Just a decade or so ago, geek style was something that everyone strived to avoid. Simply put, geeks were seen as the uncool people in high school and nobody wanted to look anything like them. Then shows like The O.C. came along and suddenly the world wanted to dress and be like Seth Cohen.

While geek fashion has came in and out of fashion since then, it’s time to rejoice, as geek chic is once more making a comeback. Which means, if you want to look like the most fashionable geek in your city, it’s time to read our guide on how to ace that cool geek look in just a few steps.

Straight Jeans

Forget skinny jeans, if you want to look like a geek that just walked off a nerdy runway, you need a good pair of straight jeans. These should be rolled a little at the bottom to show off your trainers and teamed with a nice belt. You may want to invest in a nerdy belt buckle too, such as one with lightsabers or the bat symbol.

You could even buy a few pairs of brightly colored chinos – such as red and green – as these too will work really well with your geeky style.

Simple Round Glasses

If you really want to rock that geek chic look, you absolutely need a pair of glasses. Now, you might be tempted to go for a pair of thick rimmed black glasses, however, if want to look more stylish, we recommend a pair of round glasses.

These round glasses have a wonderful retro vibe, which is the height of fashion right now. Even better, by going simple, you’ll not only rock the geek look but you’ll also have a pair of versatile specs that work with lots of different outfits.

Cool Graphic T-Shirt

Shows like The Big Bang Theory may not have taught us much about science, but they did show us that a cool, graphic t-shirt is a must for any geeky look. Here, let yourself go mad buying t-shirts that show off all your favorite TV shows, movies and even video games.

Whether you opt for a t-shirt with a Star Wars logo or go retro with a tee showing off a Sega Mega Drive, either way you’ll be looking like a cool geek.

Chequered Shirt

Of course, no geek ensemble would be complete without a chequered shirt. Opt for a shirt that’s a little oversized and leave it open so it shows off that geeky t-shirt that you bought. Remember to get a few shirts in different colors, that way you’ll have a shirt that goes with all of your t-shirts.


To finish off your outfit, it’s essential that you go for a nice pair of timeless trainers. Go for a brand like Converse or Vans, as these work the best with the geek style. You can even go a little bold here and choose bright colors, or get yours customized with your favorite comic book characters.

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