How to Secure an Internship

If you do impressive internships, your resume’s potential can go up by a factor of ten. However, not every internship is created equal. If you are an ambitious journalist and can secure a job with the New York Times, you will be well on your way to a successful future career.

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A part-time job at the local Chronicle may not increase your employment opportunities as substantially as you’d like, but any experience is better than none. The first step in gaining an advantage over other candidates in the hunt for an internship is to gain an awareness of what employers look for. Today, we will discuss some of the clever strategies you may use to achieve this goal.

Get inside the mind of the human resources manager

Take a step back and try to understand what businesses look for in their interns before you pass up an opportunity of a lifetime because you believe you lack the necessary experience or qualifications. Human resource managers pay special attention to the following five things, in the order of how important they are:

  • Performance in the interview. If you give it your all in a face-to-face encounter, it’s possible that other considerations will be neglected.
  • Relevant experience. It’s not always necessary to have work experience; often, it’s enough to have done extracurricular activities or joined college clubs.
  • A powerful résumé and an accompanying cover letter. It is your first opportunity to establish an impression that will last, so be sure you don’t squander it by making careless mistakes, babbling on, and using overused expressions. If you want to ensure that your CV is error-free and immaculate, hiring a professional editor from a company that assists with essay writing would be best.
  • Academic performance. Getting good grades shows how hard you work and how well you can manage your time. It also gives you an idea of how knowledgeable you are. A reliable academic helper who can write my paper can help you secure good grades, reflecting positively on your academic performance.
  • References. A recommendation from one of your professors or former employers who had a great experience with you can help convince HR managers that you are the best candidate for the job.

Find out which individuals have a better chance of getting an offer by attending the interview, which is a very important part of acquiring an internship position. Employers are looking for people who:

  • Keeps up with current events, blogs, tweets, and researches the relevant field.
  • are familiar with and passionate about the firm they are applying to, and they have the potential to lead the corporate fan club.
  • Develop original concepts on the spot and have the ability to “wow” the HR manager with your level of passion.
  • Acknowledge that they do not know everything but are willing to learn new things and advance within the firm.
  • Come out on the other side of rapid change stronger and more knowledgeable than before.

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Certain characteristics immediately send up a lot of warning signals for potential employers. If you are looking for an internship, DO NOT:

  • Attend an interview much behind schedule.
  • Check the clock on your phone as though you have more important things to do right now.
  • Act cynical and superior to the other interns, as though this is not your top pick for an internship.
  • Respond to any calls or texts during the course of the interview
  • Argue every issue while attempting to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about everything.
  • Focus questions on pay, bonuses, and other benefits

You now know what factors affect internship hiring decisions and what employers look for in applications. But applying for an internship position should start long before you get to the interview room.

Take Control of Social Media

At first, social media platforms were mostly used for fun, but they have become powerful networking tools over time.

Because most HR managers will check your social profiles before the interview, you need to have a head start on the competition.

Google yourself

It would be best if you Googled every possible combination of your first and last name to ensure that the only results that come up are good mentions of you, such as your membership in college groups or your professional Facebook account. Remember that your namesake can potentially destroy your reputation, and as a result, you should be mindful of any and all unfavorable references to your name. Be ready to explain any bad things your future employer may discover about you when they search your name.

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Maintain an active status for all your accounts

If you want to make an impression that stays with people long after you’re gone, you can’t just create accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook and then ignore them. Make a habit of regularly updating your professional social media profiles; this will pay off if you land the internship you’ve been looking for. If you are looking for work in marketing or sales, the fact that your Facebook or Twitter account has been inactive for an extended period of time will be a significant red flag.

Manage privacy settings

Keep your personal and professional social media accounts separate, and make sure that your personal accounts are private so that no one can see them. At least once a month, check your settings because social media sites often change their privacy policies. Sign out of your accounts to see if your personal information is visible to the public.

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