Manimals – Taxidermy Art By Kate Clark

Kate Clark Taxidermy

Kate Clark, an artist, is not your average taxidermist. Her take on taxidermy is unusual and captivating. Her work involves sculpting human faces on the animals she uses which evokes curiosity to anyone who sets their eyes on her artwork.  If someone had described her artwork to you without actually seeing it, the image that appears in the mind would be quite creepy for the majority of us. But what you see is not quite as scary or creepy as you’d expect. Read More →

Top 5 Sci-Fi Lab Total Disasters

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Everyone loves a good science experiment. Without science and those driven, eccentric scientists where would we be today? You wouldn’t be reading this blog or even sitting under a light, that’s for sure. Read More →

Online Coupon Sites – Win Win Situation

voucher bin

Chances are, most of us living in Europe and North America use a computer on a daily basis. And if you use the computer almost everyday, chances are that you have also taken advantage of online shopping because it was more convenient or simply because it was a great bargain to pass up. These days when I shop online, one of the first things I do is go through the various coupon code websites such as in the hopes of getting an even better deal.  But coupon and voucher websites are not just great for consumers. Read More →

Post image for How Much Would It Cost to Insure Iron Man?

We all love superheroes, and part of the fun is trying to imagine which superheroes we would ourselves like to be. Whether we want to enjoy the dark yet glamorous life of Batman, or rough yet lovable life of Spiderman, there’s a definite enjoyment to be had out of working out what our lives would be like in the shoes of our favourite comic book creations. Read More →

Post image for How Animation Movies Became the New Geek Chic

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that kids’ films and adult films were two separate genres; however, the success of witty, knowing features such as Despicable Me, The Lorax, Frozen and Megamind has changed the movie landscape entirely. Family-friendly films have always been popular with Hollywood because their target demographic is so vast, but with their filmic references, dry humor and quick delivery, the new breed of animated features appeal to the geek in us all more than ever. Read More →

Ultimate SUV: 2015 Volvo XC90

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Choosing an SUV is no easy task these days since there are dozens of options available to consumers. If you are loyal to a specific brand, it may be an easy choice but I think most people are pretty open to brands from all over the world. Volvo has this stigma that their vehicles are for old people and a brand that seems to be overlooked by many. The company has been making some major changes over the last few years and team over at Volvo has created a guide to buying an SUV.

The all-new 2015 Volvo XC90 SUV would be my weapon of choice if I picked an SUV from the Swedish automaker. The Volvo XC90 has the same design features which were seen on the XC Coupe Concept last year with the T-Shaped LED lights referred to by Volvo as “Thor’s Hammer”. Read More →

Edinburgh – The UK’s New Tech Capital?

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The last ten years have seen a shift in the way we do business. Advancements in technology have changed the way businesses communicate as well as how they store their information. In the past, proximity to affluent capital cities such as London was essential for an enterprise’s success, as networking required people to meet up physically. Phone calls where just not enough, only a limited amount of information could be passed through a call. This has changed dramatically, being replaced by video conferencing and file sharing. Not only have the methods changed, but the efficiency at which we do things has evolved. Read More →

Vileda Cordless Bagless Dusting Robot

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These days everything is turning into smart something, so why should vacuum cleaners be left behind. Vileda is a cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner that does the cleaning for you while you are relaxing after a long day at work. This tiny rechargeable robot has a smart navigation system that allows it to cover all hard floor types as well as short pile carpets. The robot can clean into corners, edges and under furniture where space allows. Read More →