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Manimals – Taxidermy Art By Kate Clark

Kate Clark Taxidermy

Kate Clark, an artist, is not your average taxidermist. Her take on taxidermy is unusual and captivating. Her work involves sculpting human faces on the animals she uses which evokes curiosity to anyone who sets their eyes on her artwork.  If someone had described her artwork to you without actually seeing it, the image that appears in the mind would be quite creepy for the majority of us. But what you see is not quite as scary or creepy as you’d expect.

Although unusual to see a human face on an animal body, the artwork appears to be almost natural and very approachable.  Kate Clark completes her work in such a way that the facial features are believable as is the skin. And to be very clear, the skin is indeed animal skin and no humans were harmed during the process. The animal skin is shaved to reveal the porous and oily features which we recognize as our own. Have a look at a few of the examples of her work below and make sure to check out her entire collection over at Kate’s website.



She Gets What She Wants




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