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The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

walking dead season 3

Below is a 4 minute trailer from comic-con for AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead season 3.  If you’ve been waiting impatiently, like me, this trailer should excite you and make the wait for the first episode of season 3 a little more bearable.

Recently, there was a short video clip on YouTube with the cast and behind the scenes footage of season 3, someone on the clip mentioned Rick Grimes and the gang will be more on the offense rather than being scared and just trying to survive and that’s exactly what this trailer shows.  The crew is taking over (and by the end of the trailer, seems to be in control) the prison shown right at the end of the last episode of season 3.

We get to see the badass, katana wielding Michonne who rescued Andrea on the last episode; they seem to have run into another group of humans that have a fully functioning secure city called Woodbury, and they don’t seem to want to live with the group.  Will there be a mini war between the two groups?  We’ll find out soon enough, The Walking Dead season 3 premiers on October 14, 2012.

Oh and did I mention the return of Merle, Daryl’s brother who was left handcuffed to a metal pipe on a rooftop in season 1 and had to chop off his hand to escape.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

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