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If you are a regular traveller, you will have admit that technological advancement is making travelling a lot easier, better and convenient. The latest smartphone now can rival with some of the most sophisticated cameras and computers, while in flight Wi-Fi is now literally becoming standing on flights all around the world. And now you can even check-in into a hotel room that you have booked online and unlock its door with your mobile device. On vacation, your first reflex may be to unplug, however some tech accessories can make your travel even more enjoyable. Read More →

Ear Plugs 2.0 – DUBS Acoustic Filters

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The modern world is a loud place. We have aircraft, trains, trucks, construction projects of all scales, music concerts, theaters, a snoring husband/wife, the gun range, and the list goes on and on. I personally use earplugs at the movie theaters since I find them to be a bit on the loud side. I was always satisfied with the  traditional foam ear plugs but the DUBS Acoustic Filters Ear Plugs are on a completely different level. Read More →

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I love water and it happens to be my favorite drink…followed by Pepsi. I try my best to save water where I can and the best method I’ve found so far for showers is to rinse the body to get it wet and then turning off the shower while shampooing and soaping the body. I’ve never calculated how much that saves but I’m certain it’s a significant amount. Of course there are some days when I feel cold and I just stand under the hot water for extended periods of time but not without feeling guilty about it. The Nebia Shower is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is making a big splash. Read More →

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No matter how much you clean your washroom, bacteria will run wildly in there regardless. It’s a room that deals with a lot of traffic and a whole lot of grossness. It may look clean after your Sunday cleaning but it’s pretty dirty on a microscopic level. Or if it is clean, it won’t last very long. Believe it or not, your toothbrush is riddled with bacteria and germs …and here we are putting that thing in our mouth thinking it’s fresh and clean. There are some products out there that kill bacteria with light but the Nano-B Toothbrush fights bacteria with precious metals! Gold and Silver to be exact. Read More →

Top Five Car Parking Apps

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I don’t know about you guys but I have “lost” my car a couple of times in the past. I know, how in the world does one lose a car? It happens more often than you’d think and it only happens to me when I’m in unfamiliar territory. If you happen to be the forgetful type, especially when it comes to forgetting where you left your vehicle, take a look at some of apps available to save you time and hassle. Read More →

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A partition manager can be a handy tool for any Windows power user. I admit it’s not strictly necessary to have one, and many Windows users get by on their computer’s default setup. But in an age of massive hard drives at sizes measured in terabytes, a partition manager has more utility than ever. We now have a lot more freedom to customize hard drive space configurations to suit our purposes. Read More →

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Traditionally, the casino and gambling industry has been somewhat slow to embrace technological change. Although video slot machines, printable tickets, advanced surveillance techniques, and player’s cards have all drastically changed how casinos operate and players play, brick and mortar casinos tend to shy away from embracing new forms of technology until absolutely forced to do so. Read More →

Manimals – Taxidermy Art By Kate Clark

Kate Clark Taxidermy

Kate Clark, an artist, is not your average taxidermist. Her take on taxidermy is unusual and captivating. Her work involves sculpting human faces on the animals she uses which evokes curiosity to anyone who sets their eyes on her artwork.  If someone had described her artwork to you without actually seeing it, the image that appears in the mind would be quite creepy for the majority of us. But what you see is not quite as scary or creepy as you’d expect. Read More →