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Vileda Cordless Bagless Dusting Robot

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These days everything is turning into smart something, so why should vacuum cleaners be left behind. Vileda is a cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner that does the cleaning for you while you are relaxing after a long day at work. This tiny rechargeable robot has a smart navigation system that allows it to cover all hard floor types as well as short pile carpets. The robot can clean into corners, edges and under furniture where space allows.

The robot uses electrostatic dust pads and can sense obstacles when it detects them. The robot is equipped with a washable dust container that requires no bags or containers. It uses lateral brushes for corners and edges, rotating brushes for particles and vacuum power for dust and pet hair. The Vileda cleaning robot is powered by a rechargeable battery. The Vileda Cleaning robot also has cliff sensors to avoid stairs. It stops automatically when it is picked up from the floor.

The Vileda dusting robot claims to have a 2W power output, making it the most energy efficient cleaning robot of its kind. The robot comes with a charging cable, 3 electrostatic disposable cleaning pads, rechargeable batteries, and an instruction booklet. [Buy It]


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