Trends in Robotics – What They Will Do for Us

Over the past two years, few global companies that do not deal with information technology have announced their intention to invest in artificial intelligence, robotics, unmanned vehicles, or other “smart” connected equipment. China was especially active in this regard and experienced the real Great Chinese Robotic Revolution. Other countries are somewhat lagging behind inactivity but promise to overtake China in just a few years. In this post, we will talk about the directions and trends that will guide the industry.

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Home Automation

If you have the same opinion as Karl Frey, then there will be a reduction of jobs (including 70% of low-skilled ones) due to the development of automation and robotics in the next 10-20 years. In this regard, he advises people in this category to think about the future and acquire new knowledge.

Nowadays, in the American market, there are 225 thousand domestic robots who cook, clean and care for the elderly. Prospects for the development of the industry indicate that “human workers” can soon be replaced by “iron servants.” Thus, Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University are developing a HERB that can move objects, cook simple dishes, and unload shopping bags. Another popular item is Yujin Robot’s Iclebo vacuum cleaner in South Korea, which can clean the house in a few minutes.

In addition, many companies began to develop robots that are able to walk, talk, respond to situations, learn, take, and move objects. For example, a two-legged QRIO made in Japan (Sony) and a humanoid with the appearance of a girl HRP-4C (AIST) are some of the revolutionary inventions in this regard.


Scientists are already at the stage of developing robots that will perform the most complex and dangerous tasks in construction, thereby increasing the quality, productivity, and efficiency of the process. Unlike conventional special equipment, they will work at a semi-autonomous level. At the moment, the most common thing in the construction industry is a mechanical lever. Although previous versions of the robots have been used on assembly lines for many years, their new portable models are designed for use on construction sites.

Now, the task of scientists is to develop robots that can be programmed to perform a number of repetitive and time-consuming actions: moving the material, joining the fittings, laying bricks, and even creating three-dimensional printed structures. They will influence the industry by reducing accidents and increasing productivity.

Industrial Spheres

Nowadays, more and more robots are involved in the production process. Companies do not need to hire a significant number of employees; they need only 20-30 people who will monitor the operation of the machines.

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In 2016, the automotive industry became the leader in robotics production, receiving 20 thousand robots and components for them. The second place is the production of food, plastics, and electronics. Companies acquire the largest number of robots that collect, stack, and pack goods. So, North America purchased 27 thousand, Mexico – 4.7 thousand units, Canada – 2.7 thousand.

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Prospects for the Development of Robotics

It should be noted that Asian countries have taken the lead in introducing robots in production. Among them, China remains the leader, with 69 thousand units installed in 2015 only; South Korea can boast of 38 thousand units, and Japan had 35 thousand of the same. However, the United States remains the leader in installing robots in the automotive industry. Therefore, any downtime in the industry will affect the American robotics market.




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