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The world of technology is constantly evolving and, as technology evolves, so does society. To date, the greatest period of technological advancement was the Industrial Revolution in the latter stages of the 18th century and early stages of the 19th century, and its mark is still very much evident today. Read More →

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I think it’s fair to say that most of us use coffee mugs on a daily basis. But do you have a boring ol’ coffee mug or is it something customized? Does it represent who you are? The most customized mug I have is one with pictures of my niece and nephew but it doesn’t get used. It’s strictly for display purposes and for me to stare at from time to time.

The Mugs you see below are unique, cool, and will likely cause you to go looking online for something similar. After viewing the collection of mugs, comment below on which one is your most favorite and least favorite. Read More →

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Whenever I go to Gym and watch all those people on treadmills, I always think if all this kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy. It may not be much but every bit counts.

This idea of a shoe charger by a teenager is amazing and should be encouraged in every possible way. It may not solve the world’s energy crisis but it is a right step in that direction. Although a two-hour walk will generate about 10-minutes worth of battery power but it is better than nothing. It will also motivate people to do more exercise. [Via] Read More →

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If you’re thinking about the perfect place to have an adventure this year, Sri Lanka could be a good choice of destination for you. Sri Lanka is a small island located to the south of India. It’s a perfect place to trek the old ruins and enjoy amazing natural beauty. There are wild jungles (with amazing elephants), delicious restaurants to enjoy the local food, and tours to learn more about this exotic land. Since vacation dollars spent in Sri Lanka this year will stretch your travel budget, it’s got something for everyone. It’s best to see Sri Lanka like a local – that’s why you should check out Read More →

Ultraskiff Angler 360: The Bumper boat

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For all those outdoor enthusiasts here is an innovative personal water craft that is ideal for an unlimited choice of activities.

The Ultraskiff 360 is a lightweight round boat with a detachable pedestal mount in the center that gives you a 360° view. Ideal for both calm and rough waters you can always stay focused on one item no matter what the wind or water direction is. It is stable and highly maneuverable for hard to reach places. Ultraskiff 360 is small but has enough storage compartments for battery, tools and other utility storage. It has drainage system, bow/tow ring, side bumper, 6 rod holders, 2 handles, 4 cleats, 4 cup holders and 8 strap guides. The boat is easy to transport by vehicle or by hand and because of its round design can be easily maneuvered through doors, hallways and elevators for indoor storage. Read More →

Best Apps to Enjoy at the Beach

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Going to the beach happens to be one of the most interesting things to do when you are looking forward to a holiday as there seems to be a lot of excitement when you can enjoy the sea and the sand. While you are out sunbathing or you are trying to get a quick break from taking a dip, you can always whip out your smartphone to read, play a game or try your hand at jackpot slots. With so many things that you can possibly do at the beach, here are some of the apps that you can tinker with while you are enjoying a soak in the salty waters or under the heat of the sun. Read More →

monkeylectric monkey light m232 bike light

If you’re one of those people that ride a bicycle around town as your main mode of transportation then the Monkey Light M232 Bike Light is your new best friend. This is awesome bike light is created by MonekyLectric and it’s intended to not only protect you from motorists at night time but it also creates quite an impressive light show for onlookers.

Monkey Light M232 Bike Light Visual Effects

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Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters

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Your standard coasters for drinks are kind of on the boring side but at least they do their job. But what about functionality and a touch geekiness thrown into the mix? The Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters are a must have for any geek out there. These bad boys not only protect your table from water stains but you can keep track of them by sticking to your own ‘element’. And finding your drink in a dark room will now be a breeze.

The set of four coasters consists of Radium-226 (red), Plutonium-244 (blue), Thorium-232 (orange), and Uranium-238 (green). The four-pack of coasters include batteries and each coaster features the atomic number along with other information so you can impress your the ladies with your periodic table skills. Read More →