The Football Betting Markets You Should Know

Now is the best time to bet on football, as many bookies competitors are in the market. Amidst this, you can check for correct predictions on sports activities here.

 Top leagues like Premier League games have up to 100 market options from top casinos. New bets are being introduced into casinos daily, and it may be overwhelming to choose the most suitable one for you. Below are various football bets, which are the most popular.

1. Match Odds

Match odds are also called result, 90-minute betting, and 1×2. It is one of the simplest games and most common among bettors. This type of bet does not include extra time nor penalty. Bettors simply need to decide who wins a game or if it will end up as draws.

2. First Goalscorer

Another bet that is predominant among bettors is predicting the first player to win a score. In this case, it is often between two top and competitive players. Hence, it is more of an argumentative bet.

3. Correct Score

Correct score involves determining the end game between the involved teams. The odds are usually high (about 400/1) for large winning options such as 10-0. Therefore, the odds are slim (about 5/1) for small winning gaps such as 2-1.

4. Under/Over Goals

Most bookies set a standard point, which is often 2.5, for the under and over goals. Over goals means the team has three or more goals,

 while under goals means the team has two or lesser goals.

5. Half Time/Full Time

This best focuses on the team winning during the half or full time, not the team that wins at the end of the match. It allows you to modify your bet if you observe your supporting team is not doing well in the first half. However, if you are confident about a team winning a match, you can bet it for both half time and full time. 

6. Last and Anytime Goalscorer

Apart from the first Goalscorer above, you can bet on the last player to score a goal or any other time. That is, it can be a second, third, or fourth player.

7. Double Chance

The double chance game allows you to bet multiple options within 90 minutes. There are often three ways or probability for the game. You can bet that either Manchester United or Chelsea will win a game. The second option is to bet that both will have a draw, or Manchester United lost the match. The last probability is to bet on a draw, with the hope of Chelsea losing the game. However, double chance comes with its trick and unique odds, which is not as simple as it appears. 


There is a wagering option that can pop up in the betting types mentioned above. It is fun and allows bettors to explore as many choices as possible. However, be confident about the team you support. You bet based on the number of points Team A will beat Team B. For instance, you can bet on Manchester United winning the Chelsea football team by 2 scores. That’s a winning margin. Hence, confirm if the betting site operates winning margins.




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