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USB revolutionized computing. Argue all you want about it’s flaws, it did. USB 2.0 promises to fix all your USB Flaws, but has it succeeded? Is USB 2.0 the wave of the future or a dead end?

Tom’s Hardware takes a look at USB 2.0, along with some nifty USB 2.0 devices, and tells you what the successor to USB is like, and whether it’s worth the trouble:

At 480Mbs, USB 2.0 blows the doors off of USB1.0. We have an IOGEAR Impulse CDRW and an IOGEAR ION Drive to show you the performance increases when moving from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0. We also show how USB 2.0 stacks up against the same drive as an IDE device.



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