Best Apps to Enjoy at the Beach

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Going to the beach happens to be one of the most interesting things to do when you are looking forward to a holiday as there seems to be a lot of excitement when you can enjoy the sea and the sand. While you are out sunbathing or you are trying to get a quick break from taking a dip, you can always whip out your smartphone to read, play a game or try your hand at jackpot slots. With so many things that you can possibly do at the beach, here are some of the apps that you can tinker with while you are enjoying a soak in the salty waters or under the heat of the sun. Read More →

monkeylectric monkey light m232 bike light

If you’re one of those people that ride a bicycle around town as your main mode of transportation then the Monkey Light M232 Bike Light is your new best friend. This is awesome bike light is created by MonekyLectric and it’s intended to not only protect you from motorists at night time but it also creates quite an impressive light show for onlookers.

Monkey Light M232 Bike Light Visual Effects

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Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters

light up coasters

Your standard coasters for drinks are kind of on the boring side but at least they do their job. But what about functionality and a touch geekiness thrown into the mix? The Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters are a must have for any geek out there. These bad boys not only protect your table from water stains but you can keep track of them by sticking to your own ‘element’. And finding your drink in a dark room will now be a breeze.

The set of four coasters consists of Radium-226 (red), Plutonium-244 (blue), Thorium-232 (orange), and Uranium-238 (green). The four-pack of coasters include batteries and each coaster features the atomic number along with other information so you can impress your the ladies with your periodic table skills. Read More →

Red Cross FRX3 Eton Emergency Radio

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If you are thinking of an emergency kit then no emergency kit is complete without this Radio. Red Cross FRX3 Eton Emergency Radio is an all-purpose rechargeable radio that will not only alert you on weather emergency situations but will also function as AM, FM, WB radio with digital display. There’s also an AUX-input to play your own tunes.

You don’t have to worry about loss of power. The FRX3 can be powered up in multiple ways—via solar panel, hand crank, built-in rechargeable battery, or even traditional AAA batteries. It can also be used as a power source to charge your phone or other mobile devices via a mini-USB cable. Read More →

woman playing poker

What gives with online gambling?

Research just published in the po-faced (not poker faced!) Journal of Gaming Studies shows key differences in men and women’s online gambling. The research found that women tend to have shorter online gambling careers than men, enjoy shorter gambling sessions and, most significantly, feel guiltier about it. Read More →

travel window pillow

The one thing I dislike about traveling long distances by airplane is lack of comfort when it comes to sleeping in the airport or on the airplane itself. Unfortunately I have to fly Economy as I’m in no position to be flying in some fancy Business Class or First Class area of the aircraft like the majority of the people flying. But there is some hope for those who dread sleeping on an airplane. Read More →

Never-Ending Slinky Machine

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Ever since I laid my hands on my first Slinky from Edmonds Scientific, I never had enough of it but the problem is that there are not long enough stairs that will keep it going on and on. Now this concept of a “Perpetual Slinky” sounds like an answer to my prayers and of thousands of other Slinky enthusiasts.

The Never Ending Slinky Machine (NESM) consists of a simple conveyor belt mechanism tilted at an angle that keeps the slinky going on and on. The speed of the machine can be varied and is powered by USB. A pledge of $59 will ensure Read More →

man working on computer

All business owners will tell you the same thing – a business never sleeps. If a company of any size starts to rest on its laurels, thinking that they’re successful and no longer need to put in the hard yards, they’ll soon find that competitors that may never have even heard of have evolved and blown them out of the water. Read More →