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When the conversation starts to be about hosting, many wonder what kind of hosting type or hosting company to choose. If you have decided that the best hosting type for your needs is VPS hosting (higher performance and control compared to web hosting) and that your server should be located in Brasil, then this article will help you to choose the best hosting provider. Read More →

network security

When you turn on your television and watch the news, there always seems to be a major organization that is under the spotlight due to security concerns from online hackers. Some people may not think much of it but they should as hackers have the ability to make very good use of the stolen information and potentially ruin you financially. In the early days of the world wide web, hackers usually targeted individuals but these days, they go after large businesses and corporations looking for flaws in their network security. Read More →

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Slowly but surely, smartphones are becoming the “universal” device, to do everything from storing music to tracking workouts. Here we take a look at some of the most popular apps for tracking day to day activity, including a few that’ll be a source of software envy as they’re locked to one platform. Read More →

The Highest Paying Programming Languages

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Computer programming is one of the most lucrative fields. It requires a lot of forethought, and with it, it contains a lot of power in the programs and things it operates. Programming is a flexible field, and it provides diverse applications in the Read More →

7 Uses for iTunes U in a Post Grad World

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When Apple launched its iTunes U app in 2012, it no doubt had dollar signs in mind. Though the app is free to download, it changes the limits of learning online. Teachers can benefit from functionality that makes it easy to create and edit courses from mobile devices like the iPad. Students benefit as well, especially postgraduate students. Read More →

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Computer aided design (CAD) software assists users in relation to modifying, analyzing or creating a design. As the name suggests, CAD relies on computer software to increase the efficiency, productivity and design capabilities of those that use it and allows relatively inexperienced professionals to carry out design tasks to a very high standard. Read More →

productivity apps for iPhone

The Apple iPhone now commands global appreciation, having grown a loyal brand following over the past seven years. With that being said, the threat from Google’s Android platform still remains which is why the iPhone 6 has witnessed a major overhaul that has taken its latest device to a whole new level of excellence. The ingenuity of its new design and structure has dispelled the notion of the iPhone being a plaything for the younger generation. Read More →

slow internet speeds

Less than two decades ago few had heard of the internet, let alone phrases such as ‘broadband’ and ‘fibre optics’ which are now etched into our everyday lives. Such is our reliance on high speed internet that it is a feature of our home and work lives that we have come to expect and, when from time to time the transition between web pages is slow or films and music seem to take an age to download, we pour scorn on the quality of our computer or connection. If your broadband connection is sluggish, there are several quick-fixes you can try before you call your Internet Service Provider for support. Read More →