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Carson MicroBrite Lighted Pocket Microscope

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Science is a field that gets detailed as you advance with the study. As you explore the nitty gritty concepts, you cannot wish away the need for sophisticated equipment that gives a better view of the specimen. Over the years, most people had to deal with delicate yet expensive Microscopes whose applications were limited to laboratories. Such apparatus restricted access and the ability to study small organisms in their most natural form and habitats.

In a bid to actualize scientific studies and access to the equipment, MicroBrite Lighted Pocket Microscope gives users the flexibility to walk with the gadget. The battery-powered microscope comes with better magnification powers compared to the magnifying glass. While it might not give the best view of the tiny particles, the 20-40x magnification makes it the best option for field studies where electronic devices cannot apply. In case you do not need to get into the details, it remains a suitable apparatus for the students.

The level of lighting is vital for the view of the specimen under study. While you might be thrilled by the ability to catch specimens in their natural habitats, poorly lit study areas limits the view of the objects. However, the pocket microscope comes with a built-in LED light that ensures clear view without the need to fiddle the mirrors. You can opt to use it directly or apply with slides.

The fact that it fits in a standard pocket makes it suitable for outdoor explorers wishing to quench their curiosity. Nonetheless, it limits studies to slightly bigger organisms such as plants, insects, and soil particles. The LED light uses three LR-44 batteries that take long enough to complete the study. It is compact, easy to use a microscope that one can use almost anywhere thanks to the excellent size and integrated features. Selling at just over $8, it is perhaps the most affordable tool for study.

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