7 Must Do’s When Running a Modern SEO Business

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As a modern SEO business, there are many strategies that can be adopted to achieve high ranking for your clients and help them attract new business. We spoke with Charlie from Kalexiko an SEO agency in Birmingham about top strategies and concepts that should be at the heart of the business model. Understanding how to reach new heights in your business and implementing these concepts will guarantee success. We take a look at them below. Read More →

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There is no denying the fact that Pune has significantly developed and progressed in the last few years mainly due to the immense growth of IT sectors all over the city. The rapid development of the city is also due to the geographical advantage of the area in respect to the well connectivity to different parts of the nation. Read More →

The Best Online Storage Solutions of 2015

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Businesses often use online storage systems to hold all of their essential information and company data. It is essential that the system that they choose to use is one of the best options available in order to ensure continuous protection and security. Businesses need to be able to access their data whenever and from wherever they please. Which is why the relevant online storage solution must be flexible enough to cater to these and other needs required by businesses and other individuals who seek use of a great online storage solution. Here are the best online storage solutions of 2015. Read More →

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If you’ve never experienced a tech-related trade show before, you’re in for a treat. Attending a trade show is a wonderful way to see what’s new in the world of technology, exchange ideas with others and even showcase some of your own products. However, attending a trade show can also be overwhelming. Many of the larger events include tens of thousands of visitors, so it’s important to be prepared so you can make the most of your limited time. Read More →

Unusual Google Searches By State

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I’ll admit it, I’ve searched some crazy and random stuff since the invention of the search engine.  Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are searching for while they browse the web? If so, here is a US map which shows ’embarrassing’ search terms that each state has made significantly more than all other states during the past 11 years. Read More →

Manimals – Taxidermy Art By Kate Clark

Kate Clark Taxidermy

Kate Clark, an artist, is not your average taxidermist. Her take on taxidermy is unusual and captivating. Her work involves sculpting human faces on the animals she uses which evokes curiosity to anyone who sets their eyes on her artwork.  If someone had described her artwork to you without actually seeing it, the image that appears in the mind would be quite creepy for the majority of us. But what you see is not quite as scary or creepy as you’d expect. Read More →

Top 5 Sci-Fi Lab Total Disasters

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Everyone loves a good science experiment. Without science and those driven, eccentric scientists where would we be today? You wouldn’t be reading this blog or even sitting under a light, that’s for sure. Read More →

Online Coupon Sites – Win Win Situation

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Chances are, most of us living in Europe and North America use a computer on a daily basis. And if you use the computer almost everyday, chances are that you have also taken advantage of online shopping because it was more convenient or simply because it was a great bargain to pass up. These days when I shop online, one of the first things I do is go through the various coupon code websites such as  http://www.voucherbin.co.uk/ in the hopes of getting an even better deal.  But coupon and voucher websites are not just great for consumers. Read More →