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Regardless of your age, everyone enjoys the occasional cotton candy. The Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker is the perfect gadget for every household where cotton candy doesn’t have to be an occasional treat and where you are the most popular home on the block!

This cotton candy machine makes delicious and fluffy cotton candy using any type of hard candy you wish including the sugar-free candies. It also uses flossing sugar which is normally used for cotton candy. The device is very easy to use and all you do is put a few pieces of candy (or sugar) in the machine, turn it on, and watch the device produce fluffy goodness. Read More →

Disposable Battery Charger

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When we talk about a battery charger or recharger it is commonly understood to be the device that is used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. Rrechargeable batteries are expensive compared to the regular disposable batteries and eventually they too wear out.

But here we are talking about a whole new concept. A Disposable Battery Charger that revitalizes disposable batteries. The Disposable Battery Charger is especially developed to recharge disposable batteries which are normally thrown away and end up in landfills. Read More →

The Airocide Air Purifier

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Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mite feces can act as allergens, triggering allergies in sensitive people. Smoke particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can pose a risk to health. Exposure to various components such as VOCs increases the likelihood of experiencing symptoms of sick building syndrome. However, with the revolutionary technology, air purifiers are becoming increasingly capable of capturing a greater number of bacterial, virus, and DNA damaging particulates. Air purifiers are used to reduce the concentration of these airborne contaminants and can be useful for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Read More →

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Slowly but surely, smartphones are becoming the “universal” device, to do everything from storing music to tracking workouts. Here we take a look at some of the most popular apps for tracking day to day activity, including a few that’ll be a source of software envy as they’re locked to one platform. Read More →

Top Wearable Technology Trends

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There’s something ultra-futuristic about wearing technology. It’s the type of thing that feels like it should belong in the confines of a 1960s sci-fi show or a James Bond film. More and more, though, wearable technology is becoming a reality and part of our everyday lives. Here are some of the top pieces of wearable tech right now.

Google Glass

The search engine giant brought wearable technology to the forefront when they launched Google Glass in early 2013. Now, nearly two years later, the device has begun to be rolled out around the world, including in the UK. Glass puts the power of Google at eye level, literally projecting all the information you need and want right before your eyes. Read More →

Rechargeable Heated Insoles

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As old man winter is upon us once more, it is time to find every possible piece of warmth and comfort that is available out there. Especially for those of you who love outdoors or those who have to work long hours out in freezing temperatures. Here is a set of rechargeable foot warmers that offer a convenient remote operation, and will last you at least 2,500 hours of toasty heat to warm cold feet; that is about four winters of heavy use. Read More →

Forex Trading Tips For Beginners

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I’ve been hearing people talk about Forex for years now and from the sounds of it, they all appear to do well in the industry. I’ve decided to give it a shot but I know there are a lot of risks involved and it’s not something that you just get up and start doing without any prior knowledge. I’m sure there are some people who got lucky and started off like that but let’s be realistic and use a methodology that will make sense, is logical, and won’t financially ruin you. Read More →

BeON Smart Lightbulbs

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Unlike regular  “smart LED” bulbs that allow you to control them remotely from your smartphone to turn on or off or change colors etc. BeON Smart Lightbulbs have taken this concept even further. BeOn’s smart LED light bulbs are smart enough to quietly learn your patterns. When you leave the house, use a smartphone app to set the bulbs to “away” mode, and they’ll automatically turn on following almost a similar patterns (although each day will be somewhat unique). If an intruder rings the doorbell while you’re away, the bulbs will automatically turn on in a sequence that gives an impression that you are home. Read More →