Apple Tech For 2016

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Apple are continuously upgrading their current products, alongside bringing out ever new and inventive ones – and 2016 will be no different.

As with any upcoming Apple products and their release dates, it is all shrouded in mystery, prompting speculations and as a result rumours. But, it does look like they are set for a pretty big year. Read More →

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I’d like to think that I’m a pretty patient person when it comes to most scenarios in life but when it comes to someone annoying the hell out of me while I’m trying to sleep, we will have a major problem. Thankfully I’ve never had to sleep in the same room as my father but there is still no getting away from his loud snoring. We didn’t even have to worry about burglars at night because his snoring was enough to keep them at bay. I really feel bad for my mother! But it’s never too late and this Slumberbump Anti-Snore Sleep Belt is just the thing he needs. Read More →

The Incredible Evolution of Gaming

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Whilst we can all now enjoy a massive range of high quality games via consoles and our mobiles, this hasn’t always been the case. The evolution of gaming has developed at an incredible rate in the past half century, and here’s a quick rundown of the key events. Read More →

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I’ve never experienced any of the Virtual Reality technologies that are currently available but that’s because I don’t want to ruin my first experience with something that’s mediocre. Virtual reality headsets can trick your eyes and ear into believing you are in a specific environment but giving your body the same experience in terms of motion and other factors is a bit more difficult. This is where the Cable Robot Simulator comes into play. Read More →

The Best Online Storage Solutions of 2015

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Businesses often use online storage systems to hold all of their essential information and company data. It is essential that the system that they choose to use is one of the best options available in order to ensure continuous protection and security. Businesses need to be able to access their data whenever and from wherever they please. Which is why the relevant online storage solution must be flexible enough to cater to these and other needs required by businesses and other individuals who seek use of a great online storage solution. Here are the best online storage solutions of 2015. Read More →

NShow 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror

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Here is an ingenious idea that takes the pain out of clothes shopping. The worst thing about clothe shopping is to go into a dressing room with a bundle of clothes and try-on several different items and still not find the right fit or design.

The NShow 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror is actually a high resolution screen shaped like a mirror. You can select any color, size or design by just clicking on the menu on side of the screen. It allows you to choose from the whole catalogue of clothes. In other words it’s your virtual dressing room. Read More →

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As I get older, I thought I would lose interest in camping but it’s actually the exact opposite. I’m almost at a point where I can pretty much live outdoors in a tent for an extended period of time without any issues. But of course, my style is a tiny bit on the “Glamping” side and I always choose campsites wisely which means there is access to running water…and maybe flushing toilets and showers. Okay okay, I’m not a true outdoorsy type of person. But if I was, the MSR SweetWater Purifier System or something similar would be in my arsenal of equipment. Read More →

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If you’ve never experienced a tech-related trade show before, you’re in for a treat. Attending a trade show is a wonderful way to see what’s new in the world of technology, exchange ideas with others and even showcase some of your own products. However, attending a trade show can also be overwhelming. Many of the larger events include tens of thousands of visitors, so it’s important to be prepared so you can make the most of your limited time. Read More →