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What gives with online gambling?

Research just published in the po-faced (not poker faced!) Journal of Gaming Studies shows key differences in men and women’s online gambling. The research found that women tend to have shorter online gambling careers than men, enjoy shorter gambling sessions and, most significantly, feel guiltier about it. Read More →

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All business owners will tell you the same thing – a business never sleeps. If a company of any size starts to rest on its laurels, thinking that they’re successful and no longer need to put in the hard yards, they’ll soon find that competitors that may never have even heard of have evolved and blown them out of the water. Read More →

A Geek Visiting London

trocadero center

London is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless its attractions don’t have to be boring or dull. So don’t be afraid geeks, London also has many “geeky” type attractions from game centers to architectural wonders. Whether you are a video game fanatic, a history buff or a comic book fan; London will surely please any visiting geeks who want to experience the city their way. So geeks everywhere, Read More →

Water Filtration Cup

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If you are planning a trip abroad or going camping this summer, there is one little gadget you shouldn’t forget packing with you. Water has always been an important and life-sustaining drink to humans and is essential to the survival of most other organisms. As it is not always feasible to carry large amounts of bottled water with you, water available out there may not be safe enough for consumption. In many countries the water supply may not even meet drinking water standards. Read More →

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There are so many different games to play online today that sometimes you don’t know where to begin. Part of the beauty of playing casino games online is that you get to try out those games you’ve only ever heard of, but never had the opportunity to play – not everyone has made a trip to a land-based casino. Read More →

A Great Night Out Down at the Dogs

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It’s always good if you can think of something to do on a night out with the people you usually hang out with that none of you generally do. One idea that is easy to organise, loads of fun and doesn’t have to be that expensive is to get a group of mates together for a night at the local dog racing track.

Going to the dogs is a bit like going out anywhere else for a few drinks and a meal, except, of course, for the fact that the windows of the bar/restaurant overlook the race track. The focus is the bets you place on the races, and seeing Read More →

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These days, taking pictures with awesome quality is a must. With so much demand for high quality images that will make your pictures stand out from everyone else’s you would surely relish the thought of producing great images even if you only have one of those Sony digital cameras. Although the DSLR is the best option, no one can deny that there are times when the best camera is the one you have when you get the urge to take a picture. So, aside from gaining mastery over the DSLR, you also need to know how to do well with a point and shoot camera, in case your DSLR is left in your hotel room. For those who are looking for great but easy to follow tips to make the most of your digital camera, here are some guidelines: Read More →

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The story of the Saab is kind of a sad one as it saw a car that was the favorite of many professionals in the architect, lawyer, and designer industries go from selling 133,000 vehicles in its top year of 2006 to going bust in 2011.

For those professionals that were drawn to the Saab the German alternatives like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi were a little to loud and pretentious whereas the Saab provided them with an acceptable alternative. They were a little removed from the professional norm but still a car full of quality and just as quick and luxurious. Read More →