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Post image for Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps: Which One Does Your Business Need?

For entrepreneurs who wish to establish their mobile presence, a common predicament would be whether build a mobile website or to create a dedicated mobile application for users to download – or perhaps do both. A mobile website functions like any other website but is designed for the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are applications that are downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Read More →

Post image for Virtual Private Network – Internet with No Limits

Internet has grown considerably over the past years; a lot of innovative technologies, solutions and equipment have been invented in this rapidly progressing area. Such a quick IT development has also emphasized the importance of data security and anonymity on the web. To eliminate all the risks associated with security, new communication protocols have been invented. Among such technological solutions, a virtual private network is the only product worthy of attention. Read More →

Post image for Mobile Antivirus for Android Saves the Day

I take a lot of precautions to keep my computer secure. I use antivirus software, scan it regularly for viruses, malware, and other nasties that could be an inconvenience (or worse), and password-protect all of my sensitive files and information. Since I use my computer to make a living, I can’t risk anything going wrong with it. Read More →

Post image for AWS Security Issues You Need to Understand Today

Are you using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store data in the cloud? It’s a valid strategy, and a popular one. But AWS uses a “shared responsibility” approach, which means that while it will handle infrastructure security, you are still responsible for your data and all its access points. Here are some issues you need to understand when using AWS. Read More →

Post image for Simple Mistakes Which Could Put Your Computer At Risk

It’s so easy to take your eye off the ball when it comes to computer safety. After all, you might be so busy on games or writing a blog that you forget about the potential risks. But then you might end up living with regret if you do make an error which jeopardizes your system. After all, you have important documents which could end up being put at risk if your system becomes under threat. In fact, here are some silly mistakes which could put your computer at risk. Read More →

Post image for Location Tracking Mobile Apps Can Make Users’ Privacy Vulnerable

These days it looks like every other mobile app asks you to share your location so that you may be offered better and seamless results about what you are looking for or experiencing. And why not! You have indeed installed a new app on your mobile device to make the best use of it. Read More →

Post image for Is your blog SEO friendly? Read this Either Way to Learn More About SEO in Blogging

Writing and managing a blob is something many people find themselves doing nowadays, but there a lot of bloggers that don’t fully grasp how they can use SEO to their advantage to start a blog that appeals to Google’s search engine results. It is worth noting beforehand that all bloggers and website managers in general must recognize the value and importance of SEO and why it is so important to make your domain as SEO friendly as possible. There’s a bit of a mix-up going on at the moment as not everyone fully aware of how little SEO changes can actually impact your work. There are those that believe websites and blogs change drastically if you are to optimize them for Google’s search engine, but in reality SEO can pass by nearly unnoticed as far as your writing style is concerned. Read More →

Post image for Saving Netflix Video Streams on a PC or Mac to Watch Offline with Movavi Screen Capture

On the whole having a Netflix subscription will practically guarantee that you never run out of things to watch, whether it is movies, TV shows, or even some of the exclusive content that they now produce. It truly exceeds expectations on most counts, and for quite some time the only qualm people had was that it wasn’t possible to watch content when offline. Read More →