Why it’s Still Cool to be a Toy Collector

We all have our quirks. As the saying goes, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same, so it should be seen as a good thing that we are all different. Some are into sports and spend hours following their team, the length and breadth of the country to support them. Some will binge-watch a full TV series in a single night. Then others will perfect the appearance to within an inch of its life, so they look nothing short of photo-ready at all times. 

These past-times are seen as acceptable, understandable. They are almost run of the mill because so many people adopt these practices on a day to day basis. So, what happens when your passion is a little out of the ordinary? What happens when the hobby becomes an obsession and it isn’t something others are familiar with? Of course, it can leave you open to criticism and insults. When that hobby is more often associated with children, such as collecting toys, it can get even worse. 

But why? Everyone should be allowed to have their interests without fear of judgment from others. Providing there is nothing untoward involved, of course! So our answers to the question of “is it weird to collect toys as an adult?” is a definitive “no”. 

Toys are usually reserved for children. Tools to occupy them mostly, but in fact, the right toys can educate them and even expand mental capacity through the development of their imagination and ability to interact with others. 

Often, there are whole worlds of opportunity opened up with toys, whether they be from a certain collection or thanks to them being characters from a TV series or a film franchise. 

The characters can be well-developed as can the associated products, with intricate details to marvel at. As an adult, you can have a real appreciation for such items, and the desire to collect and preserve them in mint condition to admire and respect should not be ridiculed. Most grown-ups have their preferred ways of escaping, whether it be in a soap opera, the latest romance novel, or even a dance class – we all like to be transported somewhere from time to time. So this shouldn’t be any different when it comes to collecting statues or anime figures, for example. 

If you find yourself on the receiving end of some criticism for your hobby, then don’t despair. There are often online communities you can join where you’ll be able to interact with like-minded others who share your interests. This will make you realize you are not alone, and you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby without judgment! 

Growing a collection can show, patience, passion, respect, and dedication to something that someone has created. It’s a way to pass the time harmlessly too, so it should be praised rather than derided. It could also be a way to invest your money and watch the collection go up in value! Surely that could never be seen as a negative?! 




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