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What will we see at MWC next month? 6.6?

Microsoft’s Mobile World Congress is just about four weeks away now, & WMPowerUser is heavily speculating (along with many others) that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced at the annual conference.  That’s announced, mind you; I don’t see any devices showing up with it on board until Q4.  Though WMPU has quite a compelling list of reasons, DigiTimes (which is known for being accurate on these sorts of things) is saying that it won’t be the new version 7 that will be trotted out, but yet another interim release, version 6.6.

Seeing as how we’ve just seen 6.5.3, plus its threaded email glory, hit the interwebz, & that DigiTimes says that 6.6 will be the same ol’ plus capacitive touch screen support, I can definitely see this line of thought playing out.  The disheartening bit in the DigiTimes piece is that WM7 may be sloughed off till 2011… but would anyone really be surprised about that at this point?

Guess we’ll see in four weeks….

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Hey all — New version of WordPress has been released.  Just about three weeks after the release of WordPress 2.9, version 2.9.1 hits the street with several bug fixes.

Many believed that the release of 2.9 was a bit premature after tons of users reported issues related to CURL (curl_setopt() to be specific) and several other issues, so the dev team took a few weeks to get these fixes tested in the form of a beta and RC1 version before finally releasing it as a final.  We’ve been testing the updates on several sites and they have in fact fixed all of the problems we were seeing.

Grab your upgrade at WordPress.org or use your auto-update feature (after backing up your database, of course).

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