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Less than two decades ago few had heard of the internet, let alone phrases such as ‘broadband’ and ‘fibre optics’ which are now etched into our everyday lives. Such is our reliance on high speed internet that it is a feature of our home and work lives that we have come to expect and, when from time to time the transition between web pages is slow or films and music seem to take an age to download, we pour scorn on the quality of our computer or connection. If your broadband connection is sluggish, there are several quick-fixes you can try before you call your Internet Service Provider for support. Read More →

FIFA 15 Reaches New Heights

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While Electronic Arts’ FIFA series are by far the most popular games on the market, the company has once again produced a sensational product that will be sure to delight gaming fans across the globe. The upcoming release of FIFA 15 features some impressive new features that follow Electronic Arts’ determination to deliver a game that is worthy of the series. From stadiums, fan noise, referee behavior and transfers, the latest FIFA game has given fans a taster of what to expect in September when the game hits the shops. Read More →

Critical updates fix SSL Flaw

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Although Mac users pride themselves on the fact that most virus headline news stories are of little concern to them, the recent Heartbleed Bug that affected Open SSL systems worldwide has been something of a wakeup call.

Bad code in the form of missing validation steps meant the bug affected both Mac computers and iOS devices meaning the whole range was potentially vulnerable to exploitation.

An iOS 7.0.6 update was issued for iPhone and iPad users and a critical OS X 10.9.2 update patch has been made available for Mac computers. Read More →

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The smart phone era has given rise to countless businesses, and caused many more to use Darwin’s theory of adaptation to ensure survival. One of the biggest benefactors of the smart phone revolution has been the betting industry, which has taken every opportunity to dive into the mobile market. Read More →

How to rock your next webinar

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Businesses of all sizes use webinars to present a new idea, product or service or to update the business’s brand. So many users expect a webinar training or presentation as part of the buying decision process that unprepared businesses appear stodgy and slow-moving. In a recent comparison of available webinar programs, Read More →

encrypted source code

Perhaps the world is an inherently insecure place but today’s applications demand security. That’s why identification of security code vulnerabilities is one of the key essentials  to conducting business and maintaining application security. Since the developer and/or security team doesn’t want to search high and low for the right security partner, Geek Extreme editors have done some of the research about how to stay secure in Read More →

Geek Out with Tech for Your Business

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Keeping up with the latest trends in technology is important for any business venture. Technological advances can directly impact how customers reach a particular business and might even contribute to company growth endeavors. Technology can help open the doors to new markets, give a business an extra edge over the competition, and make running operations an easier process. Read More →

Take the Plunge into Building a Website

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Website design is something that for years has been left to the professionals and has always required a big wallet if you want something to look the part, whilst still being user friendly and reliable. Many small businesses would struggle to gather the several £1000’s that they were being billed at the end of the project. The issue with this is that the smaller businesses that require a website would have to make do with a cheaper, less effective option, or even have no website at all. This could sometimes leave them behind the competition and in the worst case scenario, put them out of business. Read More →