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Post image for What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you need to know about cloud computing. It’s one of those trends, which like the internet and electricity, is going to transform the way you and every other company out there does business. This is what you need to know about the cloud. Read More →

Post image for At the Casino and at Home, This Free Casino App is a Must

A few weeks ago, my wife and I scheduled a long-deserved getaway. We spent four amazing nights at the beautiful Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. While we were there, we had mouth-watering food, enjoyed live music, and saw some great shows. Read More →

Going Covert – What You Need To Know

Post image for Going Covert – What You Need To Know

As tech becomes smaller, more and more tech geeks are enjoying the opportunity to go covert. Most of us have phones and dashboard cameras that can record our day. You could then upload it to YouTube, or any other social media account to share with the world. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that you’re recording video with those devices. When you’re recording covertly, you want the device, and your activities to remain hidden. Read More →

Post image for The iPhone’s Benefits Weighed Against Android

Anyone wishing to buy a new smartphone will be faced with one very important choice – Android or iPhone? Supporters on both sides of the debate make some very valid points. For instance, Android’s Windows-based operating system has been taken up by many different manufacturers, which gives consumers a wide variety of devices at many different price points. iPhone is available only through Apple or an Apple authorized store, which leaves less in the way of variation between devices but a much greater degree of consistently between devices and different models. iPhone’s are also highly compatible with other Apple products, something that Android devices cannot assure. Read More →

Post image for Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Streaming Subscriptions

The internet is a marvelous thing, isn’t it? No longer do we have to wait for a film to be available to rent at the local video store before we can view it. Streaming services have blown the entire industry wide open, and not only has accessibility improved, but there’s a whole range of amazing content subscription fees have allowed to gestate. Read More →

Post image for Pakayak – High Performance Hard-shell Kayak

If you fancy kayaking either as a sport or just a hobby, you are aware of the struggle that comes with transporting a kayak. Moreover, paddle boards and surfboards are not exactly easily portable either. You always need a giant truck to get your kayak or surfboards wherever you go, which is rather tedious. However, you do not have to worry anymore since the new Pakayak is in place to solve such water sports problems. Pakayak comes along in six distinct pieces that are all apart. You can simply carry them in your backpack and easily carry such around. Read More →

Post image for Virtual Private Network – Internet with No Limits

Internet has grown considerably over the past years; a lot of innovative technologies, solutions and equipment have been invented in this rapidly progressing area. Such a quick IT development has also emphasized the importance of data security and anonymity on the web. To eliminate all the risks associated with security, new communication protocols have been invented. Among such technological solutions, a virtual private network is the only product worthy of attention. Read More →

Post image for Mobile Antivirus for Android Saves the Day

I take a lot of precautions to keep my computer secure. I use antivirus software, scan it regularly for viruses, malware, and other nasties that could be an inconvenience (or worse), and password-protect all of my sensitive files and information. Since I use my computer to make a living, I can’t risk anything going wrong with it. Read More →