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No matter where your business is at, it’s a single ship in a very rocky sea. Things in business are likely to transform overnight, and that can’t often be stopped.

What you can do is ensure your business is stable and has its ‘sea legs’ underneath it – and a web presence is key to doing that. Read More →

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If you’re running a company, you might be thinking about how to make things easier for you as the business owner. You’re probably thinking of ways that you can reduce stress, limit responsibility and make your business model simple. Well, it might surprise you to learn that tech and software could be the answer you’re looking for. Here’s just some of the software you can use to make your business easier to run. Read More →

11 Tips to Make Your Meetings Count

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Most people don’t get second chances. When you’re in a meeting and you’re trying your hardest to close that deal, you need all the help you create the best impression and get clients to say yes. Mistakes, though, could leave you in the lurch. Here are some tips to help you make every single one of your online meetings count: Read More →

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Bitcoin is a digital asset that uses cryptography to control its creation and management so that people can use it as a medium for exchanging funds. The concept of a digital cryptocurrency had been discussed for a long time, but the first major real-world implementation took place in 2009 when the first open-source client was released and the first bitcoins were issued. Read More →

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The term ‘virtual staff’ might sound like something crazy from the future, but it’s very much a reality of the present. Businesses worldwide are now outsourcing staff over the internet – real people not robots – to help with day-to-day tasks.

Virtual staff can be hired on a permanent basis or simply be hired temporarily to complete a one-off task. Recruiting over the web means that you don’t have to provide office space for them, as well as cutting costs on travel and other resources for both parties. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for extra manpower, but don’t want to shell out on full time employees, opting for virtual staff could be your most practical option. All kinds of tasks can be assigned this way, as detailed below. Read More →

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How to Trade Forex Successfully

The forex market has grown into a very competitive ecosystem with a lot of successful traders making it their full-time income source. This has served as a source of inspiration for upcoming traders whose eyes are set on the abundant opportunities inherent in the forex market.  Unsurprisingly, how to trade forex is certainly one of the most prominent questions that new traders might pose as a query. While this question appears simple, the answer would profoundly be something that can help a new trader move towards his or her goal in the forex market.  Read More →

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You should never underestimate how valuable genuine testimonials can be. Anyone visiting your website is more likely to be engaged if they can see how other people value your services or products. It’s important to note that only genuine testimonials work well. This is why you need to determine a method for collecting testimonials from your customers. Read More →

What are the wholesale rates for MAS?

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Setting up a new business can be an expensive prospect, especially when you throw new technology like integrated card readers into the mix. That is why it is so important to take the time to find the absolute best merchant account processor out there to provide you with first rate service. Do not forget that this service will be particularly influential when it comes to your daily operations as well as how easy (or difficult) it is to get payment for your services or product. With that in mind, you should pay attention to price as well as quality and look for the option that offers the best of both. Merchant Account Solutions, for example, is an established merchant processor that also offers wholesale rates. Read More →