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SubPac M2 is a wearable Tactile Bass System that brings more excitement and immersion in things that you enjoy. It works by projecting low frequencies into your body; hence provide total immersion no matter where you are. It is paired with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive or PSVR to bring out a level of immersion that can’t be achieved by any other technology. Read More →

Noke Buetooth Padlock – No More Keys!

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The Noke Padlock is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that connects to your iOS or Android phone. You get to do away with the use of keys and combinations. When you use your smartphone app, Noke will allow instant and secure sharing and tracking technology. You get access to all important things in your life and also are able to share your personal possessions safely, securely and efficiently. It has permanent, one-time or custom settings from which you can choose from to lock it. Read More →

Great Grilling Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

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Father’s day is just around the corner and the men who have been a symbol of care in most of our lives may require a bit of special treatment. In this time and age, where information overload syndrome may inhibit right decision making, simplest gift ideas often prove to be the greatest ones. I have always recommended people to focus on practicality of the product. Simply put, more practical the gift idea is, the more you are remembered. In the same spirit considering the importance of occasion, two products really check all the boxes and form perfect father’s day present. These are Portable Outdoor Camping Grill and Grill Warmer with Pan from Camerons. Read More →

The Amazing Amazon Echo

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You’ve probably heard of Amazon Echo, and you may even have it. Although Amazon Echo was the first bit of technology of its kind, it was, and is, pretty cool, but Google has finally announced something we’ve all been waiting for—the competitor. Google Home is set to come out later this year, having been announced about a month ago, and so far there is no price point released. Google Home seems to be everything the Echo is, only better. Read More →

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When driving, there are so many gestures we love doing to communicate to other drivers, but it is not possible. That is why the Automobile Face Lights Drivemocion was invented. This is a remote- controlled LED car messaging sign that enables you to tell other drivers what you think. It is fixed to your rear window or dashboard by a power suction cup and the remote control sticks to the front windshield for that wireless control. The remote can also be stowed in the front compartment when the fixing brackets removed. Read More →

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Smartphone accessories go way beyond selfie sticks and themed cases. They even go beyond fitness bands and smartwatches. The newest technology in smartphone accessories is all about making the experience of the smartphone itself better than ever. Whether you want to take a better picture (and then print that picture) or get a better sound from your music, these new accessories allow you to do so. Read More →

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I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life when I become a dad in the next three to four weeks. Our little two bedroom apartment is kept clutter-free and we try to keep “items” to a bare minimum. But I have two nephews and a niece so I now very well what happens when kids enter your life. Although our plan to to keep our place clutter-free, we also know it’s unrealistic. Every little thing will have a sentimental value and that’s how a messy home starts to materialize. But thanks to ARTKIVE, your child’s artwork laying all over the house can be condensed into one or two places depending on how you go about it. Read More →

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As we grew up and went through the various stages of school, we were all exposed to many maps, globes, and atlases. When we got older, we found out that maps are not exactly all that accurate. How inaccurate are they? I think you might be surprised to see the truth and some of you may even be shocked. What I saw was a definitely eye opening. Read More →