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Post image for Getting Breast Implants for Cosplay? – Essentials You Need to Know

Cosplay is not something you take up a week before Halloween. It is serious business that involves dedication and commitment. Thousands of cosplayers around the world have dedicated their time to this hobby. Some individuals have gone one step further and have actually dedicated their bodies to cosplay. The most common body transformation among cosplayers is breast implants. A great number of female cosplayers get breast implants in order to look better in their costumes. Naturally, this has sparked a great deal of judgment and controversy in society. If you are hoping get breast implants to make your cosplay acts more credible, here are some facts that will prepare you for what is to come. Read More →

What is Animé?

Post image for What is Animé?

Animé has become a worldwide phenomenon. The medium once nicknamed as Japanimation has crossed cultures and become one of the world’s most popular forms of entrainment. Whether it’s the films with amazing animation, the twenty-six episode character and plot driven series or the shows that go one for hundreds of episodes full of popular characters, animé has been pleasing people all over the world for over twenty years and shows no signs of stopping. Read More →

Post image for Canada Con: Top Three Canadian Conventions According To JustFly

Canada is full of nerds. With many films, television shows, and documentaries filmed across Canada thanks to lower filming costs and generous government tax credits, it potentially makes it a bit easier for the stars of the greater nerd genre to come out for Canadian conventions and events. While there are dozens of conventions across Canada, I was looking for a definitive list of the best ones in the country. To get this list I spoke with JustFly, an online travel company. They dug deep and picked three of their best reviewed conventions in the Great White North and gave a quick look at what to expect this year in terms of high profile guests. Read More →

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Women have a variety to choose from when it comes to buying underwear as they are in different colors, designs, materials shapes. Women will buy lingerie every day as they love the feeling that comes with having sexy underwear beneath their clothes or even when they are going to bed. There are different types of lingerie in the market nowadays having different themes. Men are fascinated with women who wear crazy lingerie. Read More →

Post image for Playing With Plastic: Using Wonderflex With Cosplay

Cosplay is a fun and creative way to show your support and enthusiasm for particular characters in any media. Those serious about Cosplay go to great lengths to make a costume that represents the character they are portraying, while adding individual touches. In fact, this is why many Cosplayers make their costumes instead of buying them. Read More →

Hot Batgirl Cosplay

Beautiful Batgirl Cosplay

Over the last few years, Batman has been all the rage in the superhero world, thanks to the kick ass movies by Christopher Nolan (not counting The Dark Knight Rises).  I think the next blockbuster comic book movie franchise should be based on Batgirl, and we’d like the character to be based on the beautiful Batgirl Cosplay by Knightess Rouge. Read More →

Sexy Laura Craft Cosplay

sexy laura craft cosplay

Growing up as a teenage male in the late 90’s guarantees you’ve played many hours of the Tomb Raider video game not only for the gameplay but also to just enjoy looking at Laura Craft from every angle imaginable.  I’m sure you also tried the naked Laura Craft hack/cheat to get a real good look at Miss Craft’s “assets”, I don’t know if that cheat really existed because I never did get it to work.

To fulfill your adolescent fantasies of Laura Craft, we present you this really sexy Laura Craft cosplay by Dayna Baby Lou.  This is by far the hottest cosplay I’ve written about here at Geek Extreme; hopefully this won’t be the last.  I don’t really have much to say, use your imagination and wipe that drool off your keyboard.  Hit the jump for more pictures of sexy Laura Craft cosplay. Read More →

Sexy Female Chewbacca Cosplay

sexy female chewbacca cosplay

Chewbacca and sexy are two words that you’d probably never use in the same sentence but here’s a sexy female Chewbacca cosplay from Comic-Con 2012.  The Chewbacca costume looks pretty hot but kind of scary at the same time.