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These days, taking pictures with awesome quality is a must. With so much demand for high quality images that will make your pictures stand out from everyone else’s you would surely relish the thought of producing great images even if you only have one of those Sony digital cameras. Although the DSLR is the best option, no one can deny that there are times when the best camera is the one you have when you get the urge to take a picture. So, aside from gaining mastery over the DSLR, you also need to know how to do well with a point and shoot camera, in case your DSLR is left in your hotel room. For those who are looking for great but easy to follow tips to make the most of your digital camera, here are some guidelines: Read More →

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The story of the Saab is kind of a sad one as it saw a car that was the favorite of many professionals in the architect, lawyer, and designer industries go from selling 133,000 vehicles in its top year of 2006 to going bust in 2011.

For those professionals that were drawn to the Saab the German alternatives like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi were a little to loud and pretentious whereas the Saab provided them with an acceptable alternative. They were a little removed from the professional norm but still a car full of quality and just as quick and luxurious. Read More →

You a Gambler? Here Are Some Fun Options!

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Gambling, when done right is a favorite pastime for many across the globe. Different parts of the world have their own favorite games and gambling outlets. We’re going to have a quick look at some of the options available whether you are a newbie or a veteran at gaming. Read More →

Online Gambling Tips – Things You Need to Know

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Physical casino hotel locations will always remain busy with customers, but online game rooms continue to grow. They offer clients plenty of convenience and bonuses, which physical locations do not. Sign up bonuses are one of the top reasons I join sites such as 888poker, because I get free money just for joining the site, while other offers include things such as matching what you deposit up to a certain amount. If you plan on gambling online anyway, why not get a bit of free cash flow while you’re at it?

Once you get into the world of online poker and online casinos, it can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know which site to use or even which game to play? It’s important to educate yourself and learn the rules of the Read More →

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In these rough economic times, most people are forced to be more selective about where and how they spend their money. For the majority of middle and lower class citizens, some sacrifices are necessary in order to keep paying the bills and in order to live a good life. But with technology progressing faster than ever, it can be very tough to resist the urge to go out and splurge on the latest gadget. In reality, the majority of these gadgets will have newer, better models within the next year or two, which generally makes buying these products a bad decision. This raises the question, what gadgets are worth dipping into your savings for? Read More →

Modern Business and the Internet

small business seo

These days, the Internet has a massive influence on the success – or failure – of small businesses. People use the Internet to find the goods and services they need. They also use it to discuss products, services, and companies with their friends. The Internet’s opinion of your company can truly make or break you. Marketing your business online can be tricky, especially if you don’t have experience. You want to promote your business without looking like a spammer. If you are not experienced, it’s best to hire a digital marketing agency.

There are lots of ways to promote your business online. The first, and generally most significant, is by building a quality website and getting it ranked well in the search engines. If you can get ranked for the keywords you’re targeting, you will be Read More →

pokemon cards

As a young nerd I grew up as most of our kind do. I had a room filled with books, knew way too much about spiders, and played Poke’mon TCG. As such I was subject to a fair amount of teasing, as one would expect, and a bit of isolation. The isolation didn’t come in the normal “No one would play” with me sort. I mean, yea, no one would play with me, but I also grew up in an incredibly small town. The town is so small that today, some 20 odd years later, we only have 5 traffic lights. Small towns, well they don’t have Read More →

Infographic: The Cost of Being Iron Man

how much does it cost to be iron man

Last week we brought you the infographic on the cost of being Batman, today we bring you the cost of being Iron Man thanks to Money Super Market.  Personally, I’m more of a Batman fan because I can’t stand cocky guys like Tony Stark but I’m sure there are lots of guys that want to be like Tony/Iron Man.  If it’s any consolation, it costs a lot more to be Iron Man than Batman.  Hit the jump to view the full infographic on costs associated with being Iron Man. Read More →