Luna: The Smart Bed Pad

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Remember the times when you feel the room temperature is too hot and your spouse thinks it is freezing. Well no more arguments in bed now. Luna’ is a smart bed pad with dual zone technology that provides the option for you and your partner to select different temperatures for each side of the bed. Luna learns your bedtime patterns and sets your bed to a comfortable temperature to help both of you fall asleep faster.

The Luna fits over the bed just like a normal mattress cover, but does more than that. It not only helps you set individual bed temperatures for either side, there’s also a built in alarm, as well as sleep tracking with accelerometers, a snoring-sensitive microphone, and sensors that measure breath frequency and heart rate. Read More →

SALt Lamp, Runs Off Sea Water

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It seems like a small step, but has a potential to be a big leap in the direction of sustainable electrical energy for a large section of the world population. Many a time small ideas like these translate into big breakthroughs. There are many areas in the world where salt and sea water is in abundance but they are starving for electrical energy.

The developers of this unique lamp have come up with a product that they claim can produce enough energy to light a lamp for 8 hours a day by just adding 2 table spoons of salt to 1/3 glass of water. The lamp will give off around 90 lumen with a vanilla low power LED bulb. Sea water can also be used to operate the lamp. Read More →

Popcorn Monsoon – Best Popcorn Maker …Ever

popcorn monsoon machine

Popcorn is a delicious snack you can enjoy anytime of the day. And once you start popping those kernels, it’s quite difficult to stop. The Popcorn Monsoon is the creation of Jolene Carlier and its intention is to make the popcorn making experience more fun and exciting. I’m already impressed by just the way popcorn is made but with the Popcorn Monsoon, it can be the pre-movie entertainment. Read More →

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The creation and rapid growth of the Internet has brought in a new age of funding options for people with great ideas. Extreme geeks just like you the world over have turned wild ideas into reality with the power of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and many, many, others. Read More →

Camera Lens vs The Human Eye

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You know what I find absolutely amazing? The human eye. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering shaped through millions of years of evolution here on Earth. It allows us to see, yes… but it’s also the window to our soul. Striking and unique to each of us. Read More →

Steripen Adventurer Opti Water Purifier

steripen adventurer opti filter

Although I drink a bit too much Pepsi, my favorite drink of all-time is still water. North Americans should consider themselves fortunate because water is a luxury in many parts of the world and we have access to plenty of it here in Canada and USA. I’ve had my share of terrible experiences when it comes to unsafe water overseas but fortunately it didn’t go beyond a few trips to the washroom. I now have portable filters but I came across another interesting water purifier which may be convenient for some of you reading this. The device I speak of is the Steripen Adventurer Opti and very portable. Read More →

3 Geeky Gifts to Get Him for His Birthday

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As females sometimes it’s hard to know what to get your significant other, a male co-worker, friend, dad, or just males in general for their birthday. You don’t want to get them just another tee-shirt, you want something unique that he’ll love. However, you’re not the only one who is unsure of what to buy. They too may feel the panic settling in when it comes to getting you a birthday gift as well, so you’re not the only one in a pickle. Read More →

remote control trash can

Getting up off the sofa and putting something in the trash is so 2012. Sometimes, it’s just nice to sit back, relax, and let the trashcan come to you so you can remain a couch potato. If the idea of this sounds awesome to you then the Gomiba Go remote control trashcan is just the product you’ve been waiting for. Embrace your laziness! Read More →