Post image for Why Faster Internet Matters for Businesses in the Internet of Things

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It’s offering more than just browsing these days. In the advent of “smart technology”, the Internet became a core innovation in enabling other forms and applications of technology. People can now use smartphones to navigate their way to work; order products or services and pay online; immerse in virtual reality applications; and most recently, entrust devices and machines to do tasks autonomously. These emerging trends are part and parcel of what is called the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Read More →

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Most of us probably can’t even imagine doing out work without the help of the internet. Whether it’s communicating with your colleagues via Slack, connecting to your customers via social media, or building relationships with other companies from around the world, it’s become a central pillar in how we do business. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right internet package. Read More →

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Look around any modern business and you’ll see a variety of different I.T. equipment in use. We have PCs, whether they’re traditional desktops to mobile devices, servers to support the backend, and this doesn’t even begin to factor in the range of cloud-based services being used. Not every business will have the same needs, though, so here’s a guide on choosing the right products for yours. Read More →

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When vaping was introduced to the mainstream market in 2006, it came without a safety instruction guide. Hon Lik, a medical researcher from China who forgot to take his nicotine patch off his skin one night, invented the first e-cigarette. This smoking alternative was released to the public much trial and error, and wound up containing a plastic cartridge with the propylene glycerol suspending the nicotine solution, a battery and an ultrasonic atomizer. Most e-cigs now utilize a cartomizer instead of an ultrasonic atomizer, which is more user-friendly and work in a more efficient way compared to cartridge/traditional atomizer combo. Read More →

Post image for How Nissan is continuing to lead the Automotive Technology Charge

In recent times, the automotive market has taken huge strides towards an age of driverless vehicles. Quite aside from eliminating human error and changing the nature of the insurance industry forever, this innovation will also see the end of traditional fuel sources and the ascension of electric vehicle technology. Read More →

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Manchester United stand head and shoulders above their rivals when it comes to Premier League matches played under floodlights, research by the UK’s leading online LED lighting retailer, LED Hut revealed today. Read More →

Post image for Car Tech: What Should We Expect To See By 2020?

The rate of advance in car technology seems to accelerate as time goes on, and with the advent of automation and cars starting to ‘think for themselves’ the march towards the truly driverless car is already well under way. Looking to the near future we can be sure our cars will become even more high tech. Read More →

Home Theater: Easier Than Ever

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I will admit that home theater has gotten easier over the past decade or so. And by easier, I mean unless you are doing an entire house set-up or building an actual theater in your home, you can get away without having to hire a company to come in and do it for you. Home theater used to be so complicated, that you almost had to have help in setting it up. But the manufactures have gotten very good at these plug and play home theaters, that virtually anybody can do it. Read More →