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The world of online gambling continues to grow at an exciting rate. It’s a hugely popular pastime and now those of all (legal) ages are beginning to enjoy the advantages of being able to play and gamble from anytime and from anywhere thanks to the rising number of online operators now offering their services via convenient bite sized apps. Read More →

Free Android Weather App

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Using the free Android weather app is something that can be done when you download it to your phone through Weather Bug. This is an app that connects directly to the weather stations throughout the country (or anywhere in the world), providing you with the most up to date and comprehensive weather readings out there. You never have to worry about not knowing the weather when you have this app to use. When you are ready to know the weather in real time, make sure to check out the free Android weather app that is provided through Weather Bug. Read More →

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There is no limit on what computers can achieve in the operational scene. From accounting to manufacturing, logistics, primary production and marketing, every industry runs through computers and applications to improve efficiency. While computers and robots can identify objects, they lack the capacity to touch the object. It is likely to change with the introduction of RadarCat, an innovation that adds a sense of touch to the robots as well as computers. As people, seek to automate the systems, the innovation offers the ultimate solution to touch oriented tasks. Read More →

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Have you ever seen a great looking magazine online and thought that you wished you could produce something like that for your business or organisation. The good news is that you can. It’s actually quite straightforward to produce an online magazine or brochure, as long as you make the right choice when it comes to software. Read More →

Too Good To Go App – To Good To Ignore!

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For most restaurants, there is a challenge in balancing between shortages and excess amounts of foods that might end up into the dustbins. As you strive to optimize availability and reduce wastage, the refrigeration seems convenient to cut down what goes to the trash. However, it might be a perfect recipe for your downfall if the stored foods cause health issue to the clients. A delicate balance is hard to reach without an application such as the Too Good to Go. Read More →

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Thanks to the recent advances in blockchain technology, Bitcoin has sailed back into the spotlight over the last 12 months. With previously naive consumers now learning that they can pay for goods and services without using standard currencies such as dollars, pounds or yen, the market has exploded. Read More →

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With your brick and mortar business, the most important factor that you considered when you were setting it up was the location. This is because you wanted a place that could give you much exposure compared to your competitors whereby customers could easily find you and buy from you. In today’s business world, your website is your business premises, and it is from it that you market your products or services. Now, you don’t need to worry about your local competitors and customers because the web has changed the way of doing business. The web increases your customer base to literally everywhere which also increases the number of your competitors. This is why you need to position your website in a way that it stands out to give your business the exposure that it needs. There are many ways to do this, and the following are the most effective ones: Read More →

10 Biggest Data Breaches and Their Causes

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In today’s technological age, there are no two words that make people’s blood run cold faster than “data breach.” While 90% of large organizations in the UK experienced a data breach in 2015, they aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable. Hackers targeted small businesses that year, as well, sending 74% of them scrambling to secure their data. From financial information to personal information and passwords, it seems that everything is up for grabs by hackers. Read More →