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I just bought my first house, folks. I’m partly terrified, but mostly excited. It’s not a mansion or anything and it needs a bit of work, but it’s the perfect place for me and my two dogs. It’s spacious enough for me (plus one, should I finally find Mrs. Right), has enough room for my buddies to come over and hang out, and it’s convenient to my work. Read More →

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When the time comes, you have to show what you have in terms of sales. All businesses are looking to increase sales at the end of it all. As a business owner you have to get results from your campaigns and that means finding a reputable SEO agency to give you the results you want. To increase sales, use the following tips: Read More →

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Most businesses fail due to poor delegation of duties. You have to work as a team. In every business aspect, you will need a professional to handle that professional role. For example, accounting will require an accountant. However, it is expensive for small businesses to have a marketing department. This means that you will have to outsource some of the professional services as it is cheaper that way. Other reasons why you should outsource marketing services include: Read More →

Pros and Cons of Reselling Hosting

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There are numerous advantages and disadvantages associated with reselling web hosting services, and you will need to know what they are before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. The more information you get on reselling hosting the better, as it is not something that you will want to rush into. Reselling hosting services is not for everyone, but you will need to get the facts so you can make an educated decision. A lot of people fail at doing this because they didn’t learn everything they should have before getting started. Read More →

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Drive and ambition are a big part of success, particularly in the business world. However, running a profitable company isn’t all about dogged determination. There has to be a generous helping of creativity too because customers want to be surprised. They want to see, do, and use things that are new and exciting. They want unique experiences. Read More →

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As a business owner, there’s nothing more important to success than growing your customer base – and your profits. One of the most effective ways to do this is through e-mail marketing. While this may sound complicated to newbies, these e-mail marketing tips will help get you started off on the right foot. Read More →

How Much Money Does Phil Mickelson Have?

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Whether or not you’re an avid fan of any particular sport, certain names and faces start to become familiar over time. You flip on the TV and see they’re playing in a particularly big match or game and the crowds and announcers are going wild. Maybe you notice them giving a speech at a big event or constantly see them on TV commercials. Read More →

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Operating your own ecommerce store is a fun and exciting experience. For newbies, making a sale feels like crossing the finish line after a big race – it fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

However, check out isn’t the end of the customer experience. You still need to fulfill the order by shipping it to the shopper’s house. If you’re smart you’ll use this opportunity to market yourself in order to reinitiate the sales cycle. Read More →