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How To Renew Of Your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

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Your EHIC is essential for a stress free travel in Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA). When you show it at a hospital it allows you to get access to cheaper or even free health care for the duration of time you spend there. The card can be used to treat pre-existing medical conditions and to receive treatment for maternal care.

How to renew your EHIC (European health insurance card)

The EHIC renewal is very easy and quick to. It can be renewed online if your personal details remain the same as when you originally applied for the card.

If you want to change some of your personal details, you’ll need your personal identification number (PIN) which is easy to access as it is written on the EHIC. Your PIN is close to your date of birth. It is the No. that starts with ‘UK’ and then followed by several numbers.

If your details have changed and you don’t have your pin, it will be impossible for you to renew your EHIC online so you’ll need to call the NHS EHIC application line, “0300 3301350.”

A Change of address

A change of address does not necessitate you having your PIN if all your other details remain the same, or if you have informed the EHIC of your change of address previously.

Renewing for family members

In so many homes, various members of the family might have applied for the EHIC at different times. Probably, the children applied when going on school trips and parents when travelling for business. If you want to renew one or more of the cards (not all of them), it is important to list all of the family members who have cards when you apply. If some of them are still valid for at least for at least 6 months, then they are not due for renewal so they won’t be renewed. But they will be linked to the cards that are being renewed.

When to renew your European Health Insurance Card

The EHIC lasts for 5 years and so it is quite easy to forget about its renewal. And as an out of date EHIC cannot be used as a proof of or an entitlement to receive free or discounted healthcare in other countries, it is best to ensure that it is always up to date.

Your EHIC can be renewed when you have 6 months or less left to its expiry date. To give yourself ample time to get organized, apply for the card and have it delivered before you travel. Please note that the time left on your old card will not be added to the time period your new card will cover. Your new card will only cover you for 5 years, starting from the date it is issued.

The Electronic Health Insurance Card is the only proof that you are entitled to receive healthcare in the EEA or Switzerland. Your passport cannot serve the same purpose as your EHIC so it is very important to always travel with your card.

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