Playster All-In-One Streaming Service Review

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Playster is a subscription-based streaming platform that offers a wide variety of movies, music, games, books and audiobooks. To use the service, you will need a good Internet connection, although there is a possibility to download some of the content and enjoy it offline. The service can be accessed through any Web browser or through the Playster application for iOS and Android mobile devices. Read More →

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Once upon a time, it was someone’s role and responsibility to copy content from PDF to Word. Before the PDF converter made its debut, employees had a job to copy paragraphs and lines from PDFs to Word document. Adobe is the first company that brought in PDF technology to the market, and since then more than 250 million documents are roaming around on the web. However, nowadays there are numerous PDF converters that provide users with the best PDF solutions. Although in terms of reading and sharing, PDF has been a great hit yet it poses little inconveniences when it comes to editing. To curb the inconveniences, PDF convertor can be used as it is one of the most convenient tools dominating the technological market today. Read More →

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There are some common problems that many businesses have to deal with when they are using software. And these days, businesses use software every day of the week in the office. Most of them wouldn’t even be able to function without their software. So, what can you do to avoid some of the common software problems that people face? Read on to find out now. Read More →

Loupedeck Photo Editor

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Until the advent of digital technology, photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and paper, which were processed in liquid chemical solutions in a Dark Room to develop and stabilize the image. It was a long and costly process. Read More →

EasilyDo – Smart Assistant App

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Personal assistants are the ideal option in helping one navigate through their tough days. Feeling at peace knowing that someone is there to handle and plan your schedule gives comfort and a peace of mind. With that said, personal assistants are not affordable to most people. However, if you won a smartphone, then you are just a step away to having your personal assistant. Read More →

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The world of online gambling continues to grow at an exciting rate. It’s a hugely popular pastime and now those of all (legal) ages are beginning to enjoy the advantages of being able to play and gamble from anytime and from anywhere thanks to the rising number of online operators now offering their services via convenient bite sized apps. Read More →

Free Android Weather App

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Using the free Android weather app is something that can be done when you download it to your phone through Weather Bug. This is an app that connects directly to the weather stations throughout the country (or anywhere in the world), providing you with the most up to date and comprehensive weather readings out there. You never have to worry about not knowing the weather when you have this app to use. When you are ready to know the weather in real time, make sure to check out the free Android weather app that is provided through Weather Bug. Read More →

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There is no limit on what computers can achieve in the operational scene. From accounting to manufacturing, logistics, primary production and marketing, every industry runs through computers and applications to improve efficiency. While computers and robots can identify objects, they lack the capacity to touch the object. It is likely to change with the introduction of RadarCat, an innovation that adds a sense of touch to the robots as well as computers. As people, seek to automate the systems, the innovation offers the ultimate solution to touch oriented tasks. Read More →