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The Best Online Storage Solutions of 2015

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Businesses often use online storage systems to hold all of their essential information and company data. It is essential that the system that they choose to use is one of the best options available in order to ensure continuous protection and security. Businesses need to be able to access their data whenever and from wherever they please. Which is why the relevant online storage solution must be flexible enough to cater to these and other needs required by businesses and other individuals who seek use of a great online storage solution. Here are the best online storage solutions of 2015.

Kelly’s Storage

Kelly’s Data Storage understands the value and importance of your information which is why their service is both safe and accessible. It has a proven track record of being one of the best online storage solutions of the year, offering high security systems and the ultimate protection for all types of storage including media, documents, invoices, confidential data etc. In order to ensure the longest possible data integrity, Kelly’s facilities are temperature and humidity controlled. Data is delivered and collected in “purpose-built protective cases that are loaded, sealed and cataloged” as well as using the highest level of security and protection possible to ensure ultimate security for all data and information, making Kelly’s Storage the most powerful online storage solution.


Dropbox is one of the better known online storage solutions of 2015. It ensures that your data is always accessible by being able to operate on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS standards. Unlike Kelly’s Storage, Dropbox is unable to hold masses of data such as photos, video or music due its low storage capacities. However, you can pay extra for an increase on the amount of space that you use. One of the benefits of Dropbox and what has made it one of the best online storage solutions of the year, is its ability to sync up with your saved data whether you are online or offline, making it incredibly convenient for those with a poor internet connection or when you need to access data from a remote location. Dropbox is described by PC Advisor as being an “excellent, cross-platform solution that remains a benchmark against which others must compete”.


This option is perhaps one of the most convenient online storage solutions currently available. You can access it via any device and from any location. You can stream media files to your phone in a matter of minutes without the need to transfer files. By saving your documents in the cloud, you can get on with your day without worrying about misplacing important files as they will all be kept in one safe ‘cloud’. According to Tech Radar, most of Clouds features can be accessed automatically which means that any media you purchase, such as music for example, will be made immediately available across all of your devices. The convenience of Cloud is perhaps its main advantage but keep in mind that the Cloud does not work as well offline, making it useless in remote locations without a good internet connection.

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