Winscape: Lets You Create A Window In Any Room

As the prices of high resolution HDTV flat screens have dropped in the last few years, they have been put to some unique and amazing applications. One of these is mounting them as virtual windows in rooms that lack natural light and view.

The Winscape system is simple to install. You need the required size of HDTV installed on the window, and the software which costs $34.95. And if you need the whole enchilada, you might as well add Microsoft Kinect sensor for another $98 which will provide a moving screen perspective of a real window in the wall.

If you have the right photographic equipment, you can record your favorite scenes for the window display, or you can purchase from a choice of high resolution scenes from around the planet.

There is one catch though; the software is Apple Mac only, so there may be an added expense if you’re using Windows.  Via

Winscape Kinect Demo Video





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