Types of Bets on Biathlon

Mostbet bookmaker accepts the following main bets on biathlon:

  • Winners and prize-winners
  • Who is higher
  • Which of the participants will not allow a single mistake
  • Total misses
  • The athlete who completed the fastest lap
  • Who misses the least

Of the additional bets, we can single out long-term bets on the winner and prize-winner of the World Cup in the overall standings and in the standings of individual races.

Such bets are accepted both before the start of the race and during it. This also applies to other positions in the painting. Therefore, pre-match and online lines are not much different.

Race winner or 1st-3rd place

Betting on winners in biathlon is quite risky. Even recognized leaders sometimes do not get into the top three. There are two options in the painting: whether or not the biathlete will take the first or prize-winning place.
Before the start of the competition, the bettor must study the shooting statistics and the results of the athlete in a particular type of program. He can be good in the sprint, for example, but show average results in the classics. Statistics websites have separate information on the percentage of hitting targets lying and standing. It must be taken into account when making forecasts.

Who will finish higher

In the biathlon list of bookmaker Mostbet uz yuklab olish kompyuter, there are mandatory bets-comparisons of athletes according to the results. Pairs of more or less equal biathletes are published. It is necessary to indicate which of them will be higher at the end of the entire race. This is how it looks like in the painting of one bookmaker comparing participants by misses:

Number of misses

In biathlon there are also totals for the number of misses. The bettor can specify the exact number of misses, or bet on over/under the specified total. Standard totals are considered to be 2 and 1. For a long distance – the first value, and for short distances – the second.

Comparison of two athletes for misses in a race

There are bets in the bookmaker’s line – a comparison by the number of biathletes’ misses. Here it is also necessary to indicate which of a separate pair of participants will allow fewer misses on the firing lines.

Live bets

A significant number of bettors make bets during the races. In the live lines of the bookmakers, the positions are the same as in the pre-match. You can bet on the winners and prize-winners, as well as on the total misses of the participants.

Biathlon is a very dynamic sport. During the race, athletes often change places. To make the right bets on sports, you need to keep up with the events and not lose control of yourself.

Some bettors choose one or more participants before the start of the race and lead them to the finish line in order to make profitable bets at certain moments.




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