Captain America Disc Launching Shield

Captain-America-Disc-Launching-ShieldLast week we brought you the Captain America Shield replica, while that was pretty cool, the one presented here goes a bit farther in the cool department.  This shield actually launches discs just like in the movie, to a distance of up to 20 feet.  The shield comes with 5 discs, enough ammo to win any cubicle or Nerf battle and also provide you blocking protection from enemy fire. Read More →

Shark Opener Necklace

CXXVI-Shark-Opener-NecklaceA great addition to any geek’s wardrobe, the Shark Opener Necklace is not only fashionable but also functional; the mouth of the shark can actually be used to open bottles.  Just like real life sharks, these necklaces are deadly, if you happen to be a bottle. Read More →

Post image for DSCOVR:EPIC – Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera

Using Dscovr epic you can get the same type of view that an astronaut may see in a very high Earth orbit. While it has previously been very difficult to capture close to real-time images of the Earth, with so many different satellites managed by NASA today they have begun to publish a series of images on what the earth looks like from space. The application will showcase what the earth looks like as it moves through each part of its yearly cycle. The earth changes rapidly and with the images included in the app you can get close to a real-time picture of what the earth looks like at any given time. Seeing the full earth and how it is affected by the yearly orbit is truly staggering. Read More →

Post image for Melnor WiFi Garden Hose Aquatimer – Smart Lawn Care

Watering your lawn and garden with the help of an automated sprinkler has traditionally been somewhat of an expensive addition to your home. Installing an automated sprinkler system set to a timer usually involved digging up a lawn or spending time placing in lines and sprinkler heads to complete the setup. Instead of spending this considerable investment in time and money there is now an easy solution for automated watering systems using regular garden hoses and sprinklers. Read More →

Post image for Mobile Gaming is Growing Fast, Here’s Why…

Do you dream of being a ruthless Viking, raiding, pillaging and killing your enemies? Or maybe you prefer the mighty general in a deadly Spartan army, building battle strategies, outmaneuvering your foes and reigning supreme on the battlefield. Perhaps it’s the open seas you long for and wish to be feared alongside names such as Blackbeard and Davey Jones in your quest for golden treasure. Read More →

Post image for A Hot Market: How Online Gaming is Driving Virtual Reality

If you are ever in any doubt concerning the popularity of a specific market or trend, you would do well to consult with investors. After all, members of this demographic has their fingers on the pulse of social, economic and technological innovations, while they are also keen to back those that have the most potential and potential growth. Read More →

10 Biggest Data Breaches and Their Causes

Post image for 10 Biggest Data Breaches and Their Causes

In today’s technological age, there are no two words that make people’s blood run cold faster than “data breach.” While 90% of large organizations in the UK experienced a data breach in 2015, they aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable. Hackers targeted small businesses that year, as well, sending 74% of them scrambling to secure their data. From financial information to personal information and passwords, it seems that everything is up for grabs by hackers. Read More →

Post image for Plume Pods – Stronger Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

In modern living, internet connectivity is a basic requirement as it helps people conduct tasks over the web. Available in almost all public joints, Wi-Fi allows you to login into your online accounts outside your workplace. In most instances, the strength of the Wi-Fi varies with the provider and the number of users in a given area. You probably may have to deal with slow internet in some corners of your house coming from poor distribution. Read More →