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My Buddy Tag – Keep Track Of Your Child

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Are you tired of being a helicopter parent? Keeping a consistent eye on your children can be an exhausting process and it can be very difficult for kids to get out and explore with a parent consistently hovering over them. While parents know that the world is a dangerous place, it’s important for kids to explore and have their own experiences. With the help of My Buddy Tag it could be possible for kids to get at and explore with parents feeling at ease about the process as well.

Buddy tag is a GPS tracking bracelet. This wearable device is designed like a watch and it can make the process of keeping track of your children very easy. If your child happens to wander out of the yard or too far away from you in public you will get an alert to your phone. The proximity of the Buddytag will let you know when your child has potentially wandered off or gotten lost.

The app and device also includes a special button the children can press when they feel as though they are in danger as well as an alarm for water safety. The panic alarm sends a loud alarm directly to the application to let you know when your child is in danger. Kids can press this button when they feel unsafe in the yard or in the proximity of your Bluetooth enabled smart phone. The water alarm will also take into effect when the device becomes fully submerged. This can be an excellent indication that your child may have fallen into a pool or nearby water so that you can act very quickly.

The buddy tag is a one-time purchase and it can really give parents peace of mind especially when they have a child that has a tendency to wander off their property or get into trouble when they aren’t watching. For a one-time fee of $39.99, parents can get access to the buddy tag for no monthly fee and it does not require any type of charging. It is compatible with both android and Apple devices.

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