The Tech Behind New Casino Sites

Casino sites have been developing at a rapid rate over the years. We’re seeing the very best minds and technology coming together to make the most immersive casino experience there has ever been.

But what is making this possible? In this article, we take a look at the tech involved, and how new casino sites are changing online gambling as we know it. Keep reading to find out all about it.

Live Casino Platforms

A live casino, or live dealer casino, involves playing for real while still playing online. There is a real dealer and real tables, all streamed like from a studio, but you don’t actually have to be there. Cameras, face-recognition and card readers all play a huge part in making this experience seamless. The technology reads the outcome of each hand or spin, and relays it back to the player in real-time.

Everything happens without delay, so you can have a realistic casino experience as if you were actually in an establishment. This is quickly becoming the favourite way to play, and it’s mobile adaptation is making it accessible everywhere 24/7.

Interactive Onsite Features

Intelligent coding and web development has resulted in many new interactive features being able at online casinos. This means a whole wealth of new casino bonuses and promotions, including missions and challenges to complete to win prizes. For example, spin x number of times on this slot for an automatic bonus, without any waiting around.

Leaderboards, levelling up and completing objectives for rewards are becoming more popular thanks to this new tech. This type of new online casino has been dubbed gamification, and players love it. Check out this list of sites to enjoy these features on.

Instant Withdrawals and Open Banking

Advanced e-wallets are now making depositing and withdrawing even easier with new casino sites. Money can be withdrawn and back with you within 24 hours, sometimes even quicker. Some new sites are even offering instant withdrawals.

Open banking is one of the newest integrations when it comes to online casino payments. The API runs directly from the casino to your bank, making spending and receiving money instantaneous and safer than ever. Older operators haven’t caught up with this yet, and so it’s a huge benefit of choosing a more modern brand.

What is the Future of Online Casino?

We expect that new online casinos will continue to develop throughout 2021 and beyond. There will be bigger and better slots, with larger jackpots, and more excitement for players than ever before.

The trend of providing faster payments has been very popular with online players who want to get their hands on their cash as quickly as possible. The banking methods are likely to get even better, with many casinos now prioritizing this.

It’s an exciting time to be joining new casino sites, and to be watching the industry evolve into something better than ever before. We look forward to seeing what is next to come.




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