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For Bitcoin buyers and traders, the market has never been more exciting. For the rest… Well, you’re probably asking what a Bitcoin is.

First things first: Bitcoin are digital currency that are traded on a peer-to-peer market. The system was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and has been growing ever since. Think Bitcoin as a sort of an electronic cash system. Read More →

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to chase up money that we’re owed. This is especially inconvenient when it’s cash that we’re owed for our goods or services. Many people think that small business owners or the self-employed have things sorted. That they’re earning enough to let a little cash here and there slip. In many cases, this is untrue, not to mention unfair. You wouldn’t walk into a store, take something from the shelf and expect it for free or to simply say that you’ll pay later, would you? So why should it be acceptable to use the services or take the goods of a self-employed individual in the same manner? Sure, the self-employed choose their own rates and can have more lenient policies and deadlines when it comes to trading. But kindness shouldn’t be taken for weakness. So, if this is a problem that you find you are regularly experiencing, here are a few ways to sort it out. It’s time to get the money that you’re owed and prevent similar things from happening in the future. Read More →

What’s The Ideal Design For Gaming Sites?

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When it comes to online business, design is everything. How a website looks can be the difference between a company getting a customer’s business or not. Online casino companies are no different in this respect. It’s important gaming operators get the look of their site spot on in order to attract players or they could be left trailing behind. This is especially important because the online casino market is packed full of competition and another rival site is literally only a few clicks of the mouse away. Read More →

Can You Really Invent Something You Can Sell?

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What’s your dream? If you love tech and gadgets, then perhaps inventing something awesome that makes you millions is your dream! But is it only a dream or can you really invent something that sells like hotcakes? You might need some tech-savvy, a creative mind, and a lot of time to do it. If that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for? An instruction manual? Read More →

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Everyone had forgotten that beer could be praised for its taste until creative young brewers got the market excited again with new flavors. In fact, the beer industry has taken a step back to rediscover the taste of authenticity, and that’s good news for all enthusiastic beer drinkers. For a long time, beer had received a staple position at parties and in bars: It was the easy drink that doesn’t really taste of anything anymore but is used to cleanse your palate, the “end of the day” drink, the “clearing my mouth after a curry Vindaloo” drink. Read More →

E-Commerce Business Basics

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Do you know what a (Pay Per Click) PPC service is? Should your business engage PPC agency services and how can or should your business operate online? These are some of the fundamental questions regarding e-commerce – there are many more. Read More →

Perfect Business Ideas for Creative People!

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If you’re the kind of person who just oozes creativity then it’s easy to feel stuck doing any kind of job that doesn’t really let you flex those muscles. In fact, spending all day doing something that doesn’t allow for any real sense of creativity can be a complete and total nightmare! However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your life putting up with those kinds of jobs. In reality, there are plenty of opportunities out there for creative people, it’s just that you’ve got to be ready to go out and make them for yourself. With that in mind, here are just a few business ideas for creative people that you might want to consider. Read More →

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My wife and I often laugh about how her parents live on the west coast, mine live on the east coast, and we settled right in the middle of the country. It wasn’t a conscious choice; work brought us here, so we built a life, had kids, and absolutely love it. Both sets of parents, however, accuse us of plotting to move to a place that would put us as far away as possible from all of them. (When I told my mother that if this was the case, we’d have uprooted the family and moved to New Zealand, she did not find my joke funny.) Read More →