Best Apps to Enjoy at the Beach

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Going to the beach happens to be one of the most interesting things to do when you are looking forward to a holiday as there seems to be a lot of excitement when you can enjoy the sea and the sand. While you are out sunbathing or you are trying to get a quick break from taking a dip, you can always whip out your smartphone to read, play a game or try your hand at jackpot slots. With so many things that you can possibly do at the beach, here are some of the apps that you can tinker with while you are enjoying a soak in the salty waters or under the heat of the sun. Read More →

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If you’re enough of a geek to sweat the detail in the stats and analysis of your chosen sport, then you may well be able to profit through the big betting exchanges. This is because the ability to profit over a long period of time takes patience, perseverance, and analysis. And all this comes easier to those of a generally geekish nature. Oh yes and it also needs the right software. Read More →

Bitcoin – Fad or Long-Term?

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It has been a turbulent 12 months for bitcoin. Since its inception in 2009, thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, it has seen exponential growth. The rapid rise of the bitcoin was countered by a so-called digital recession though in the later stages of 2013.

October 2013 saw the FBI make its move on the Silk Road, an online black market mainly used for illicit drug and firearm trades centred around the bitcoin currency. The arrest of “Dread Pirate Roberts”, aka Ross Ulbricht, sent the currency into disarray. The final months of 2013 saw bitcoins value peak at $1135 before falling to $693 three days later. Read More →

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We write quite a bit about technology because it’s challenging to keep up with the best offerings in the market. Email marketing tools are useful for many different types of marketing programs and initiatives. For some of us who aren’t hand-coders or graphic designers, pre-built software that starts with professional design in a drag-and-drop format is preferred.  An intuitive editing interface with clean, modern and flat design templates is what most marketers and organizations need. People who read and receive emails want eye candy!

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SSL & Heartbleed: What You Need to Know

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It’s only a short time since a team of security researchers announced the discovery of “The Heartbleed Bug” which then sent shock waves through the online world.

The flaw was found in Open SSL, which is used across the net as the basis for various day to day usage security systems. Essentially, the discovery meant that millions of users of some of the best known websites and brands in the world may have had a vulnerability allowing their data to be targeted by hackers. Read More →

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Businesses are increasingly dependent on information, and that information has to be stored somewhere. Archiving and retrieving data is a critical business function, since every user depends on storage to get their work done – even if they rarely think about the consequences if the storage were to fail.

Cloud computing has changed the way we access and store data. While data was once stored locally or on a networked server, it could now be stored Read More →

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We’re a generation who love to play. Whether we’re killing some time on the go or kicking back at home, we just can’t get enough of games. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, as well as the ever-expanding library of app titles, we’re now never far away from a gaming device.

One of the industries to majorly benefit from the mobile platform is gambling, with 164 million players expected to use their mobiles to place a bet, visit a mobile casino or buy a lottery ticket in 2018.  But you don’t have to wait until then. There is a load of great app titles just waiting to bring the power of the casino straight to your fingertips. Here are some of the best. Read More →

Best Gaming Apps for Traveling

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Bored on the train? Want to make the most out of layovers? Tired of those long, dreary, road trips? Then pack your smartphone or tablet on your next trip- these devices are essential components in the 21st century traveler’s arsenal.

Here are some of the best apps that can keep you entertained on those long drives and boring commutes: Read More →