs thanks to its foldable arms. The device is a significant improvement of the dominant DJI’s flagship model the phantom. It is half the size and the weight of the phantom, and slim enough to fit into a purse.

While the physical form reduces when the drone shrinks, it does not compromise functionality or control, which makes it suitable for different uses. Users will still have the sensors on their original position, enhanced obstacle avoidance features, self-sufficient landing, subject tracking as well as constancy indoors in the absence of GPS. Nonetheless, the 12-megapixel camera is similar with that of the Phantom 4. However, it comes with a lower field view of about 90-78 degrees, the speed of 40 miles/hour and a battery life of 27 minutes.

The small size is not an indication of its performance as it exceeds larger drones in some aspects. For instance, it can stream live videos from a distance of 4.3 miles, which exceeds Phantom 4 that streams at 3.1 miles. In addition to the tracking and obstacle avoidance features, it features gesture control system that attracts your attention when you wave to the drone. With the latest computer vison technology, you can fly the gadget without a remote, and when you need one, it is no longer the big type.

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As the world seeks to reduce the level of emissions, green energy seems an ideal replacement for the conventional sources. From manufacturing to transport sectors, the hype is real, and the results are visible through significant innovations. Just recently, a French transportation company- Alstom– launched the first ever hydrogen-powered train, expected to make the first cruises in Germany by the close of 2017. The report first appeared in the German newspaper, which seems a welcome move for the conservatisms.

From fuel powered to electric powered trains, hydrogen powered comes as a reprieve amid growing need for cost efficient transportation alternatives. The passenger train features hydrogen fuel cells, which gives off steam and compressed water. Hydrogen comes from the hydrogen tank located at the roof, conveyed into the cells that produce electrical energy. It is meant to replace the inefficient petroleum powered trains across Europe. The old model trains are still in use, even with the presence of electrified models across the globe.

During the launch of the innovation in Berlins, the firm highlighted the primary routes the train would cruise. They include Buxtehude, Bremervorde, Cuxhaven, and Bremerhaven. With a great focus on the Lower Saxony state, the local transport authority has placed an order for 14 units once completed. However, that depends on the outcome of the testing phase by the Federal Railway Authority, which will last from 2016 to 2017.

While it might be the first hydrogen train in the world, it is not the first automotive to feature that technology. There have been numerous prototypes since Stan Thompson’s trial of hydrogen powered rail system in 2004. Nevertheless, it remains only that will see the light of the day, and make a huge impact in the sector. Several attempts to revamp the rail industry have given positive results and Germany remains pivotal to the modern innovations.

Stay in Contact with PetCube Bites

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In modern living, a Dog remains man’s favorite pet, thanks to his friendly conduct towards human beings. You probably want to interact with it, even when you are away or monitor their wellbeing in the house while you are on vacation. The PetCube Bites is a pet camera, which facilitates real-time interaction with your dog remotely. You can launch treats at your pet through the smartphone, from your office or holiday destination at an affordable price.

You will not wallow into anxiety when you are away from your pet. By connecting the device to your smartphone, you can talk, hear and view your dog from the comfort of your desk or lounge. The camera features a clear 1080p broad angle video, night vision functions, digital zoom as well as the treat dispenser that holds the treat for your dog. You need not employ someone to take care of your dog as you can do it remotely.

The thought of starving your day while at work is demoralizing, and one that never goes every time you think of home. The camera allows you drown the pet in treats all day as well as train your dog on correct behaviors that you need at home. It gives a rare opportunity to see the dog’s conduct at homes, when you are not around, something that might not happen while you are there. Consider praising your pet and rewarding it for positive behavior.

As people seek to keep more pets in their homesteads, innovative ways to control their behavior, as well as care for them, helps alleviate the burden of hiring caregivers. The ability to do all these via smartphone is a reprieve for the travelers. Nonetheless, the PetCube Bites treat launching the camera in the funding stage on Kickstarter. The expected delivery dates for the devices remains January 2017,

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There is no doubt; the cost of utilities has driven most homesteads to seek ways to reduce the cost of consumption. Some result in rationing while others seek for efficient installations to lower the usage. When it comes to water conservation at home, Altered: Nozzle is the new deal in the market. Users can attach the nozzle to sinks and save about 98% of all the water they use at a household level.

In most instances, you do not need the amount of water that comes from the full stream to wash your hands, clean utensils. In fact, an enormous amount of that water goes to waste, which is why you have to pay costly bills. The equipment uses mist other than full stream water, which is sufficient for all cleaning activities. Upon installation, you rest assured of high efficient taps that lower the overall cost of running your home.

Think of the gallons of clean and fresh water that goes into waste every day. Even with an efficient recycling system, you could be incurring cost, that you do not need, or higher than you should. Altered nozzle aims at fixing the widespread challenge by atomizing water. Ideally, the concept splits the stream into millions of droplets, which increases the contact with the targeted surface. It is not only efficient in saving water but also useful in getting the washing done.

Other than the broken streams, you can switch the nozzle to the shower mode, and hence fill your glass or basins required for cooking. Even in this mode, you will be surprised that it still saves about 75% of water than the standard faucets. The best part is that you will not struggle with the nozzle as it takes less than one minute to fit in the faucets. It comes in an assortment of styles, finishes, and sizes allowing users to complement the themes of their kitchens. However, it is in the funding phase with the expected delivery date placed in December 2016.