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Computer aided design (CAD) software assists users in relation to modifying, analyzing or creating a design. As the name suggests, CAD relies on computer software to increase the efficiency, productivity and design capabilities of those that use it and allows relatively inexperienced professionals to carry out design tasks to a very high standard. Read More →

Magwear Magnetic Wristband

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Don’t you hate it when you are perched comfortably on the ladder fixing something on the ceiling or high up on the wall and drop that vital screw or nut and it happens to end up in the most inaccessible place under a couch or bed? I always wonder if it is a law of nature or it just happens to me.

Well, if you have been through this agonizing experience, Magwear Magnetic Wristband is now available to rid you of future stressful episodes of losing small nuts and bolts. Read More →

productivity apps for iPhone

The Apple iPhone now commands global appreciation, having grown a loyal brand following over the past seven years. With that being said, the threat from Google’s Android platform still remains which is why the iPhone 6 has witnessed a major overhaul that has taken its latest device to a whole new level of excellence. The ingenuity of its new design and structure has dispelled the notion of the iPhone being a plaything for the younger generation. Read More →

recharge old batteries

Most of us know about rechargeable batteries yet the majority of us don’t even bother with them. Why? I don’t know the answer to that but I’m guessing it has something to do with laziness. Rechargeable batteries are a bit more expensive but the return on investment is well worth it. Getting rechargeable batteries is a great way to save money and to reduce the negative impact on the environment (for those who throw batteries away instead of recycling). But what if I told you that there is a way to recharge normal batteries that are meant to be one time use? Would that get your attention? If yes, continue reading. Read More →

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With American television series dominating all the awards ceremonies, there is no surprise that more and more viewers are tuning into them. In recent times, the likes of Breaking Bad have ruled the airwaves, but shows from by-gone eras like Twin Peaks and M*A*S*H have blazed the trail for the great American drama. Some of them, like the just mentioned Twink Peaks, will actually be returning to television! Read More →

Death Watch: How Long Till You Die?

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For those who think that the name, “Death Watch” is a little tasteless, I would say after all, everyone will die; nobody will exist. So nobody should be afraid of death. Death is inevitable and no one can avoid death.

The point here is that the time for death is fixed and the Death Watch counts down to the end of time of our lives, serving as a reminder to take full advantage of the time we have left in this world. Read More →

Top 5 Essential Travel Gadgets

noise cancelling earphones

The idea of traveling around the country or even world sounds like a fantastic time but when it becomes part of your job, the fun is taken out of the equation in many cases. The grass is always greener on the the other side, right? Going to a conference for work is no fun but traveling to some posh and private vacation rental sounds like a dream vacation. Whether you’re going for work or leisure, there are some “essential” travel gadgets one must have to make the trip more enjoyable. Read More →

Green Gadgets That Don’t Suck

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At least once a year – usually around Earth Day – the Internet is flooded with articles about going green with technology. And although those articles come from a good, green place, they’re usually filled with items you’re never going to use. Most people want convenience, style, and affordability. If a product requires you to skip a car payment or to work harder, the likelihood of you using it is very low. Read More →