What is the Best Smart Phone for Gaming?

Video games used to be far less accessible. They had to be played on expensive, clunky systems that required special hookups to a television set. Today, it is far more convenient to play video games, with our smart phones having the ability to impress us with beautiful graphics and lightning-fast gameplay. But, what is the best smart phone for gaming? After experimenting with some of the most high-end phones out there, we believe that the iPhone X is the best gaming phone that money can currently buy. Here’s why.


Almost every game can be found on the app store, and that makes the iPhone X convenient for those who want a diverse library. You may be able to get some beta versions and lesser-known games on Androids, but the superior compatibility makes the iPhone ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

AR and VR Connectivity

Apple has always been on the cutting-edge of technology, and they are taking the reins with AR and VR gaming as well. Other phones offer this, but none of them work as smoothly nor do they deliver as immersive of an experience as the iPhone X.

Beautiful OLED Screen

The OLED screen on the iPhone X is hands-down the best on the market. This means that every game will have the perfect contrast and gorgeous visuals that will pop out with ease. The size of the screen also makes it highly desirable. It is large enough to provide plenty of immersion but compact enough to handle for any size hands.

Clean OS

iOS 12 is highly efficient and runs more cleanly than most other OS’s out there. You won’t have to worry about slowdowns or lag as the Apple operating system is built for performance on all ends. The iPhone X will crash far less than any of its competitors, even during the most graphic-intensive games.




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