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DSCOVR:EPIC – Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera

Post image for DSCOVR:EPIC – Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera

Using Dscovr epic you can get the same type of view that an astronaut may see in a very high Earth orbit. While it has previously been very difficult to capture close to real-time images of the Earth, with so many different satellites managed by NASA today they have begun to publish a series of images on what the earth looks like from space. The application will showcase what the earth looks like as it moves through each part of its yearly cycle. The earth changes rapidly and with the images included in the app you can get close to a real-time picture of what the earth looks like at any given time. Seeing the full earth and how it is affected by the yearly orbit is truly staggering.

The images for this program will come in around a week behind and NASA will render a full view of what the earth looks like as it rotates each day. This means you can take a look at storms that were brewing around a week ago or see how the colors begin to change across the world with the changing seasons. Although these are not real-time results it’s very interesting to see just how quickly the earth can change as the seasons pass and as major weather events take place.

If you want to feel particularly small this curious app is definitely a wise choice to get your daily space fix. Although it might seem like science fiction being able to see nearly every human at once on a weeks delay, this is exactly what NASA has provided for us!

Pretend you are an astronaut viewing the earth from above or simply enjoy checking out the website every day to see how our home is progressing. This is the perfect resource to share with young people as a learning resource!

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