Real-Life Robocop Is The New Technology Robot On Our Streets

The future comes rapidly, with no deposit bonus codes for true blue casino, which have been there for quite some time. The future is now, and it’s right on our street. A new type of robot police officer has been unveiled, aptly named the “Robocop.” These robots are equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to patrol streets autonomously. They are able to identify people by face recognition technology and can also detect suspicious behavior. . 

In most places, the Robocop will be deployed at tourist destinations first, but eventually, they’ll be walking the beat everywhere! This blog post will explore three real-life Robocops already patrolling our streets.

  1. Robo Rozzers
  2. The secret police (Throwbot XT)
  3. Self-drive surveillance

Robo Rozzers

Robo Rozzers: Don’t be shocked if you find yourself under the protection of a human-like police robot while shopping in Dubai’s bustling malls. This emotionless bot can speak Arabic and English and helps tourists navigate the city without speaking. The robot may also link them with police assistance through a touch screen. The most exciting part about this Robocop is that it does not only dress like an actual police officer but can also salute. This is just one of the many technological advancements Dubai has made to become a smart city, and it’s working! This robot police officer will ensure better safety for locals as well as tourists. It is reported that citizens may use the robot to contact the Dubai police call centers through the integrated microphones and access other police-related services like paying traffic fines. The droid can also notify a command center of any problems.

The Secret Police (Throwbot XT)

This tool was basically designed for tactical teams. The Throwbot XT is a tiny, covert robot weighing less than a rugby ball that may be thrown into any situation where a human counterpart might attract unwanted attention. It can be directed to peek about inconspicuously once placed in position, sending video and audio information to the operator. According to the creators, the Throwbot can see in complete darkness and could be used to find prisoners or assault suspects.

Self-Drive Surveillance

Dubai has made massive strides in the adoption of Robocops. Now with the help of Self-driven surveillance, they can monitor the streets more closely. They may now keep an eye on the towns more carefully with the aid of Self-driven surveillance. In 2017, Dubai Police Force announced that they would be patrolling the city’s streets in the OR-3 autonomous police car. The OR-3 is too tiny to accommodate a human passenger but does not require one because it measures less than a meter tall. The vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge navigation and data collection technologies such as GPS, a laser scanner, thermal imaging, and Lidar – a remote sensing technology used in surveying. In addition, the OR-3 is a small drone that can be deployed for 360° monitoring and use biometric sensors to track down law enforcement suspects. Oh, and who needs police helicopters? The OR-3 includes a micro-drone that may be used for aerial observation.

Are Robocops the answer to criminal activity? Let’s dive into it!

5 Ways Robocops Bring Down the Crime Rate

Robocops may actually prove to be a great answer to the rising criminal activity. Here are five ways they can bring down the crime rate.

  1. They’re tireless: a Robocop can work 24/365 because it doesn’t get tired, hungry, or sleepy. So it will keep on patrolling and watching for criminals who might go into hiding during hours when human cops are taking their breaks.
  2. Population control: the increasing population may be another reason why criminal activities have increased in recent times. Since they don’t require any salary, therefore, one police officer doing regular patrol all day long would cost less than hiring a few humans who need to take paychecks home each month. It is probably why Dubai’s Police Chief plans to deploy droids at tourist attractions first before unleashing them upon the city streets, where they’ll be able to interact with the public more closely.
  3. They’re tough: Robocops are equipped with high tech security features, such as thermal imaging, facial recognition, and quick response software that allow them to keep a low profile while patrolling locales where they might be at risk of being vandalized by criminals through the use of drones or other remote-controlled devices. They can also withstand several bullet shots, which are way better than their human counterparts, who only have about three chances before going down for good!
  4. No corruption: let’s face it; corrupt police officers don’t always do what’s best for society in general, even if there is an ongoing investigation, so it makes sense why Dubai has opted not to hire cops from within its own country. This also means that there is no need for the government to waste time and resources on training recruits, which is why it can just jump right into deploying its Robocops onto patrol duty.
  5. They’re creative: the Robocops may also be equipped with some creative and problem-solving skills to help them save people from dangerous situations such as hostage crises or terrorist attacks. For example, the UAE has already unveiled a security robot capable of using facial recognition software to spot terrorists in busy areas like malls and metro stations. It could be helpful when it comes to identifying potential suspects before they have a chance of wreaking havoc on innocent civilians.
  6. Robocops will never say no: since the Robocops are programmed to do a particular task, there is very little chance they’ll be able to refuse an order from their superiors. It means that they won’t hesitate to chase suspects or apprehend them without wasting time weighing out the moral implications of what needs to be done.
  7. They’re better at protecting you: the most apparent reason anybody would want a droid cop watching over them even when enjoying their free pokies is that they are actually programmed with advanced algorithms that give them an edge in early threat recognition as active shooter situations. One of their primary directives, after all, is to protect life, so this makes it very difficult for criminals to take advantage of these droids by pretending to surrender but then suddenly pulling out a gun or knife to attack unsuspecting officers arriving on the scene first.

Final Words

Robocop technology may just be the answer to rising criminal activities that have become a problem in many countries worldwide. It is because they are tireless, tough enough to take down criminals in high-risk situations, and are programmed only to protect the public.




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