Be the Envy of Your Friends: How to Host the Best Home Entertainment Gaming Night

Geeks and gadget lovers alike can revel and rejoice in the beauty of the perfect home entertainment plan. A night in surrounded by neon lights, HD screens, high quality surround sound speakers, comfy seating, virtual reality systems and consoles galore really is the gamers dream! And what better way to spend your evening than to invite all of your friends over to experience the ultimate entertainment set up that you have created. They’ll never want to leave! So use these top tips and make your home entertainment set up the envy of your friends! Whether you’re into VR, XBox classics or multiplayer fun, these hints will help you to play, watch and chill out in style.

Think screens and viewing options

This is one of the most important aspects for any gaming god! No one wants to be gaming through Gears of War on a bad quality television. Plus your friends will be a lot more impressed by your favourite games’ new graphics if you can show them it on a high quality HD tv. Don’t ruin your hosted game night with a bad tv. If you are looking to invest in a new screen, consider HD, 4K and today’s top resolution 8K televisions. You can get high resolution screens without having to pay too much money by using online voucher codes for Currys. These discount vouchers mean that you can get the high resolution tv that you need to impress your friends without having to pay high prices! Check out these few tips for what to consider when buying your new home entertainment screen:

  • All new 8K: This is the all new top resolution screen that is out at the moment. This high quality screen is well renowned in the world of digital cinematography and is sure to make you the envy of your friends!
  • The bigger the better: Realistically, the bigger your tv the better. Your friends are sure to be impressed with your all new 75” that a little and outdated 32”.
  • Consider a projector: One great way of getting the bigger picture without buying an expensive tv is to invest in a projector. Turning the lights down low and playing a game or watching a film via projector is a great way to get that in-cinema feel!

Get some colour in your game room

A home entertainment set up is never really complete without some funky lighting to go with it. Some of the best gaming nights are those that are lit up by funky colours, digital twinkles and long lava lamps. This kind of lighting adds an element of cool atmosphere to your home entertainment setup.

  • Lava lamps: these little beauties are a tried and tested relic for making your home entertainment gaming room into a geeks dream den! Play your favourite games by the funky movement of a lava lamp, you’d be amazed at how much fun they add to a gaming night in!
  • Noise controlled lights: Investing in some sound controlled lights is a great way to strengthen the intensity of playing games. You can often get a sound system with a lighting feature in place or you can buy sound controlled lights separately. Their fluctuating colours that are timed perfectly with the sounds of your game is a great way to enhance your gameplay!

Surround sound systems

This is one of the most obvious and necessary components in creating a home entertainment system that will be the envy of your friends. Getting a sound bar or surround system really adds to the ambience of your game or film! They make you feel like you are actually there. Check out techy retailers on My Favourite Voucher Codes to get your speaker system for less. Online discount codes are a great way for you to save money on your home entertainment systems!

The best seating ideas

Getting great seating is another important aspect in creating the ultimate home entertainment system. If you love a good gaming session then investing in some specialist gaming chairs is a great option to take. You can find a range of specific gaming chairs online. If you love racing games then a driving games chair (it actually comes with the car pedals!) could be the perfect seat for you. What other types of chair could you consider?

  • Bean bags: If you are thinking of having all your mates round for a night of gaming fun then you could consider investing is a few multi-coloured bean bags. This is a cheap, easy and super fun way to make sure that you can accommodate for all of your friends!
  • Slouching sofas: Getting a big slouched sofa is a comfy way to accommodate all of your friends! You can get some people to sit on the sofa, some on the arms and some on pillows on the floor!

Get some snacks and finger food

Make sure that you get the perfect food in for your gaming night. No one wants to be slaving over the stove for six friends while they have all the fun on Minecraft or Call of Duty! Get easy, cheap and fun finger food to keep your mates well fed and content. Some of the best foodie ideas for a gaming night would be bowls of crisps, oven pizzas and garlic bread, pretzels, crackers and chocolate!

There are plenty of things that need to be considered when you are hosting a home entertainment night with your mates. Showing off your tech and games selection is a great way to be the envy of your friends. So remember to consider HDtvs, funky lighting, surround sound systems, seating and snacks! If you stick to these tips then you’ll be hosting the best gaming night of the year before you know it!




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