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Right now technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, especially in the gaming industry. All you have to do is look at video games, starting from the early years of games like Pong in 1972, 3D Monster Maze in ’81,Wolfenstein in 1992, Battlefield 3 in 2011, and Fallout 4 in 2015 to see that the gaming industry has gone through nothing short of a technological evolution, similar to what is happening in Swedish casinos. These entities are seeing tremendous growth and are introducing customers to new games, new promotions, and other exciting features that are sure to boost their revenue even more. Read More →

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When targeting organisations online, cyber criminals will often use DDoS attacks to overwhelm a website’s servers and cause them to shut down. But if this wasn’t worrying enough, a new report has revealed that hackers are using DDoS as a ‘cyber smokescreen’ to mask additional intrusions happening at the same time. Read More →

The Power of Leo Privacy Guard

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The world around technology continues to change and offer users the comfort and privacy they need. The internet and the use of smartphones in the current society have become almost a necessity that most people must have. With the internet in our hands, the world is quickly accessed, and privacy almost gone. Technology has almost taken our privacy, and if one has personal data that they want to keep as secrets, they have to use the new apps in the market. There are many apps in the market offering different services to clients. The new Leo Privacy Guard App is an application that everyone who loves keeping their private life secret should have. Let’s review Leo Privacy Guard and look at what it offers to clients. Read More →

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Lately, it seems as if mobile devices are taking over the online gaming industry. And why not? Playing on tablet allows you play no matter you roam, be it on the train, bus, or while in the car. Read More →

6 Most Popular Types of Marvel Games

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A bastion of male-oriented fantasy since the late thirties, Marvel has come a long way since the days of Biblical story adaptations and Casper the Ghost. As the owner and publisher of some of the most well-recognized action hero archetypes in the entire world, Marvel has been particularly strong in lending out its IP to the gamer sector. Here’s what’s hot in the definitive brand for superheroes as of 2015! Read More →

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Apps serve many different purposes in today’s market, and the demand of today’s mobile app market is nearly endless. According to information supplied by the leading providers, there were nearly 4 million apps available for download as of July, 2015. The popularity of apps has no end and research shows the number of apps in development continuing to rise. Read More →

The Incredible Evolution of Gaming

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Whilst we can all now enjoy a massive range of high quality games via consoles and our mobiles, this hasn’t always been the case. The evolution of gaming has developed at an incredible rate in the past half century, and here’s a quick rundown of the key events. Read More →

Upcoming Tech Taking Gaming to the Next Level

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Technology advances and evolves at an amazing rate, and this has facilitated the very significant developments that have been made in gaming design since the early (1970s) days of 2D games in black and white. Of course, technology is not going to stand still anytime soon, which means that gaming will continue to move forward and improve. Here are a few indications of what might be coming next for gaming tech. Read More →