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The internet’s been around for a lot longer than most people think. Did you know, the first email was sent in the 1970s? It wasn’t exactly the kind of messaging we know today, but the technology has existed – initially for use by the military – for several decades. But it wasn’t until 1991 the internet went public, when Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, unveiled the World Wide Web, which gradually evolved into what we now see online. Read More →

Bygen’s Hank Direct Bike

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Folding bicycles are designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings and workplaces or on public transportation, and more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane. There is another advantage that the airline baggage regulations often permit folding bikes as ordinary luggage, without extra cost. Read More →

ScanMarker Pen Scanner

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Marking and copying  the attention text from your text books or reference material and your favorite quotation has never been so easy as it is with this Scan Marker Pen Scanner. While your regular highlighters leave those permanent ugly marks on your books. This one just scans the words and imports them to your computer from where you can use it in your notes or paper. Simply run it over the text that want to highlight and it will transfer it your computer screen. ScanMarker is really great for research writers who have to use a large number of references and quotations. It can also translate around 50 languages; another great tool for research essays. Read More →

SunJack Phone Portable Solar Charger

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No matter where you or where you go, you have to have your electronic gadgets these days. When you are camping or working in remote areas, it is not always easy to get your gadgets recharged when you need them the most.

SunJack Phone Portable Solar Charger is a powerful foldable solar charger that has an 8000 mAh battery, which can be charged up in around 5 hours in direct sunlight. It can also charge any USB device directly. Its powerful SunJack battery can charge your devices even if the there is no sun light. It is compatible with most mobile phones, iPad/tablets, USB lights, digital cameras, MP3 players, and portable gaming devices. Read More →

Belkin WeMo Lighting Starter Kit

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Now you don’t have to go into a dark room ever again. You can make the lights at your home  completely automated and control them by a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. All you have do is to change your home lighting system first with Belkin WeMo Lighting Starter Kit. These are simple wireless lighting bulbs that can be controlled from anywhere with your smartphone.

The system is easy to install and energy efficient. You can turn lights on and off without leaving the comfort of your bed, couch or anywhere else if you are out of town. The system comes with a set of bulbs and a wireless connector device that will connect your phone with the bulbs. Read More →

Noke: The Bluetooth Padlock

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The padlock technology has not seen significant changes over the last several centuries. They are known to have been used dating back to Roman Era 500-300 BC. Padlocks have been used in China since the late Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD). Since then they have evolved in several shapes and material, but the basic mechanism of key and lock has virtually remained the same. Read More →

Play Like a Professional Gambler

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Professional gamblers are fascinating to most of us. David Benyamine, a professional gambler originally from France, says he owes his estimated double digit in millions of wealth to the world of professional gambling and prefers the highest stakes games for cash.  He’s also known as Napoleon and Degenyamine in professional gambling circles. According to former fiancée Erica Schoenberg (also a professional gambler), David loves to spend hours making online bets. Watch this video to see his special comfy chairs and room arrangement for playing online when he can’t get to a live casino! Read More →

The Self Stirring Mug

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Here is an innovative idea of mixing your cream and sugar in your morning coffee. You don’t have to carry any spoon, tongue depressor or those annoying swizzles. Simply add your sweetener and cream to your drink and push the button, the cup will do the stirring for you.

The Mug takes 3 AAA batteries and will cost you $18.99.