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3 Careers That Are Going Extinct

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If you are doing some career planning you may have started to notice that a large number of popular careers are starting to fade away with changing technology. While we have seen some careers that have been rendered extinct even throughout the past two decades, here are some of the next 3 careers that could be disappearing quicker than you think:

Machine operators

With improvements to robotics and artificial intelligence, skilled machine operators are quickly becoming extinct. Sewing machine operators for example are in steep decline. Today’s modern machines can perform some of the adaptations and garment manufacturing at a much faster rate and with much faster accuracy that any operator.

Fast food cooks

Many of the world stop fast food chains are working towards creating automated systems for their restaurants. One of the best examples of this career going extinct is the dominoes drone truck. This self-contained pizza restaurant, cooks pizzas, on board a travelling AI truck and delivers them as soon as they are ready.

Mail workers

Many top sorters and delivery agents may soon be out of a job. With improvements to image recognition in text for sorting as well as the option for drone delivery in the future, it could be possible that the average mail sorter could soon be replaced by a machine. There’s already a variety of drones and sorting machines at most Amazon warehouses and as other shipping and sorting companies get on board with these improvements, it could be just a matter of time before career mail workers are out of a job.

The world is changing quickly and with the modern boosting technology it could be just a matter of time before we start to see some of these top titles and more go extinct.

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Whether a business has a physical storefront or not; it’s more than likely to have an online presence. If they’re selling products or offering a service; it’s vital to stay up-to-date with their digital technology, which will ensure that they’re making the most of the business tech available. Whether you’re a consumer, business owner, or both; there’s no denying that tech keeps hitting the market, impacting processes, and often, improving things. The following are some areas that tech seems to have infiltrated for the better. Read More →

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Many tech businesses are the target of PPI scams and want to understand how they can receive suitable compensation. It is important to ascertain whether your situation warrants action and how much you could receive if you are successful with a PPI claim. Here we are going to take a quick look at PPI and how you can be eligible. Read More →

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We often rely on the use of physical cash in order for many of us to get through most of our daily transactions. Even though many of us continue to depend on physical money, it could be something that quickly becomes extinct in the future. Here are some the reasons why physical money still exists and how it could be eliminated using technology:

Tech targeting physical money: new technology that has emerged within the past few years make the process of handling almost any technology very simple through a debit card, credit card or through tap pay on your phone. Technology like cryptocurrency and payment systems like Paypal also make it very easy to get around traditional physical money and the need for physical cash. The electronic payment industry today is finding new ways to keep replacing physical cash from tap pay dongles at vendors to other technologies used in sending payments worldwide.

Why cash is currently safe: Even with this new technology being developed and adapted everywhere from the local food truck to major retail chains, cash is still something many consumers rely on. Many people prefer use cash to control their spending and budgets. Having a tangible asset helps to make sure that payment can be done efficiently and that people can better track their money. Cash is also one of the best ways to efficiently handle low value transactions. It is still one of the preferred methods for giving a tip or paying for small items like a coffee or quick bite to eat. Governments are also introducing new innovations when it comes to counterfeiting technology and making cash more reasonable to produce. By making sure that new cash technology can meet efficiency and safety criteria, it is possible to have physical cash assets that can live on even through technological advancement.

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If you are considering the option of starting a small business, there are a number of fantastic novels that you can pick up which can lead to an interesting read. Here are some of the best books that you should consider picking up if you are interested in starting a small business:

The art of the start 2.0

A time tested, battle hardened guide for anyone starting anything- Guy Kawasaki: This is a book that is entirely dedicated to the important life lessons that many new business owners can actually learn in a world that is often inaccessible. This book covers everything including the democratizing power available on the Internet and the wide selection of business lessons that are offered through online learning resources that can assist with planning. This is a guide that can teach you to start a business efficiently and then use the best in resources to make sure it’s a success.

How to become your own boss in 12 months the second edition – Melinda F. Emerson:

As the founder of Quintessence Multimedia, Emerson has years of experience in the business world and can teach anyone how they conduct their business off the ground with steps that can be completed in a monthly fashion. It may not be easy to start a business from scratch but with the help of a 12 month guide to getting your idea off the ground, it becomes much more possible.

The Lean Startup: How today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses- Eric Ries

This is a book that is published by Eric Ries. The overall goal of the novel is to get people to think differently about business strategies. With a series of nimble management tasks and increases in efficiency, there is information in here about rapid prototyping and taking on a proper management approach.

Keep some of these top books in mind as you are working to start a brand-new small business. Reading up on some of these novels can be a great way to prepare yourself as a new entrepreneur.